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I’m on Twitter as @NAAPC (permanently banned) @OhioDHT (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank (permanently banned) @Emotional_Dank (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank12 (permanently banned) @HrandTookman (permanently banned) @DHT1977 (permanently banned).

UPDATE, 4/4/18: Any Twitter account I set up now is automatically banned within seconds. (I’m guessing they blacklisted both my phone and my IP address.) Twitter has a right to free speech too, and for years they’ve exercised it in part by trying to silence others. Some who they’ve silenced preach hate. Others make threats. My sin has been preaching how the Left’s hate is itself a great threat. My sin has been effectively pointing out how SJWs and so-called progressives, like those Twitter employs with absolute exclusivity, actually create and thrive off of division (racism), disparity (inequality) and destruction (hatred and violence). Most are well-intended. Most are entirely unaware of what they’re doing. But they’re doing it all the same, and my social and political life’s work has been to expose and mitigate that destructive reality. And so they’ve spent years silencing me and have now found a way to do so permanently as it relates to their platform. And while it’s certainly part of their own free speech right, history will record how Twitter used their free speech to suppress others’. And just as history will also record SJWs and so-called progressives as regressive dividers, so too will Twitter be remembered as one in a long line of their unfortunate enablers.

So I’ve set up an email for feedback:

Some of my work has also been featured at The Daily Caller (media stuff heavily edited by TheDC staff), and The Federalist (a few boring pieces they mistook as great, and one great piece they mistook as boring).



  1. The Rosenstein imbroglio…what are your thoughts about why the NY Times would release the story today. Clickbait for Trump? What might this have to do with the Russian documents and the Brennan entreaty to those in the departments to NOT release the material in spite of it being ordered.


    • I can’t make heads or tails of it. I doubt it’s purely clickbait though. My question is whether they did it to embarrass/upset him (gin up the “25th Amendment” conversation again), or if someone gave it to them to help make the case for firing Rosenstein, or if they took it from someone knowing it was paper thin just to inspire some trouble for POTUS however it manifests. Doubting it has anything to do with the re-classification. I pinged a few friends about that via email. My take:
      When that powder (the FISA and related unredacted docs) actually get a spark, it’ll be nuclear.

      For now just the threat of it helps steer the news cycles and get the media off script.

      Plus he’s put it further in the ethos and national consciousness.

      We all know a candidate with name recognition does better than one nobody ever heard of.

      So goes a bombshell news story.

      Especially one the media is on standby to try to shoot down.

      I know you want that information out there. Badly.

      It’ll happen.

      But it’s more of a political football right now than anything else.

      No way that should come out before the IG report. Right? I mean why bother?

      Let the IG report come out.

      And maybe even let Mueller wrap up.

      The docs won’t change. If they’re damning today, they’ll be damning later — perhaps when it’s more politically expedient, and more people are aware of their significance.
      What do you think? Appreciate you swinging by.


    • Hey so I was WAY off. At least if this guy, who seems to have a good handle it, is correct. Take a look if you haven’t seen it yet. (And if you don’t use Twitter, this is called a “thread.” It basically means you start at the top tweet and then read your way down.)


  2. I found you on Whatfinger and I’m listening. Keep it up. However, I too once supported a different candidate until Trump was the only hope against Hillary. I continued to be more and more impressed with President Trump as his actions proved his heart and his abilities. I also believe his and our prayers have assisted him greatly. He is definitely the man for the time and that is decided by something bigger than ourselves. In my opinion, Mark Levin has been called on a mission to save the Republic. He supports President Trump’s good policies and calls out his bad actions. He admits when he is wrong. I hope you are wrong in your assessment of him, as his insights are invaluable. I am more worried about those who seem to WORSHIP our President. You might be one of those. Don’t forget that he is only a man. That will be your undoing and ours if it gets out of hand.


