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I’m on Twitter as @NAAPC (permanently banned) @OhioDHT (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank (permanently banned) @Emotional_Dank (permanently banned) @EmotionalDank12 (permanently banned) @HrandTookman (permanently banned) @DHT1977 (permanently banned).

UPDATE, 4/4/18: Any Twitter account I set up now is automatically banned within seconds. (I’m guessing they blacklisted both my phone and my IP address.) Twitter has a right to free speech too, and for years they’ve exercised it in part by trying to silence others. Some who they’ve silenced preach hate. Others make threats. My sin has been preaching how the left’s hate is itself a great threat. My sin has been noting how SJWs and so-called progressives, like those Twitter employs with absolute exclusivity, actually create and thrive off of division (racism), disparity (inequality) and destruction (hatred and violence). Most are well-intended. Most are entirely unaware of what they’re doing. But they’re doing it all the same, and my social and political life’s work has been to expose and mitigate that destructive reality. And so they’ve spent years silencing me and have now found a way to do so permanently as it relates to their platform. And while it’s certainly part of their own free speech right, history will record how Twitter used their free speech to suppress others’. And just as history will also record SJWs and so-called progressives as regressive dividers, so too will Twitter be remembered as one in a long line of their unfortunate enablers.

So I’ve set up an email for feedback:

I also did some work for The Daily Caller and The Federalist.


    • Step away from the mirror – now go write an affirmation for yourself and tape it to said mirror. Eventually you will replace the first declaration with a more uplifting declaration that will help you move forward from a position of positive strength.

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    • Fucking idiots have names like Bob – spelled backwards and forward without n ounce of personality or value. B-O-B !


    • The big difference between idiots and the intelligent is that those who have even a slight degree of brains can go and verify, from reputable sources, what the truth (not biased opinion) actually is. While idiots are always forced into name calling and vulgar comments due to lack of knowledge and facts. Any of this ringing a bell right now?


  1. The Rosenstein imbroglio…what are your thoughts about why the NY Times would release the story today. Clickbait for Trump? What might this have to do with the Russian documents and the Brennan entreaty to those in the departments to NOT release the material in spite of it being ordered.


  2. I found you on Whatfinger and I’m listening. Keep it up. However, I too once supported a different candidate until Trump was the only hope against Hillary. I continued to be more and more impressed with President Trump as his actions proved his heart and his abilities. I also believe his and our prayers have assisted him greatly. He is definitely the man for the time and that is decided by something bigger than ourselves. In my opinion, Mark Levin has been called on a mission to save the Republic. He supports President Trump’s good policies and calls out his bad actions. He admits when he is wrong. I hope you are wrong in your assessment of him, as his insights are invaluable. I am more worried about those who seem to WORSHIP our President. You might be one of those. Don’t forget that he is only a man. That will be your undoing and ours if it gets out of hand.


  3. Apparently you fail to grasp the reason why the media and Demoids keep stressing that Trump is dividing the nation …. as if we weren’t divided in the 60’s, 70’s, and then from the day Clinton moved into the White House! The media hated Bush43, loved and adored Obama – even though he was more of a divider than any president since the early 1900’s.

    The real, and primary reason for the incessant Left-wing and media Trump Resistance is the fact that Trump’s win has destroyed Hillary’s chance to become the first female president. They simply can’t get over that and do not want to give Trump any political win which can help him in his 2020 reelection campaign. All the charges of his being a racist, sexist, misogynist and xenophobe are simply designed to poison his reputation…and they don’t care if there is evidence to prove truth.

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    • Hillary will be the Dem nominee in a brokered convention. She has been ready and the plan all along was to annoint her. Get ready . . .


  4. I just discovered your website today. I like it and agree with it. I despise the mainstream media and understand it’s great power. I watch the democrats debate for a good laugh. My bet, Trump in a landslide. If I was him I would love for Biden to be the candidate. Actually, there is no candidate worthy to tie his shoes. Unless you love socialism/communism. Then vote for any of them. They are group think. Your website absolutely has it right. They are a ship of fools if the media didn’t have there back. Without the media the democrats would be impotent.


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  6. Links forwarded prior to invalid email address notice.
    Response to Questions on Natural Law.

    Common Denominator of Deep State Operations.

    God Never Built Sloppy Product or Slaves.




  7. Just discovered your website, love your voice of reason. Actually, if they fear you enough to ban you from twitter that might just prove what you are saying. I have about given up on Drudge, seldom visit his site anymore.

    Keep on keeping on.


  8. I can hardly sit still, I’m so excited about this article. These are EXACTLY my thoughts on this ridiculous situation (with several more facets thrown in) but you expressed them much more intelligently and eloquently than I could hope to do….all with an added ‘punch’ that drives home your point. Thank you!


  9. I just read the mask piece. I was astounded. Who is this (un)masked man? (Sorry, obviously there is a reason you have the blog and not me!) A friend forwarded it to me after I mentioned I was confronted in Costco, not by an employee but by another customer, for not wearing a mask. Then I read your About Me and so far we are kindred spirits. Keep on keepin on, we need you!


