About Me

I’m a conservatarian introvert who has navigated life like an extrovert while quietly compelled by near-constant observation and thought. The time came as encouraged by those I trust most to start writing about some of it.

Having watched my legally blind-since-birth mom raise 5 kids without letting us get a special parking pass for the family car let alone cutting any other corners en route to becoming the “productive members of society” she demanded of us, I became inspired by the merit of individual liberty as exemplified in her shining, no excuses example.

Having watched others many years my elder mercilessly mock my apolitical mom and dad’s incidentally conservative and purposefully Christian values, I became aware at a very young age of the left’s capacity for artful, hurtful and ultimately misguided attacks.

And I became well-armed to defend against them.

In the beginning I hated bullies more than I loved politics, but quickly saw the symbiosis that often exists between the two.

My political and social inspiration exists primarily today, in order, as follows…

  1. Promoting Liberty and its inherent moral good
  2. Mitigating the racial and identity-based division and disparity that create so much destruction across the US
  3. Combating the Democrats and legacy news media that impede #1 while perpetuating #2

If you disagree with the ideas you find here, then by all means challenge me. I’d look forward to it: FeedbackForLBA@gmail.com.


NOTE: I don’t advertise or make a dime off of this website, and I never will or want to. I’m here solely to communicate what I believe are important and often uncharted ideas and insights. The second I start giving any deference to making money off of it, the integrity and quality will suffer. So my promise to those who honor me with their time is that I’ll never do that. Any ads you see are from WordPress, who I pay $18.00 per year to host it. 

For the three year anniversary of this website (9/7/18), I wrote a piece that provides a little more insight in to what the name — Love Breeds Accountability — means. You can read that here.


  1. I want to know where you have had your “Love breeds accountability” published. You have done a fantastic job of showing the correlation of “victim mentality” to “becoming a victim”. Though I’m afraid that many with less education are not going to understand one of the major areas…. When you begin showing that identify of “self” becomes secondary to identity with the “victimized group”, some may erroneously think that you are CONFIRMING their plight rather than just stating the steps that such thinking will carry you down to the single-parent home & anger/victimization. I hope I have been somewhat clear in what I just said! lol I loved the article and believe it should receive a lot more attention! Good job!

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  2. I appreciate your brutal honesty. Somebody has to tell the truth and shoot straight in regards to the over hyped media push about covid 19. I have no fear of the virus, but I fear the over reaction of people. If we are not careful, it will be a self fulfilled prophesy of doom.


  3. Just a quick note to let you know I appreciate your opinions and website. Prayerful hopes for wisdom and courage and health and prosperity to you and yours.


  4. Someone forwarded your blog post to me on “Your mask is making you meaner” and it is the best article I have seen anywhere. I have followed this Corona Virus situation very closely myself and concur with everything you have to say. Right now,we are being controlled by the media who is driving this hysteria and fear for two reasons. One is to sell more ad time from people watching their lies and the other is to get Trump out of office by convincing people that he personally is responsible for it. I have never responded to a blog post in my life but was compelled to tell you that yours is a great post, you are a great writer, and your website is well constructed. I have a similar one and could use some tips from you.


  5. I share the authors thoughts regarding the Democrats, however, as they gain more power, conditions will change. The party is basically controlled by Elitist who always want more and more control and power. The lower and middle classes, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, will suffer under the Democrats elites (loosing jobs, higher taxes, lower wages, reduced living conditions, intrusion by immigrants, and Government regulations that will intrude on their everyday lives( just to name a few.)

    If the means to alter this, such by voting in the people who can help or change the situation are not available. Not available because of rigged elections. There will be a revolt by a major portion of the population. (lower and middle class people). I don’t want to imagine what form the revolt will take, but it could come.

    (I don’t think it is possible for this country to lock down and re-educate a major population like Mao did in China or Lenin’s actions to get serf’s to revolt in Russia so there is some hope that that this country can be saved)


  6. I was very impressed with this article until I got to the following statement:

    “I’d rather win than be right. What that means is sometimes if you get the intended result, it’s okay to just walk away at that point with what you wanted even if everything didn’t get aired to exactly your liking.”

    This is exactly what’s wrong with the Republican party. They walked away after Trump won. They also walked away when Reagan won. Unless they use that power to punish those who steal elections we will get our clocks cleaned in 2028 because we’ve allowed them to regroup unhindered.


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