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NOTE: This page hasn’t been updated since October 2015. I’m still keeping it active because there’s content on it. But you won’t find anything on recent posts.


This page is intended to let you skim through and get a snapshot of what each post is about without having to click through and read each one. (It will be updated frequently but usually not immediately after each new post goes up.)


Love Breeds Accountability — This was the very first post. Here I explain what I mean by “Love Breeds Accountability” and dip in to the issue of broken homes, which are empirically proven to be the greatest driver of disparity in the US.

Conservatives: We Are Our Own Worst Enemy — In this post I make the case that it’s our own amplified voices (namely politicians, strategists/advisers and media) who are primarily to blame for our consistently losing the national conversation.

Turkey; The Other Terrorist Meat — This is a pretty weak post. I wrote it on the day I started this blog and was still getting the hang of things. My logic at the time? If it’s in the news and I have a thought on it, write about it! I’m not qualified to write on Middle East goings-on though and this was basically feelings-based fluff.

Politico; Liberal Biased Made Nuanced — Politico prides itself on being the go-to site for DC insiders. It’s supposed to be smart and non-partisan but in reality it’s smartly partisan to the left. I say “smartly” because their partisanship is usually very subtle, with a “Don’t shoot the messenger!” feel when celebrating the left or attacking the right. It’s bothered me for years that their credibility sustains, but in 2015 thanks to Twitchy and others…it may be starting to slip.


My Friend Angela Box — I hadn’t been on Facebook in years but logged back in to let my old network there know about this blog. I was shocked and saddened to see that a great old friend, Angela Box, had actually made headlines in Houston, TX and lost her job due to her political beliefs. So I wrote about it.

National Association For The Advancement Of Personal Character — I’ve long lamented NAACP, La Raza, CAIR etc for leveling what I perceive to be acceptable segregationist and supremacy tendencies in America today. So in 2011 I informally launched “The NAAPC” on Twitter, and hope someday to launch it formally. This post is really just a picture of a loosely-stated mission I had put together for any who weren’t sure what the NAAPC’s purpose was.

Attkisson: Happy Labor Day! 93M Aren’t Working Or Trying — It was Labor Day and I stumbled on a piece Sharyl Attkisson wrote about the real unemployment numbers. I’m a huge Sharyl Attkisson fan and think she’s sacrificed a lot for the integrity of the journalism trade, so I wanted to give her props early on. Of course I added my two cents also.

Donald Trump; Why I Believe — I think everyone had and has it wrong on Trump, and I talk about that in this post.

GOP Dismiss Biden At Their Own Peril — In February 2014 I predicted that Biden, not Hillary, would be the Democrats’ POTUS nominee for 2016…and that we on the right should take him very, very seriously. So when Rupert Murdoch made the same prediction 20 months later, I grabbed the tweets wherein I made the prediction, included them in this post and expounded on my related thinking.


Politico’s Nick Gass; A Study In Mopishness — You can’t dislike Politico without disliking their “journalists,” and Nick Gass is consistently just aggressively awful. Having read yet another one of his half-cocked “Gotcha!” attacks that actually “get” nothing, I wrote about it. (And if you’re a fan of the Savage Steve Holland movie “Better Off Dead,” then you likely appreciate the title of this one!)

Conservative-On-Conservative Miscommunication & Violence — Horrible piece. It could and should’ve been a great accounting of the GOP’s horrific actions against the tea party in the 2014 Mississippi GOP Senate Primary, but instead I mostly wrote about some guy on Disqus who got under my skin. Bah.

Criminal Aliens; Two Important Points — Here you’ll find one uncharted point on illegal immigration/immigrants, and one charted point with some fresh language that no one else is using. There’s some very solid substance here that the GOP and conservative movement would be wise to embrace.

Update To Conservative-On-Conservative Violence; Not In Moderation — Of course I ended up getting wrapped up in the weeds with a moderator of the site where I had the run-in with another Disqus user, and this one has a bit more merit but still isn’t exactly what I hoped to use my time and energy on for this blog.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

Why I Believe Atheists Are A Gift From God — I’m very happy with this piece. I talk about how my faith came to be, assert the single greatest response I’ve heard anyone level at atheists who mock the Christian “fairytale,” and further make the sincere case for why I believe atheists truly are one of God’s many brilliant blessings to humanity. (Full disclosure: I do believe atheists are part of God’s brilliant design, but I also don’t hate that my point in this post might get under their skin a bit.)

Hillary, Emails, Immunity & Lies — Some thoughts on why Congress should not give immunity to Hillary’s minions in their pursuit of the truth.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

Trump vs. Carson; Honesty, Illegals & Walls — I’d been moving further away from Trump and more toward Carson, and wanted to offer some thoughts on that evolution primarily with respect to their plans for illegal immigration.

