By Now You’re Either: 1) Afraid Of Covid, 2) Pretending To Be, Or 3) Done With 1 & 2

Americans can be divided into 3 categories at this point and I’ve described them in the headline of this post.

The first is a home to those who are truly afraid of the media-inspired FauXi Virus. I call it “the media-inspired FauXi Virus” because it was funded at least in part by Anthony Fauci, manufactured and released by Xi Jingping, and then, perhaps worst of all because it was so unnecessary, further weaponized by our very own corporate media to create as much collateral damage as possible.

But I digress…

Within this first group is an extremely small subset for whom a healthy fear of any infection makes sense. But the vast majority of those in this group simply don’t know the facts because they only get their information from the corporate legacy news media and other members of the Racist Democrat Party. A decent chunk of this country actually believes that you stand about a 50/50 shot of surviving FauXi. We all heard about the lady in Texas who was so afraid of getting it from her son that she put him in the trunk of her car to go get tested. Most of those people aren’t putting on a show. This is what the media did to them over a virus that started with the 99.7% survival rate. (It’s more like 99.9% now, thanks to Trump’s miracle vaccines.) This is what the lies did to them.

This is what the lies on the “with” versus “from” distinction resulted in.

This is what all the humiliating and destructive lockdowns, school closures, “social distancing” and performance masking did.

This is what all of the hysteria, prescribed by our most powerful institutions — corporate America, the corporate legacy news media, big tech, academia, the medical establishment, big pharma, the corrupt intelligence community and of course the Racist Democrat Party — this is what they did. They scared some young mother, who’s also a teacher, into thinking it was better to put her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car than risk getting what today is the equivalent of the common cold.

And they did it on purpose for no other reason than to hurt Trump, punish the nation that elected him, and then milk it for whatever other consolidation of power and control they could.

Many of America’s spoiled and illiberal “liberals” were already afraid of their own shadows and now they’re full blown hypochondriacs walking around convinced that people are nothing more than weapons, and the air they breathe is nothing but a series of bullets waiting to take them out.

This is how they live their lives and if they can do it all behind a mask, hiding their shame and forcing you to attest to their fear, that’s fine.

But for the exceedingly small subset for whom fears of any infection are reasonably warranted, this first group of Americans is as problematic as they are tragic as they are awful, however unwittingly and at very little fault of their own. Without cover from our corrupt institutions which are also shifting and flailing as the truth comes out and their failures and lies become more obvious, this group is also the smallest and weakest.

The next group is the group that’s pretending to be afraid of FauXi and the reason they’re doing that is because psychotics run our most powerful institutions and have convinced a lot of our country that if they don’t toe the line then they’ll be canceled. And to be fair, these enemies of science and speech have made good on that promise many times over. We see exceptionally honest and smart scientists and researchers of extraordinarily high integrity be banished from all social media and public discourse, and then dressed down for weeks in opinion pieces masquerading as news that were written by 20-somethings who have been over-medicated since they could walk and have never experienced life outside of their narco-secure safe spaces.

And then a few weeks or months later the truth comes out and everyone has to admit, but the lives of the people attacked for telling the truth are never made whole again.

So there are plenty of Americans who believe the media’s lies and even though they personally aren’t very impressed with this literally made-in-China virus, they still pretend to be because the media have told them that’s what the country is doing right now.

That, like everything the media tells us, is a lie.

“The news,” in reality, is almost every single time the America they want to create.

Not the one they’re actually reporting on.

Mission accomplished, to a degree, with this second group.

The third group is the one I’ve been in from the beginning and it’s finally getting appreciably larger every day. We are the ones who knew from the beginning that this virus could kill anyone of us because we knew it was created in a lab in China and so, the truth is, nobody knows what the hell it’s going to do! But we had pretty good reason to believe the death rate was exceedingly low, and that only a small percentage of the obese, elderly or otherwise immunocompromised would be most at risk. We knew when “flatten the curve” became “nobody can ever get covid,” the cat was out of the bag and it was no longer about science or public health. We knew very early on that the most powerful institutions around us had already been sufficiently hijacked to the point that exploiting and weaponizing such a virus would be very easy for them.

And that’s exactly what we all ended up watching for nearly two years now.

This is the end game because the elites all across all of our most powerful institutions now see the writing on the wall for the midterms. And so they’re scrambling to admit what we’ve all known for years about living with FauXi the same we do every other seasonal virus. That its evolved now to stop attacking the lungs — it’s now literally just an upper respiratory infection — makes it impossible for them to continue the charade as they’re now admitting antibodies from the common cold also provide protection. Their “mandates” were always completely illegal and the media knew it and so did Democrats, but now they have no leg to stand on because they have to admit that even the vaccinated can get and spread the virus. Their ridiculously hysterical protocols have led to staffing shortages across vital industries, most notably healthcare. It’s all becoming very inconvenient for the powerful people and institutions who spent two years milking this thing, and so now they’re finally going to start admitting what the rest of us had long known.

And some, like Resistance Jake Tapper, are going to pretend to be very upset by it.

I’m not that interested in retribution anymore. I’m not that interested in “making sure they pay.” I care about these things because when you’ve seen it clearly from the start, the evil of the whole thing is impossible to just brush aside. But I don’t know that we, let alone I, need to chase anyone down to make sure they’re held accountable. These things have a way of working themselves out in life and time, and in a still-civilized and operational USA, the more dedication we show to intellectual honesty, integrity and non-violence, the faster our domestic enemies will fall.

More and more people every day are joining our intellectually honest, integrity-rich and aggressively non-violent movement.

The illegitimately afraid and those pretending to be are about to be on some very lonely islands. Those pretending to be afraid won’t stay on that island very long. Those illegitimately and irrationally afraid will be left to deal with a brand new slew of mental health challenges. And we’ll all have to deal with that. But ultimately, this nightmare is finally coming to an end and, sadly but thankfully all the same, the Racist Democrat Party’s abysmal midterm prospects are the only reason why.

I don’t care how it happens. I just want it to happen. I desperately want to take my 4-year-old son to a museum and would love a reason to trust people like, for example, speech therapists. But both of those things are impossible for me today because the museums are run by science-denying liberals who insist that every person become a walking advertisement for fear (masks even on kids), and it’s same thing with the speech therapists: how am I supposed to trust you have my child’s best interests in mind when your first order of business is weaponizing him to become an instrument of fear in a totally phony display of virtue-signaling junk science? How am I supposed to trust those people for anything?

I want it to be over for personal reasons.

As for the bigger picture and less personal view, I’ll never forget. I never do. But, other than insisting our elected leadership make China pay, I also won’t live my life to seek vengeance. I’ll watch how the rest of this plays out here in the homeland and, with any luck, get to ride off into the sunset not worrying so much about evil people and forces doing bad things to our country and the people in it.

Like, for example, destroying the life of every child, woman and man in America and replacing them with ones that exist solely to eat, sleep and breathe fear over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

It was evil. It was wrong. It won’t be forgotten. But God willing, it’s over.

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  1. Dude, just a question, is the speech therapist needed for a little boy who is “behind” in verbal skills? If so check out “Late Talking Children” by Thomas Sowell and his book, “The Einstein Syndrome” (sorry I just wrapped up an article on how testosterone delays verbal skills in masculine boys and I’m so tired of little boys being treated like there is something wrong with them because they don’t talk like girls. haha) If not, sorry to bug you. Great blog though. I’m in group 3. Lived there from the start haha

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