Your Mask Is As Useful As A Tin Foil Hat, And Just As Unhealthy

I write often from a pretty ferocious place because, from my perspective, the people in this country who are attacked and lied about the most are also the ones doing the least to hurt our nation and most to help it, while the people doing the lying and attacking are also the ones who hurt our nation the most and help it the least. Worse still, the people doing the lying and attacking — those doing the most to hurt and least to help — are also in charge of our most powerful institutions!

You don’t have to have a uniquely strong sense of empathy to see how the NYT and NBC-sponsored “Domestic War On Terror” has itself become an act of terror. That I have one such uniquely strong sense of empathy, however, is why my blood boils when I see so much of this.

I also know that the corporate legacy news media, which does more to divide and misinform our country than anyone else, lies about everybody here. The tell us the story of the America they hope to create. Not the one that actually exists.

They want you to believe that black people are too paralyzed by failure to get an ID.

They want you to believe that black people should be able to rob and assault people with impunity, because that’s what “equity” looks like in its infancy.

They want you to believe that Hispanics are too dumb to immigrate legally, and therefore need a pass.

They want you to believe that all gay people think men should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, and that teaching toddlers to question their own sexuality and biological sex is a good thing.

They want you to believe that most black people think it’s racist to ask for ID.

They want you to believe that most Hispanic people think it’s racist to uphold immigration laws.

They want you to believe that most black and Hispanic people hold the same low regard for people who look like them that the corporate media and other Democrats instinctively do.

They want you to believe that “Latinx” is a real thing and that Latinxes everywhere love it.

They want you to believe that all women are uniquely pathetic stewards of their decision-making and are thus completely “without choice” unless they can be absolved all the choices they freely made before the pregnancy occurred.

They want you to become as sexist as they are.

They want you to become as racist as they are.

They want you to become as self-centered, evil, greedy, perpetually terrified and joyless they are.

You should’t do it.

You should avoid it.

I see it happening all the time, and it infuriates me, and I’m reminded that good people who know what’s right in their hearts need to stand up and say something, and I’m reminded that standing up to bullies is critical, and I’m reminded that we got into this mess because everyone let them bully us into silence, and I end up writing and becoming politically active in any other ways I can while still doing cost/benefit analyses based on the immediate best interests of my son.

I’d love to sit here and tell you that this critical fight, which is existential to the survival of the free world, consumes my entire life ten times over because it’s that big and deserves that much attention. But I’m also a father now and that changes things. I can’t just live for myself and what I want anymore. I can’t sacrifice myself, my time or our family’s resources anymore than I already do. And I do realize that if they flip a switch and somehow take over — if they concoct another “This Changes Everything!” type of crisis, we let them get away with it, and lose as a result — then it’s over. I turn myself and my life over to God, I turn off the news, I follow the laws like I always do, and I raise my son to know what’s right in our home and also what will keep him out of trouble in the new, far more racist and fascist America that the Democrats and their allies so desperately want.

I’m a thinker and a planner and I’m not always right, and it doesn’t always work out, but that’s where I am these days. I believe people all across our nation are waking up to the really dishonest and disgraceful behavior we’ve endured from our “expert” ruling class. I believe the data is becoming impossible to run from with respect to the collateral damage inflicted on our nation, in response to covid, by those who purported to help. They destroyed every life in this country and replaced it with one that existed only to eat, sleep and breathe fear over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate before Trump’s miracle vaccines. (It’s more like 99.9% now.) That’s evil. And wrong. And that honest assessment is just around the corner.

I believe the FBI will soon be exposed for their role in helping plot the January 6th riot, and also held accountable for their now-proven role in fomenting the Russia collusion hoax that was used by our media and other powerful institutions to meddle in our elections and governance for nearly 4 years. I believe minorities across America will continue freeing themselves from the shackles of manufactured grievance that the Racist Democrat Party has built their latest, still very racist, platform on. I believe people will slowly return to faith and marriage as principle foundations to health and happiness, and I believe many black people (long targeted by Democrats and their allies to endure nothing but hopelessness and despair) will lead by example on that important social evolution. In doing so, I believe we’ll see a lot of the built-by-design racial disparity we’ve long lamented in America dissipate, and the chapter we’re living in go on to be documented by historians as yet another example of the Racist Democrat Party having worked hard to build power by making everyone in this nation, and the nation itself, weaker and more divided.