Guy Benson & The Quitters — I watched Guy Benson come up with a plan on how Congress should respond to the Iran Deal, and then saw the GOP pick up on it and actually reply to him. New to the writing-for-amplification world, I was very impressed with this. Still, I can say with confidence however regrettably that I was really just trying to kiss butt as someone who is/was new to his world. I am however, and have been for a while, a fan of the others I note in this piece…but none of them have ever done anything so good that it makes me want to quit. That’s really just happened with music, which I cite in this piece as the source for my “quitter” term.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2015

Erick Erickson & The Battle To Be Heard — Erick had been doing some pretty outside-the-box stuff, most notably recalling the GOP’s missteps in the MS 2014 GOP Senate Primary and chiding the inbred GOP strategists & advisers who I’d long seen as conservatism’s greatest impediment to winning. I was just about to start griping at him for never once responding to me on Twitter despite many, many, many respectful attempts to engage him…when it occurred to me: Write a blog post about it! So I did. And in it I addressed my tendency to yell when talking softly on Twitter didn’t get me anywhere. So did Erick respond to me after writing a blog post in his name primarily to praise and thank him? Of course he didn’t. Stop being ridiculous.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

B2B Sales; A Very Candid Cover Letter — This really has no place on this blog and as noted in a preface, I’ll move it off to the side if I ever redesign this blog to include categories. It’s basically a very bold, honest cover letter I wrote for self-satisfaction more than anything with respect to my day job. I’d written it before starting this blog and had nowhere to put it, so it landed here!

Cops, Racism, Math, Science & Progress — Now we’re cooking with gas. This is the first piece I did that really gets at the core of what most inspires my passions. The division and disparity that nets so much destruction in our nation is entirely contrived, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement is the perfect manifestation of that division, disparity and destruction as intended by leftists. So I challenge the whole movement in ways no one else had before or has since; With intellectual honesty and logically deduced thinking that is sorely lacking in the conversation. I’m yet to ever write a “masterpiece” (something I’m 100% happy with), but relative to how much this issue matters to me…while the substance is there…I know I didn’t even come close to nailing it with the efficacy that’s possible based on the ingredients I offer in this piece.

The Institutional Left — I’d been using the phrase “institutional left” for years and in every post before this one, I had to qualify it as follows: “institutional left (media, Hollywood, academia)”. So the time came to write a piece explaining what I mean by “institutional left” that I could just link to going forward instead of including the very thin explanation in parenthesis after each instance of it. And man I’ve used/linked it a lot!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

Attacking The Weak — Here I talk about my younger years and how it always made my blood boil when I’d see the strong (or “cool”) attack the weak (or “uncool”). I see a lot of that going on among amplified conservative voices, particularly as the majority of them hate Trump…and the majority of diehard Trump supporters give them plenty of ammunition. It’s actually a pretty good piece and if any of those amplified conservative voices read it, I’d like to think it might inspire some real introspection. And by “amplified voices” here I’m really talking about bloggers who have ‘made it big’ and now run in a very tight-knit clique that nets more groupthink than anything actually productive for the conservative movement.

Stop Imposing Morality — This is one of the best things I’ve put together. If you haven’t read it, please do. This is one of those landscape-shifting assertions that if adopted by our elected officials and most amplified voices, could change everything and net an awesome win for conservatism and liberty in several national conversations.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

“Appreciation For English Is Racist!” — Having witnessed several conservative “cool kids” on Twitter attack Breitbart and one of their authors as “RACIST!”, I needed to vent about it. And so I did. And along the way I made some strong points with respect to language, unity and the damage done by shouting “RACIST!” where no racism actually exists.

Stop Calling Other Conservatives “RACIST!” — One of the aforementioned conservative “cool kids” responded to “‘Appreciation For English Is Racist!'”, and this was an accounting of his thoughtful response…as well as my opportunity to reply back. The moral of my story remained: Stop calling other conservatives “RACIST!” We saw the GOP do it to the tea party in MS 2014, we’ve seen the left to it to the GOP for decades, nothing good ever comes of it…and most importantly…there’s real racism/bigotry out there for us on the right to combat, as it’s asserted primarily from the left.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

Conservatives: You Are Your Own “Leaders” — An important point about liberty, and what our movement is really built on. This, like “Stop Imposing Morality,” is another one that I’d emphatically encourage you to read if you’ve not yet. I assert an uncharted idea that no one else is talking about and that merits consideration, internalization and ultimately amplification far and wide.