  10. You neglected to mention the effects of our really horrible public education system on Black children.

    If you were to observe and film the way these union thug teachers treat these little black Kindergarten and primary school children in the inner cities, you would have tears in your eyes. The teachers do not want to be there and they take it out on the little ones, in sadistic horrible ways.

    Efforts of concerned black parents, whose children are trapped, to establish Charter Schools are met with unbelievable opposition from the teacher’s union, since Charters, whose results are astonishing, do not rely on union teachers. This is one reason Sec. De Vos tries so hard to create more Charter schools.

    The only job in the world where you cannot be fired and where you are paid by how long you have been there rather than on merit.


  11. Thanks so much for your clear writing and uncluttered site. Will you be addressing the pedophelia which is being revealed through Epstein/Maxwell? Or can you direct me to a source of information? Thank you.


  12. Just discovered your blog. I agree that God is in control, nothing takes Him by surprise, and this is the greatest nation on earth, except for the crazies who want to turn it into another communist and/or Islamist nation.
    I also hate masks. Yesterday we went shopping in a more strict county, with signs at each door that masks were required. I did not put on a mask, and nobody stopped me. I’d love to wear a t-shirt that says, “If you’re upset that I don’t wear a mask, stay 6 feet away from me, and you’ll be fine.” But that wouldn’t fit on a T-shirt!
    Keep up the good work, and stay safe. “Myrtle Pearl”


  13. Sunxi bing-fa Art of War
    Chapter 3 Paragraph 18

    Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

    Eliminating Voter Fraud

    1. All ballots either at the voting stations or mail in MUST HAVE A RIGHT AND LEFT THUMB PRINT on that paper ballot. Any ballot without two thumb prints are automatically rejected.

    2. If a person has only one thumb or no thumbs, a DNA blood drop is placed on the ballot.

    3. Any person submitting a ballot for themselves via mail in ballot must also affix their thumb prints on such ballot, otherwise it will be automatically rejected.

    4. Any person submitting a ballot for another person, besides the person casting the ballot, must also affix their thumb prints on the ballot.

    5. All ballots from any voting Machine at the polling place, must be verified by the voter after they have voted and before submitting to the voting board.

    6. A voter ballot COPY, is given to the voter at that time, after they have affixed their thump prints on the original ballot. Both copy and original ballot must have thumb prints.

    7. The person who voted must stand by and witness while their thumb prints are verified by a thumb print machine.

    8. Duplicate voting, out of state, out of county, unless it is a valid ballot must also have both thumb prints on the ballot.

    9. Illegal enemy outlaws, and any person who is NOT eligible to vote, their votes are automatically canceled at the time they have voted and are immediately arrested.

    10. After qualified by the thumb machine data, the person who submitted the fraudulent ballot, are instantly arrested at the polling station.

    11. All ballots are submitted to an on-site verifying machine instantly after a person votes. The machine checks voting ballot to indicate the thumb prints match in the data base.

    12. Also checking for duplicates, votes are processed as stated in number eight.

    13. Smeared thumb prints which cannot be machine screened are automatically rejected. The person is allowed to vote again and new prints are affixed at that time.

    14. The first ballot is shredded before their eyes.

    15. All ballots must be in English. In order to vote, you must be a citizen and must pass a written and verbal questionnaire to gain citizenship in ENGLISH in the United States, not your native language.

    16. If an undertaker, medical staff or any person takes thumb prints from a dead person and found to have sold or given them by other party, or used for fraudulent ballots, they incurred the same penalty listed below.

    17. The names and thumb prints are installed crosscheck via death certificates to insure the validity of that person. If dead, the ballot is swiftly removed, and the person submitted such ballot arrested.

    18. No Voter ID is required before voting

    19. No photostat ballots with photostats thumb prints or computer-generated ballots and thumb prints are allowed


    1. Fine of $100,000.00 US Dollar for each illegal vote infraction no matter how rich or poor a person is, this MUST be applied and collected. Equal protection under law.

    2. First offense, One-year clearing forests. Don’t care how hot or cold the weather is.

    3. Picking trash on highways

    4. Cutting bush on highways, mountains and invasive weeds. Grouped in chain gangs

    5. Hoeing weeds and growing food in a government farm for poor people and for our troops.

    6. They are not paid for their daily eight-hour labor.


    1 First offense 5 years for EACH illegal vote

    2. Second offense 10 years for EACH illegal vote

    3. No time off for good behavior.

    4. No work – no FOOD for that day but all the water they can drink

    5. No judge or politican can alter or lessen theses sentences.

    The beauty of the thumb print: NO ONE cannot say they did not perform the crime because their thumb print is only theirs and no one’s else

    If you desire action, you must assist with the effort first to put on the California Ballot.

    After we Republicans win, this law will crash and burn the Bolsheviks. At the same time if we can raise enough Jing, we put same, on other state’s ballots.

    Semper Fidelis
    PO 7475 Long Beach California 90807


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