J6, ‘Voting Rights,’ The FauXi Virus & America’s Staffing Problem

A few thoughts about a few things…


This was likely an inside job coordinated in large part by a stupidly eager FBI. If that turns out to be the case, even marginally so, it will be — like the media/Dem/IC Russia Collusion Hoax — yet another history-making scandal that will be accounted for in due time thanks to our fiercely long memories and America’s still-standing justice system. If the FBI turns out not to have had operatives all over the place helping encourage and/or ensure lawlessness, then it will have been nothing more than what I said in the days after: a bunch of idiots doing something really stupid because they saw the left get away with the same thing, without suffering any consequences, for years beforehand. It will never be anything more than either of those things. They want it to be a catalyst for a new “War On Terror” wherein anyone who deviates from corporate America’s talking points will be targeted. That, scary as it seems, will fail. Today, on the one year anniversary, they’ll annoy the piss out of you crying about it and trying yet again to convince our country it was something other than a mostly peaceful protest gone wrong. And that will be grating, to say the least. But let them. And let their committee members go on CNN and MSNBC every day panting breathlessly over a private text message in which someone acknowledged that, in fact, rioters storming the Capitol Building is in fact bad — as if that’s some bombshell. Let them. All they have is theater. It’s all they’ve ever had. Even their seizure of power in 2020, in the end, will amount to nothing more than them playing dress up. Yes lives are destroyed, and businesses, and hell even parts of our national soul. But they’re chipping away at us in synthetic ways that feel like they hurt more than they actually ever do. Everything they and their media tell us about our nation and our neighbors within it, are lies. It’s all manufactured bullshit and it’s all they have. That includes “J6” and all the media-promoted theater around it.


I gotta put that one in quotes because I said it before and I’ll say it again: nobody’s “voting rights” are in any way under any kind of assault, and the GOP should defy anyone anywhere to prove otherwise. I realize the entire conversation is designed to make the Racist Democrat Party’s racist base believe their elected representatives are actually doing something now that everything else they hoped to do failed. But the fact remains, with the corporate terrorist news media laying the foundation around “voting rights” instead of describing honestly the act of shoring up election integrity, you can bet when the GOP sends an army of duly-elected America First patriots to both the House and Senate later this year that the media will make sure every racist Democrat (but I repeat myself) is 100% positive it’s because black people were systematically denied the right to vote. They’ll keep telling themselves it’s because black people don’t know how to get ID, or don’t know how to bring their own water, and that’s all the “proof” they’ll need. Don’t believe me? Just listen to what Garland said earlier today in his big speech that was going to address “voting rights.” I don’t have the transcript and won’t bother pulling it up but it was no different than Ibram Kendi’s answer about what racism is: a statement that would be entirely unintelligible if not for its meaningless repetition.

Fine. I’ll dig it up.

Here’s the transcript from Garland’s speech about the ways Republicans are attacking “voting rights:”

“Range from practices and procedures that make voting more difficult, to redistricting maps drawn to disadvantage both minorities and citizens of opposing political parties, to abnormal post-election audits that put the integrity of the voting process at risk, to changes in the voting administration meant to diminish the authority of the locally elected or non-partisan election administrators. Some have even suggested permitting state legislatures to set aside the choice of the voters themselves.”

That’s the best he could come up with. In his big moment to explain to everyone exactly how “voting rights” are being attacked, that’s what they drafted. That’s the best they could do. No specifics. No actual laws cited. Not even any hypothetical scenarios that would result in an eligible American being denied or even remotely inconvenienced relative to their “right to vote.”

So nobody’s “right to vote” is being attacked in anyway. And we should call the media/Dem complex out on that. We should start a task force and beg people whose “right to vote” has been infringed to get in touch so we can help. Nobody is going to call. Yes there are people with hardships for whom little things, like voting, will always be difficult. But no, nothing the GOP-led state legislatures did to shore up election integrity is going to stop anyone from voting or even make it meaningfully more difficult. And I defy anyone anywhere to prove otherwise. But me defying them to prove otherwise is pretty useless. Because nobody knows me. So I wish the GOP would get this message and set up their own task force, including a hotline and email address, and let some interns monitor it, and report the results regularly to anyone who will listen. It will be hilarious and step all over the riots and other violence they hope to inspire after we all but crush their entire party into obscurity in 2022. Nobody’s “voting rights” are being attacked and we should make them pay dearly for claiming otherwise. Calling out their lies in front of the entire world is a great way to do that.