    • This is a tough one for me because I don’t want to denigrate “the masses.” I grew up working at a gas station in my teen years, and the lifers who worked there all took a lot of joy mocking every customer and painting the world with a single broad stroke: “People are idiots.” I gravitated right into that mantra with them, naturally, because the person making that claim CLEARLY isn’t one of those idiots. Right? Wrong, of course. I left that job and went on about my life and, by the time I was in my early 20s, I realized that people are NOT generally idiots. In fact, generally, people are pretty smart if you can engage with them in a one on one capacity. And that brings us to “the masses” who support Trump. I’ll just be honest: I started supporting him very early on — September 2015 — but I felt I was different from his other supporters. I even described them at times as being the “blindfolds and pitchforks crew” when I was trying to get powerful NeverTrumpers to come around early on. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that even his most ferocious and inarticulate supporters weren’t the “idiots” that the media and NeverTrump movements made them out to be. I even wrote about it one time in a piece called “Attacking The Weak,” and I did videos about it back when I was trying my hand at that medium. The short version so I stop rambling about this: No, I don’t worship Trump. And I know it looks like many of the others do, but I think if you got them one on one (away from the group), you’d find a little more measured thinking. Communication isn’t easy. And communicating social and political inspirations and aspirations is likely one of the most complicated interpersonal endeavors a person will encounter. So I don’t think most people worship Trump. I just think they’re backed so far into a corner by the media and the rest, that they default to a position that looks that way just as a defense mechanism. But he’s not infallible by any stretch. He is, however, exponentially more formidable and agile than people realize. The few times I came out swinging against him (my @NAAPC twitter account was both retweeted, and later blocked!, by him) — he usually ended up being right. But check out “Trump’s Team & Our Divided Nation” if you get around to it. Or “What The GOP Can ‘Do For’ Black People In 2018.” In both of those I talk about how Trump is missing an opportunity…failing…in the most important conversation, in my opinion, of our time. As for Levin…I’m sorry, my friend. I just don’t like the guy. I have a loved one who, like you, believed Levin was anointed by Christ Himself to save our nation. Then he realized — and my apologies in advance — but then he realized that every time Levin puts forward an idea that is “the only way to save the Republic,” it’s followed by a book about that topic. And then some time passes, and so does the idea, and then a new idea emerges and a new book comes out. I respect that he’s a brilliant Constitutional Scholar. But if we’re going to win legislatively it has to start socially and culturally, and people like Levin who spend all their time breathing hellfire just to keep the already-faithful happy and clicking and singing his praises — aren’t helpful in that endeavor.

      Hope that’s clear and you receive it with a great deal of respect, and appreciation for your time and inquiry.

      Take care,

      -Hrand Tookman

      P.S. I missed your comment but a great guy named Dennis R. emailed and asked me to reply to it. So my apologies for the delay, and my thanks also to Dennis!

      Trump’s Team & Our Divided Nation:

      What The GOP Can ‘Do For’ Black People In 2018:

      Also, you might appreciate this one which is just a few weeks old…

      The Truth About President Trump From One Of His Earliest Supporters:

      And this one…

      Let’s Start Talking About 2024 Before Conservative Media Grifters Hijack The Conversation:

      Thanks again!


  3. Apparently you fail to grasp the reason why the media and Demoids keep stressing that Trump is dividing the nation …. as if we weren’t divided in the 60’s, 70’s, and then from the day Clinton moved into the White House! The media hated Bush43, loved and adored Obama – even though he was more of a divider than any president since the early 1900’s.

    The real, and primary reason for the incessant Left-wing and media Trump Resistance is the fact that Trump’s win has destroyed Hillary’s chance to become the first female president. They simply can’t get over that and do not want to give Trump any political win which can help him in his 2020 reelection campaign. All the charges of his being a racist, sexist, misogynist and xenophobe are simply designed to poison his reputation…and they don’t care if there is evidence to prove truth.


  4. I just discovered your website today. I like it and agree with it. I despise the mainstream media and understand it’s great power. I watch the democrats debate for a good laugh. My bet, Trump in a landslide. If I was him I would love for Biden to be the candidate. Actually, there is no candidate worthy to tie his shoes. Unless you love socialism/communism. Then vote for any of them. They are group think. Your website absolutely has it right. They are a ship of fools if the media didn’t have there back. Without the media the democrats would be impotent.


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