Please feel free to connect if you’d like to share any feedback or discuss anything.

I’m on Twitter as @NAAPC (permanently banned) @OhioDHT (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank (permanently banned) @Emotional_Dank (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank12 (permanently banned) @HrandTookman (permanently banned) @DHT1977 (permanently banned).

UPDATE, 4/4/18: Any Twitter account I set up now is automatically banned within seconds. (I’m guessing they blacklisted both my phone and my IP address.) Twitter has a right to free speech too, and for years they’ve exercised it in part by trying to silence others. Some that they’ve silenced preach hate. Others make threats. My sin has been preaching how the Left’s hate is itself a great threat. My sin has been effectively pointing out how SJWs and so-called progressives, like those Twitter employs with absolute exclusivity, actually create and thrive off of racism, bigotry, hatred and division. Most are well-intended. Most are entirely unaware of what they’re doing. But they’re doing it all the same, and my social and political life’s work has been to expose and mitigate that destructive reality. And so they’ve spent years silencing me and have now found a way to do so permanently as it relates to their platform. And while it’s certainly part of their own free speech right, history is right now recording how Twitter uses their free speech to suppress others’. And just as history will one day record SJWs and so-called progressives as regressive dividers who actually create disparity and destruction, so too will Twitter be remembered as one in a long line of their unfortunate enablers.

So I’ve set up an email for feedback:

Some of my work has also been featured at The Daily Caller and The Federalist.


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