Mary Katharine Ham’s Demolition Of CNN’s Deadbeat Dox Specialist, Andrew Kaczynski

Mary Katharine Ham has navigated her time at CNN pretty remarkably.

She’s clearly remained in Jake Tapper’s fickle graces thanks to her unwillingness to say too much that’s contradictory to Tapper’s views, and willingness to utter a lot of what she’s not hot about but knows he is.

She makes an occasional round beyond that here or there but while I don’t pine for her on CNN the way I used to a Steve Cortez, Kayleigh McEnany, Scott Jennings or Mike Shields, I never dreaded her the way one might an Ana Navarro, Tara Setmayor, Rick Wilson or Jonah Goldberg.

I think Jonah’s at CNN now.


I digress.

Mary Katharine Ham has managed to stick around without completely selling her soul, and that’s been great to see because I know when the mood strikes, she can send any one of these clowns packing to their shame closets.

Exit CNN’s top doxing dirtbag and deadbeat, Andrew Kaczynski, to his.

It started with Ham noting the media’s hysterical overreaction to the mostly peaceful January 6th protest, versus their academic, subdued and short-lived reaction to the mass assassination attempt carried out by a card-carrying Racist Democrat Party member at a congressional baseball practice.

Kaczynski, armed with all the stones he could ask for and surrounded by multiple layers of extremely thin glass, began throwing, and Ham responded.


And again…

And again…

Highly uncharacteristic for Ham on many levels, but emblematic of the national frustration many proud Americans have with our racist, fascist, illiberal and regressive institutional captors.

Kaczynski is of course crying to Tapper and Zucker as we speak, undoubtedly asking how they can condone such “violence” being leveled at such an innocent bystander like himself.

Picture the sniveling little brown nose / tattle tale who nobody likes or respects or even fears, but everyone puts up with because the little shit does really soul-crushing work that nobody else has the stomach for in service to the powerful among them.

That’s Andrew Kaczynski at CNN and no doubt everywhere else in his miserable life.

Seeing him get degraded into his shame closet was not something I had on the bingo card tonight but sweet mercy it’s nice to see and well worth writing about.

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