Ben Carson; America’s First Black President — I hate this piece because I hate that anyone in our nation still cares about color…but I had been stewing on this for a while and obviously felt compelled to say what no one else has: President Obama is our first biracial President, not our first black President. And if we don’t make that case now, I promise the Democrats will next time they nominate an American who is black for the Presidency. Still, this piece is all about political expedience and totally hypocritical with respect to the issue that matters to me most; Racial and ethnic disparity and division.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

Is Obama An American-Loving Christian — Again, not one that I was super excited about writing…but unlike the “Carson; First Black POTUS” piece, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in justifying having written it. I was inspired after Trump didn’t respond to an audience member who said “Obama is a Muslim!” the way the media and others thought he should have. Long story short: Obama’s a liar. Most politicians are. Is he a Muslim? Probably not. My guess is he’s agnostic and redistribution is his real religion, which means Islam is a victim to him and of course Christianity is the big bad wolf. Does he love America? Yes, but only for what it could be as opposed to what it is…evidenced primarily by his being exponentially more critical of who we were, and are, than any POTUS before him and likely any POTUS after.

American Exceptionalism — Everyone talks about American Exceptionalism but no one cites it’s origin. In this piece I do just that, and I do it in a way no one else has or will unless you read this and share it. Again, I’m pretty happy with this one and would encourage you to read it if you’ve not yet.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

MSNBC’s #Nerdland — I’ve spent many Saturday mornings curled up on the couch with coffee, my laptop, and MSNBC’s Saturday morning lineup. Melissa Harris Perry’s show uses the hashtag “#nerdland” to engage each other on Twitter, so this is an accounting of my many unrequited efforts over the years to spark up a conversation with them.

Carly Fiorina’s Unresponsive Team — One of my biggest gripes about our movement is the total lack of engagement our most amplified voices will afford those of us in the grassroots. They say they want to hear from us, but if you’re as serious as I am about actually talking to them, you find out pretty quickly you’ll mostly be met with dead silence. Having encountered that reality with Fiorina’s campaign team as I had with so many others before them, I decided to do some smart searches on Twitter to find out who else in the grassroots they don’t reply to. The results were pretty depressing. I bring big ideas, but there were people asking to volunteer, get yard signs, etc…and Carly’s team wouldn’t even extend the courtesy of simple replies to these supporters. So I accounted for it, wrote about it, and offered her team a solution to mitigate it in the future. Did they respond? Of course they didn’t. Stop being ridiculous.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Amnesty & Sympathy Bigots — Those who are pushing for amnesty are expressing, whether they intend to or not (some do, some don’t), bigoted sympathy that they mistake for “empathy.” This includes Democrats and Republicans, alike. I make that case and compellingly so in this post, but again…it’s a hugely important point that could change everything if amplified, and I’m not totally satisfied with my own efforts on this one. I can do better, and will keep trying. Still, give it a look and let me know your thoughts.

America’s Schools Aren’t Failing; America’s Parents Are — Another of the most important pieces I’ve posted. Basically, I call out the left for blaming schools instead of bad parents who they both celebrate and reward, ultimately only perpetuating the disparity they purport to combat. It’s a crucial read with a super compelling soundbyte: “Education starts & ends at home. School is just a middleman. Therefore kids who fail too often and sadly have parents failing them.” If you’ve not read this piece, please do. It’s critical to our nation’s social and political evolution.

Controversy Of The Day; Carson & Muslim Presidents — Ben Carson got attacked for saying he’d not support a Muslim President, and I was inspired to offer some intellectually honest thoughts on the matter.

Open Letter To Pope Francis — With the Pope coming to town, I was compelled to drop him a line about the inherent moral good of liberty, and the existence of government compulsion as the antithesis to morality and the anecdote to God’s greatest gift to us after life itself: Free will. A quick, good read that got a lot of traction.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Elitist Conservative Media & Insiders Fail Us Again; #ShoutYourAbortion — For years I’d begged and pleaded with our amplified voices to take a fresh tact and work harder and smarter to combat abortion culturally rather than simply legislatively. I asked anyone who would listen to start challenging Hillary and Democrats on whether or not abortion is “cool,” since that’s clearly the direction abortion advocates were headed. And of course, exactly zero of them had the common courtesy to even respond to me over the years, let alone heed my advice. So when the left started celebrating “#ShoutYourAbortion” on Twitter and our amplified voices were caught totally off guard and had nothing but “MURDERER!” to say back, I was enraged. It happens, and I’d maintain not without merit…particularly on this disgusting issue.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Racism, Disparity & Politics – Part I — This is the reason I’m here. In this post I call out the left’s hypocrisy with leveling the “RACIST!” charge.

Racism, Disparity & Politics – Part II — Again, this is the reason I’m here. In this post I offer some guidance to both GOP POTUS candidates as well as grassroots activists on what we can do to combat the plain-sight bigotry and segregation that’s not only tolerated by the Democrats, but pushed for and celebrated.