Is it coming to an end? My God I hope so. I’ve been over it since before it began. I always knew it would kill a tiny portion of the people it infected. I always knew I could be one. I always knew it was mostly the obese and immunocompromised, but a) I was one of those when the pandemic started and b) life is a pretty unpredictable thing and made-in-China viruses can probably kill anyone at any time and we might never really understand exactly why.

I just knew it wasn’t killing many people. From the early days we were all throwing around some kind of 99%+ survival rate. As it turned out, before Trump’s miracle vaccines which stave off serious complications for some people for a period of time, that survival rate was actually 99.7%. Now, after Trump’s miracle vaccines, it’s more like 99.9%. Everyone who was being honest in the beginning knew this thing was going to kill whoever it was going to kill. It was a matter of when, not if. We knew that and the real concern was not letting hospitals become overwhelmed, thus forcing them to deny care due to lack of resources. We all knew that. Everyone, for a time, was being honest about it. But then something changed and we went from “Slow the spread” to “Stop anyone from ever getting the virus,” and that’s fucking insane. And stupid. Especially given how much we knew about a) its transmissibility and b) its modest fatality rate.

We also knew pretty early on they were lying about the numbers, and that “with” versus “from” distinction seems to be finally getting some traction now that the elites are grudgingly ready to turn the page with the rest of us.

We knew masks were nothing but weapons to make every person who wore one a walking advertisement for fear.

We knew all of the closures were stupid and useless and designed only to hurt Trump and the nation that elected him.

We knew all of it and we’ve spent nearly two years now ready to live our lives in healthy and free ways, like we did before our “experts'” humiliating and hysterical response to a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

God willing we won’t have to wait until Republicans control everything again to take our children to a museum without having to turn them into little weapons designed to inspire fear just to gain entry.


Teachers, nurses and retail workers are all overworked and underpaid and need a break. I want to start an America First staffing company wherein we help them get that break. And while we’re at it, we give the unions that “help” so many of them a break also, by not joining. I want to start a staffing company that hires out great people to do important jobs, and that promises never to join a union. And if I have to, I’ll be the first and only employee that I hire out. I’ll work as a teacher or at WalMart, and I’ll show the rest of them what it looks like when someone actually takes pride in their job simply because they have the job…and not because the unions are helping them squeeze more from it. We need more of that in this country again. We need more people who break free from the union’s myriad negative smoker circles and just enjoy being employed and doing a good job for their employers, and the customers. I’d jump on nursing just as fast but obviously that requires some credentialing. So I can’t volunteer to do that one quickly. But I bet I could find some nurses who would. The trick, I guess, would be getting hospitals who are willing to hire even though our America First staffing company will piss off the unions and their members. None of it happens until these companies lift their mask mandates for employees, something they should’ve never imposed in the first place. That’s the reason morale and everything else has fallen off so dramatically. That creates all the hatred and tension between customers and employees. The rich and powerful love it when the masses are in pain and at each other’s throats, and so that’s the America they’re trying to create for us. And they’re making the jobs and lives of teachers, nurses and retail workers exceedingly more difficult and thus frustrated with and annoyed by parents/patients/customers.

We need good people who take pride in their work and remove themselves from the left’s ugly and negative employment smokers’ circles. And I’m thinking about reaching out to some of these companies, articulating the problem they know they have, and presenting myself as the first step in solving their problem. I’ll hire myself out and if that works well, maybe I’ll start doing some recruiting around the country for other America First patriots who also see this problem and also want to be part of helping solve it.

America needs good workers who lead by example and make things uncomfortable for the left’s lazy and beaten down masses. We can help lift this nation up again and do it one break room and customer interaction at a time.

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  1. Hate to say this, but if you think the GOP is coming to the rescue, you best not hold your breath.
    They’re as much of the problem as the communist democrats.


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