‘Racial Equity Nonprofits’ Are Like ‘Carbon Offsets’ For Lefty Racists And Other Democrats

I’m just laughing a little bit tonight reading about the $20 billion increase in donations to so-called “racial equity nonprofits” over the last two years versus the previous eight.

For reference:

I’m laughing because this is no different than the jet-setting liberals’ feeble attempt at leveling off their carbon usage by donating to causes that promised to “offset” it.

Mike Judge’s excellent show, “King Of The Hill,” had a hilarious episode about it. As a Hill neighbor agreed to sign up, he remarked, “This makes me feel better about taking a 40-minute shower. It’s my ‘me’ time!”

I’ve noted for years that the vast majority of Democrats see black or brown skin and immediately revert to a state of fear or pity. They can’t shake it. They’re truly the racists we’ve always known Democrats to be. So it’s kind of hilarious tonight to find out that they’re all pumping all the money they can into the racist’s equivalent of a “carbon offset” to make themselves feel better.

And one thing that makes it all hilarious, instead of noble and noteworthy, is that not a single good thing will happen thanks to any of the work that any of these groups do.

Do you want to know who these groups actually are?

They’re a collection of idiot kids who were duped into taking out massive loans so their professors could arm them with omnipresent hatred for America and, now that they’ve graduated, they can’t find real work and so they’re starting these groups to finance their lives after college.

And they promise to do good things with the money they get.

Really good things.

Just like their professors taught them.

They promise to knock America down several pegs.

They promise to condition us all to become as racist as they are.

They promise to lower the bar for black and brown people while using it to bludgeon white people.

They will end America’s racial disparity without ever once mentioning broken homes or they’ll commit a lot of violent and illegal “good trouble” trying.

They have nothing to offer.

Their creativity and ambition were stolen; replaced with entitlement and grift.

And the Racist Democrat Party’s base, racist as ever while slowly and subconsciously coming to grips with that reality for their disgraced party’s shameful fourth time (proceeding slavery, eugenics and segregation), can’t get their checkbooks out fast enough.

We know we’re really racist. And we know it’s awful. And we feel just terrible about it. Here’s some money.

And then they hand over their checks and I promise you fully 100% of that cash never accomplishes anything that any of them claim or even hoped it might. And that’s not because they can’t defeat racism.

It’s because they’re not actually trying to.

All they’re trying to do is make up for their own, and, with any luck, create a lot more of it so we can all be on the same page:

All white people are oppressors, and all brown people are oppressed.

It’s racist. And untrue. And debilitating. And disgusting. But it’s what they believe.

And while that can easily be sad or hilarious depending on your headspace at any given time, it will never not be a brilliantly progressive leap forward for our nation, demonstrating the cannibalism that many of us have long known will destroy the left before anyone on our side even has a chance to.

Let them grift each other. Let the lily-white liberals with yard signs that say “DEFUND THE POLICE” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” tell each other over $20 Starbucks drinks how noble and brave they are for helping finance “those destitute brown people.”

Let them reap what they’ve sown in quiet shame. Because while it could someday become promising humility, it will never become actionable function.

Try as they may, they just can’t buy their way in and out of racism.

Nobody can.

Because this is America, and we’re not cool with that. And we haven’t been for well over 50 years. That the media and their Democrat allies refuse to accept that reality, doesn’t make it less true.

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