That’s what I believe will happen. It’s also what I pray for. Some kind of globalization is inevitable as the world becomes more connected and thus seemingly “smaller.” There will be a guiding doctrine and the planet’s strongest force will be responsible for it. I want America to be that force. I want the value of free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and the gift of individual liberty — which comes wrapped every time in personal responsibility — to be the guiding doctrine.

The world will be a better place.

Because if it’s not us, it will be China, and they are, as we speak, heavily engaged in both slavery and genocide. They also recently manufactured and released a bioweapon on the world that targets fat people. Anthony Fauci — an American, sociopath and glaring example of how “elites” in America fail upward — helped fund the virus, but the communists in China are the ones who actually built and released it.

I don’t want their communists, or ours, running things as the planet tightens up and decisions have to be made about who will dominate. I think that will be bad. And so I openly lobby against it.

Meanwhile, virtually every powerful American institution — the corporate media, entertainment, academia, the intelligence community, Eric Swalwell’s underwear, the White House thanks to Hunter Biden’s dealings on Joe’s behalf — they’re all in bed with China, happily so. They get their little checks and cheap labor, products, etc, and that’s good enough for them.

I dream of a day when America destroys Communist China because We The People decided we’ll gladly rip the band-aid off and start paying more. If there isn’t a way to cut ties with China entirely and still have pharmaceuticals and necessary healthcare, tech and other components, then we have to find a way. If there is already a way, then we have to leverage it. But that’s a day I dream of also, and as long as we have our ducks in a row to do our own manufacturing etc, all it will take is a strong leader to tell the American people we’re doing it and then pull that trigger.

This is me. These are things I think about. This is some of the background in what compels my thinking, writing, strong emotions, etc.

But I want to put all that away for a second and just tell you this in a legitimately respectful way…

Your mask is as useless as a tin foil hat, and just as unhealthy.

If you’re wearing a surgical mask, it doesn’t work. It never has. There’s a lot of talk now about N95s and that’s great, but a) it might be more trouble than it’s worth to avoid a mild upper respiratory infection which is what covid has become, as b) people who wear them for any extended period of time report headaches and other unique discomfort.

But if you want to do an N95 and force your children into them, conferring all of your hysteria and discomfort unnecessarily onto them, have at it.

Just please don’t keep wearing a surgical mask unless you’re being forced to.

And employers, stop forcing your employees. And for the love of all that’s holy do not make them start wearing N95s. If you want good people to come back to work and help absolve your now-ubiquitous staffing challenges, then stop forcing them to live their lives promoting your fake/unfounded fear.

The surgical masks are nothing but tin foil hats. They’re on that level at this point. The people who wear them are no more protected from covid than those who wear tin foil hats to protect themselves from space rays.

And here’s the real kicker: the surgical face mask to stop a virus, and the tin foil hat to stop space rays, are equally unhealthy for the psychological well-being of the person wearing them.

The corporate legacy news media, much of the medical establishment (sadly and newly), academia, big tech, corporate America, the Racist Democrat Party and other leftist groups, they all want you to be unhealthy of the mind and body. They want you beaten down, depleted, scared and submissive. So to them, you walking around in a tin foil hat is perfect. It does nothing but make you think you’re protecting yourself from something they want you to be afraid of but they’re not. It’s perfect.

When you actually realize just how useless and stupid they are, and worse still, that they want us wearing them solely to dehumanize each other and promote fear, you can’t see someone wearing one and think anything other than, “My God, this is so tragic it feels like terrorism.”

You see the fear in peoples’ eyes. You see their kids suffering.

None of it is necessary.