(Another) Open Letter To Pope Francis — Well, what do you want from me? He didn’t respond to my first one, so I wrote another! (I guess I should clarify that I’m joking. I didn’t really think or expect Pope Francis would respond to my first “open letter” let alone this one. But when I complain in other posts about our most amplified voices not responding, I couldn’t be more serious.)

Megyn Kelly Owes Us An Apology Or An Explanation — My support for Trump has faded greatly, but I do think Megyn screwed up pretty badly…I’ll even say Candy Crowley style…and still think she should account for it. Because I don’t like Megyn? Because I want to hurt or shame her? No. Because I’m a huge fan and want her record absolutely clean every single time.

Trump & 2016 – Where I Stand Today — A quick follow-up to the piece on Megyn Kelly right before this one, just to be absolutely clear that I wasn’t coming at her as “Trump diehard.”

Atwitter For Saint Obama — With the Pope in town, everyone is talking about Obama’s faith. So I join the party with an anecdote from 2009 that few likely remembered. I’ll just spoil it for you now but you’re still welcome to read: He opted not to use a Bible for his official swearing-in in 2009. Click and read for more detail if you’d forgotten or never knew about that.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

Conservatism Is Getting Demolished — After writing “Racism, Disparity & Politics Part I & II” I plugged it everywhere I could, to everyone I could, on Twitter. Exactly zero of our most amplified voices responded. I truly believe the points in those posts could put the Democrats so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform, while far more importantly…inciting unity and parity while mitigating destruction in ways our nation hasn’t yet known but is sorely due. So when no one responded because they were too busy patting each other on the back for entirely gratuitous and/or useless “activism”…I again got super upset and just launched in to it in this post.

Rich Lowry – Meh — Amid that same streak of frustration, I was left with a timeline full of praise for Rich Lowry having “CRUSHED!” Donald Trump. A) Lowry did no such thing as only Trump will crush Trump when the time comes, and B) What has Lowry done? I feel bad about this post now but am not pulling it down because feeling “bad” and feeling ashamed are two very different things. And I don’t feel anywhere close to ashamed for this one. I just feel bad about it, because I’m sure Rich is a decent enough guy who’s doing the best he can.

At My Best, On My Worst — After cooling off, I wanted to explain where my ferocity and seriousness came from with respect to advancing liberty…and also offer an apology to those amplified voices I attack so mercilessly on these pages. So I did, and this post is that.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

Wealth Redistribution vs Wealth Replication — If you ever hear the GOP start smartly asserting the title of this post as a platform-based theme, this post will be why. I note how discussing job creation is important and ubiquitous, but entirely uncharted in that conversation is the concept of “wealth creation” — which is at the heart of job creation.

“Climate Change” Made Simple — A quick read with some very simple but still entirely uncharted ideas and messaging that can help the right win this conversation.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015

“The Next Reagan” — In this post I write about the need to move on from talking about “the next Reagan,” while addressing the actionable and intellectual apathy of conservatism’s most amplified voices’ that all but guarantees we never will.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

Why I Didn’t Write Today — A more personal post describing the woes of perceived futility, and the slog that is this blog.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

Politico’s Hadas Gold Strikes Trash — Politico still sucks, and this post shows yet another example of both how and why.

On Blacks & Planned Parenthood, Bre Payton Gets It (Almost Entirely) Right — The Federalist’s Bre Payton did a good job of condemning Planned Parenthood’s targeting of Americans who happen to be black, but she got a little lazy with respect to the “Why” and this post addresses that while offering a more responsible perspective.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Abortion, Rights & Democrat’s Sexism — I hadn’t planned to write on abortion and Planned Parenthood, but this was “Cecile Richards Testifies Before Congress” day and so a few minutes after starting another post…I shifted gears. In this post you’ll find some uncharted thinking that identifies both hypocrisy and destruction enacted yet again by well-intended but wildly wrong leftists.

Challenge For Those Who Celebrate Abortion — Just what it sounds like. A challenge to those leftists who celebrate abortion. As of the writing of this summary (3 days later), none have accepted. I encourage any pro-life advocates to read this and assert the same challenge whenever and wherever they can.

Happy Birthday To My Wife — Long story short, after 25 years of unapologetically smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds a day…I quit smoking.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Liberty 2015; Where Messaging Is Awful & Apathy Is Great — Here I lament the demonstrated apathy of Sean Davis (“co-founder” of The Federalist) along with so many of his insiders-only peers who persistently serve the entire conservative movement for Liberty so poorly. It reads way too personally and I aspire to do less of that in the future.

OCTOBER 1, 2015

The KKGay & America’s Perpetual Closet — Citing the rise of the KKGay along with Christianity and conservatism simultaneously being relegated to the closet once occupied by LGBT peoples. Here I also note importantly that our side, the right, have plenty of work to do also.

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