Friends Of LBA

Here are a few resources who have linked to LBA, and you can count on for compelling news…

WhatFinger — These guys are giving Drudge some serious competition. It’s a collection of news and opinion pieces that are aggregated from all over the web. They call themselves “the best link news site on Earth,” and they’re not wrong! Bookmark them and visit hourly for all the best right-minded content.

Ace Of Spades HQ — One of the toughest blocks in the right-minded stratosphere. Ace is arguably the most unforgiving and intellectually tough voices in the pro-Liberty movement.

The Daily Wire — Ben Shapiro’s website with plenty of strong, original content

The Daily Caller — Launched by Tucker Carlson before he joined Fox News full time, the site is carried by outstanding original content and graced by the investigative work of Chuck Ross who is arguably one of the best in the business.