The GOP’s 2023 Majority Should Burn Twitter To The Ground, Literally & In Front Of A Crowd

Just drum up some charges.

Any charges you want.

“Inciting violence.”

That’s gotta be a legit legal charge. Right? And, by the current standards set forth from our most powerful institutions — including the hilarious “fact checking” industry – proving the offense should be as simple as claiming it exists.

From spreading racism to spreading misinformation, from abusing government power to hating free and fair elections…

…if they accuse us of doing something wrong it’s because they’re guilty of it, and all they have to do is make the claim and then manufacture evidence to work backward from there.


Those are the new rules.

So be it.

Twitter incites violence.

Twitter, I believe and am certain it can be proven, helped inspire the Black Lives Matter/Antifa terrorist (Darrell E. Brooks) responsible for the racist Waukesha Christmas Massacre.

Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven, helped inspire the Racist Democrat Party terrorist who attacked Rand Paul and caused him to have part of his lung removed.

Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven, helped inspire the thousands of assaults on Trump supporters all across our nation that have gone both unpunished and unreported on.

Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven, helped inspire the BLM terrorist attacks all across our nation.

Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven, helped inspire the Antifa terrorist attacks all across our nation.

Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven, helped inspire the Racist Democrat Party terrorist who murdered Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans on April 2nd, 2021 — a day that will live in solemn infamy, for nobody, except for Officer Evans’s grieving family because our media are trash and they can’t exploit this legitimate murder of an American hero.

Twitter incites violence.

Burn the entire company to the ground.

There was a time I didn’t want to play by their rules. And I still don’t want to hurt them as individuals the way they’ve done to our side. I don’t want retribution on the rank-and-file idiots among them, even the sniveling ones who start frothing at the mouth when they think about canceling one of us. They’re sheep already en route to the slaughter and after a few good years of clean and free living, they’re liable to be sheep en route to going about the business of helping this nation keep moving.

Like we’re all supposed to.

That’s the deal.

We need the meaningful contribution of all our citizens and right now we don’t get it because “the deal” has been broken with the help of pro-swamp, America Last forces that have taken over our most critical institutions. In their alleged worldview, all black people are perpetual victims who need a hand up and/or hand out while all white people are oppressors who must constantly “check their privilege” lest they pollute our society with yet more of their inherent racism.

I say “alleged” because they don’t actually believe this spectacularly racist nonsense.

Only their sheep do.

And as a result we get, for example, lazy and uncommitted parents who pawn their jobs off on teachers who then come to hate the parents in general, and many of their kids, for it. Jaded by that hatred, those teachers have fallen into the arms of the union where they sit around most of the day finding reasons to work less and hate more what little work they do end up doing. Many of the most eager and hard-working wrap virtually all of their energy into trashing our country and promoting yet more racism because that’s the drug they all mainline from their heroes, “the professors,” in academia: aka the big show.

It’s just one more example of the rot that Twitter, I believe and am certain can be proven if we put our minds to it with the same intellectual dishonesty and commitment that they do, is absolutely responsible for.

And so as one of the most illiberal and regressive shepherds of the left’s violent and nation-disgracing flock of sheep, I say it’s time Twitter, in accordance with all subject U.S. laws and pending successful litigation in Congress and anywhere else necessary, be literally burned to the ground.

I’d like to see, in conjunction with all required legal authority, a media spectacle made of the actual fire complete with bleachers so that thousands of great American patriots could enjoy the show while it happens.

What brings me to this fantastically atypical, big government posture?

Well, I’m watching tonight as Twitter joins the rest of the media in lying about Brian Sicknick’s death. Sicknick died of a stroke the day after the riot and try as they did, they weren’t able to connect it in anyway to the day’s events. Sicknick was a Trump supporter. His grieving mother, a card-carrying Democrat, knew that. And yet she still, perhaps in her grief or perhaps she’s just unsavory, sits there and lets the media and Democrats exploit her son’s death by repeatedly claiming he died on January 6th.

She jumps at every media opportunity and she hears them lie about it, and she goes right along with it.

If someone I loved died tragically and unexpectedly, I’d care about a few details: the person’s name would matter a lot, and I think the actual date they died would also be pretty f**king germane.

But not to Gladys Sicknick.

Gladys is happy to sit there on every network that will have her as hosts and guests alike claim her son “died on that fateful day” when no such thing happened. She knows they’re lying but she would apparently prefer whatever spotlight she can get, maybe in tandem with her political views that were obviously at tremendous odds with her son’s, over giving her dead son the honesty and integrity he deserves without being here to tell his own side…

The day’s events would’ve no more caused Sicknick’s death than a rigorous game of football the day before. But even that’s unlikely because if they could’ve legitimately tied his death to the riots in any way, they would have. But the coroner or whoever didn’t do that. The agency responsible for honestly documenting the death, corruptible as they sometimes are, in this case was unable to say “Sicknick died due in part to events that transpired on January 6th.”

They couldn’t even say that. They couldn’t even say “in part.”

He died of a stroke the day after.

And he was a Trump supporter. And several of his peers, 3 or 4 total, I believe, committed suicide after.

The suicides are very suspicious but Sicknick’s death was just a tragedy that had nothing to do with January 6th.

And yet still all day on the one year “anniversary,” all the media and Democrats kept saying his name and claiming he “died on January 6th.”

And now I’m looking at Twitter do the exact same thing. Below is a screenshot:


They can’t even blame the roundly-ratio’d Bloomberg piece because the entire claim made it past Twitter’s censors and into their formal “news” feed.

They, like most of Silicon Valley’s trembling virgin collective, have been silencing the right from the beginning.

We watched them steal the 2020 election by censoring very real news about the Biden Crime Family’s disgusting, illegal and often literally incestuous dealings.

We watched them help destroy the lives of every American man, woman and child and replace those lives with ones that existed only to eat, sleep and breathe fear over a virus that had a 99.7% survival rate.

Watching them all lament “misinformation” while being the most powerful and coordinated purveyors of it…

Watching them silence voices from good, honest and credible people (Dr. Malone comes to mind most recently but there have literally been dozens at this point like him)…

Twitter is comprised of wildly inexperienced idiots, most of whom have been over-medicated since before they could walk and spend their lives today either a) terrified of their own shadows and/or b) in perpetually microdosed dream states.

They’re socially lobotomized Frankensteins and while I hope our anti-communist leadership spare the vast majority of the left’s rank-and-file, I acknowledge there will in fact be casualties whom can’t be saved or helped.

I mean maybe with years of alone time in the woods, no drugs, no therapy, just an opportunity to breathe and live freely, maybe some of these idiots will come back to civilization ready to try again.


But as for the company itself, it’s all become too disgusting. I’ve had enough and I’m now ready to play by their rules.

Start the narrative with the guilty verdict, then prosecute them for it, and then make sure the sentence includes literally burning the building to the ground.

That’s the starting point. If we need to walk it back a touch, we can.

For example, it doesn’t necessarily have to be televised.

As you consider candidates for the upcoming midterms, when it comes to “what to do about big tech,” consider starting the negotiations there.

And for all the worry warts out there: we can make a deal with ourselves that we can promise to uphold just like they promise to stick to all their crazy “Just this once” nonsense: the only companies we’ll actually prosecute and then, as per the legally-administered sentence, literally burn to the ground, will be communist companies.

We promise.

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  1. Nice essay. It’s all deep state, deep media smoke, mirrors and semantics. When it’s a Democrat or a leftist–no matter what the evil–the word is ‘protesters’. They even make light of leftist murderous antics.


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