People of good faith, please, take off your surgical masks.

Employers and anyone in any position of power with a spine, end the divisive and stupid mask mandates. Because America won’t continue this way. We’re not going to trade “going back to normal” for continuing the unhealthy, anti-science and exceedingly divisive and dehumanizing mask charade. There’s nothing normal about it, nor the people who want us to do it despite knowing it does far more aggregate harm than good.

It’s time for good people to move on. More and more are waking up every day. It’s gotta be shell-shocking to start looking at the news, and so much of the medical establishment and other “trusted experts” like Anthony Fauci or Rochelle Walensky, and start to realize they’re all lying.

Whether they’re doing it because they truly believe it’s the right thing, is immaterial.

It just must be extremely disorienting to be one of these Americans who is just now waking up to all of this and realizing that these people, and all the anchors and hosts and experts who revere them, have been stoking hysteria because they actually want this to continue and they want people to live in fear.

Well, believe it.

And if you think that’s bad, wait until you hear about January 6th! I don’t expect most of you who don’t pay a lot of attention, or who are newly awake, to care all that much about a bunch of Trump supporters stupidly storming the Capitol. But what the DOJ has done to these people, their families and any person or employer who refuses to help destroy their lives, is unconscionable in America.

Again, I don’t expect you to care. I don’t expect you to start liking or caring about Trump supporters, especially ones who commit unspeakable acts like trespassing and parading. But you’re already starting to see some of your own side begin eating each other in ways many of us predicted long ago, and I’m telling you…there’s a lot to fear, and a lot to run from, and a lot of ugliness and abuse of power that the leftist forces in this nation have become very comfortable with.

And for the record, I still wear a surgical mask when I have to. I wore one in church on Christmas Eve so I could attend the service with my family without being the one to cause a scene, and I wear one when I take my son to school or pick him up. And that’s it.

When I have to, I do. When I don’t have to, I never do. And I never have.

And you shouldn’t either, and it’s time you start being honest with yourself, your kids, your employees and your customers (most of whom know better already).

Because they don’t work and lying to yourself is always unhealthy. But doing so in an effort to help you and those around you maintain a state of perpetual fear and dehumanization is something much worse.

Please stop doing it.

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One comment

  1. Hello from the UK.

    Many thanks for this post. Heart felt and making the clear point that masks are pointless against Covid 19, a.k.a. the ‘flu since re-branding last year.

    I wouldn’t know about tin foil hats, but never having played the tin man in the Wizard of OZ, I wouldn’t know about that! As an adult I have done my fair share of amateur dramatics and had great fun. I was a tree when at school too!

    As regards your comment re China ‘They also recently manufactured and released a bioweapon on the world that targets fat people.’ This is not the case however, I explain in a post on my site. This is a ‘smoke and mirrors deception, a Red Herring, to stoke up mutual distrust by those evil people behind the scenes.

    China is many things, and communism is off beam, with the CCP being dangerous. But China has done many good things over the years, including silks, china and medicine. It has known about the latter for 1,000’s of years. Nevertheless, manufacturing certain goods and engineering is not their best side, so we get lots of rather poor quality cheap good s from them. Made in China has never been a good mark for certain brands.

    As regards the virus side I have written much, including on Wuhan and masks. You may be interested in my posts below. The ‘fat people’ reference of yours is due to unhealthy diets of these people by and large (!), limited vitamin D and neuro-toxins in their diet, both food and drink. This makes them vulnerable to the ‘flu. I can explain further if you wish.

    I have done much on Covid 19 etc., here is my link to my summary. That gives access to the various other issues, including on Wuhan and masks. I cover the statistics in the UK and USA and recently Australia

    The following explains the variants.

    The following explains the media fear campaign.

    It should be noted that fear tends to ‘freeze’ the body’s immune system from functioning correctly and can stop people doing sensible things.

    Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points.

    You will find many funny posts on Joe Biden as I can’t resist sending up the ridiculous as I try to wake people up.

    May I take the opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.


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