The Racist Democrat Party Ruined Everyone’s Year, Again

The Racist Democrat Party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disparity and disunity of their own making.

Everything they do is designed to divide people and then, once in their appropriate silos, shackle them with manufactured grievance.

It’s made for an exceptionally ugly and unsteady America, and is exacerbated with help from our most powerful and once-trusted institutions: big media, big business and big science.

Most Americans are sputtering along, unaware of how diligently these powerful forces work to incite pain and disunity. The people in this country live with the consequences of the Racist Democrat Party and their America Last / Protect The Swamp allies, but the vast majority have no idea who’s responsible for those consequences. And that’s because Lester Holt, Jake Tapper, the ladies on The View, Stephen Colbert and the rest lie and divide with giant smiles on.

They already won in so many respects.

It’s Nazi-level insanity to have destroyed every life in this country and replaced them with ones that exist only to eat, sleep and breathe fear over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

Nazi-level insanity.

And they did it solely to hurt Trump, and punish the nation that elected him. They’re still hanging on now for God knows how many nefarious reasons — asserting manipulation and control, inciting terror and fear, keeping us angry and divided, enriching big pharma — they’ve got plenty of reasons to continue exploiting this “good crisis” of their own making. But the big one, the reason they got started, was a hatred for Trump and the nation that elected him.

Yes it’s true that deadbeat Anthony Fauci funded the virus, and the incompetent glue-and-plastics commie scientists in China manufactured and released it. (If it’s “Made In China” then it’s absolute trash and that’s as true of this virus as it is of everything else they make.) All that’s true. But it was our very own corporate legacy news media, which I like to call the corporate terrorist media, who truly weaponized the virus and aimed it so it would do the most possible collateral damage.

And that’s what we’ve all lived through these last two years:  The corporate terrorist news media aiming and weaponizing the FauXi Virus to create the most possible collateral damage, and then further exploiting that damage by blaming the right and insisting that only BlueAnon conspiracy theorists and pseudoscientists can fix things.

They’ve spent decades trying to divide us by race and identity, tearing down our nation and its people and history and culture, filling our homes with lies about what’s actually “mainstream” in America, diluting the gravity of family, teaching children to become racists and, perhaps most egregious of all, lying about all of it and claiming those who see it are just crazy.

People are waking up. People are tired of being bullied, lied to and manipulated by our most powerful and once-trusted institutions. People are fed up with the busybody liberals who roam our schools and social circles like parasites, just waiting for opportunities to draw blood and start sucking.

They were desperate enough to spend four years pretending to be outraged over a lie that they manufactured (“Trump is a Russian spy”).

They were desperate enough to help a Made In China bioweapon do exponentially more damage than it ever would have on its own, without ever holding China accountable for it.

They were desperate enough to pretend their Antifa/BLM paramilitary force didn’t murder people and cause billions in damage.

They were desperate enough to pretend a few hundred idiots doing a fraction of what Antifa/BLM did is somehow the worst thing since the Civil War.

They’re so desperate and pathetic right now and it’s kind of hilarious because they not only control all of the most influential and threatening power, but they’re using it at this point to throw haymakers, and they’re throwing them wildly and in every direction, and nothing is landing except the thud of their failures in the lives of their faithful. Watching every host and guest on both CNN and MSNBC spend the last several weeks all but crying into the cameras, insisting that “This is the strongest economy we’ve ever had!” and “Americans might not know it, but they’re doing great!”, has been a real treat.

They’re losing and they know it.

They’ve engaged in criminal conspiracies in order to manipulate the news and weaken our nation.

They’ve spent decades lying to and about our nation in order to douse us in Cultural Marxism and promise us it’s the best way forward and what everyone wants.

And now they know a reckoning is coming.

The Racist Democrat Party’s regressive CRT/DEI-BJ policy-making and guidance will land on their wall of shame right next to slavery, eugenics and segregation.

The fallout for their peripheral attacks — the hysterical reactions to our ubiquitously changing climate, and a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, for example — will also ensnare and indict the powerful institutions and leadership who assaulted our nation and planet with their illiberal and regressive terrorism.

And while the establishment GOP of old could find a way to snatch defeat from the claws of victory, We The People have stood up and are continuing to wrest power from that establishment. Unlike the slaves in the Racist Democrat Party, we were able to take control again from our corrupt leadership.

We chose Trump to lead our fight, and he got impeached twice for the crime of draining the swamp in which they’re all parasites.

With the help of the FBI, they staged the January 6th mostly peaceful protest to justify a new domestic “war on terror.”

They’re doing everything they can but they don’t have any actual mandates or real grassroots power, because everything they’ve pitched and sold has been built on lies and manipulation.

That’s why they’re all falling flat on their faces, despite holding all the levers of control.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know we’ve all endured several really lousy years, and the liberals are all pretending it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and all the most powerful institutions are lying and saying a) it’s all justified and b) we’re all very happy with the results.

There’s a reckoning coming and the Racist Democrat Party along with the BlueAnon pseudoscience cultists profiting off of a) our ubiquitously changing climate and b) the FauXi Virus will have their names and faces plastered all over history for their crimes against our nation and its people.

They’re all very sure of themselves right now, just like they were when they were promoting eugenics right alongside the Nazis, and just like they were when they were promoting slavery and segregation. They’re positive what they’re doing is right and just.

History, a far more intellectually honest travel companion, will tell a much different story.

And in it, the America First / Drain The Swamp movement will be the heroes, the same way the GOP always has been when it’s time to save our nation from the racists, fascists and other leftists in the Racist Democrat Party.

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One comment

  1. Democrats are the children that go to a birthday party and cry when they don’t get presents. They CANNOT lose in their heads, if they do they cannot accept it and I will explain very easily. When they can’t win at the political game they yell at the ref, if they can’t force the ref with insults and threatening language to change their call they go after the rules of the game. Remember, these people believe they are righteous and whatever they have to do to win is JUSTIFIED, no matter what. This is the best country in the world and they want to completely change it, its insane. “If its not broke don’t fix it” is something progressives (its literally their title “progressive”) do not understand or do understand but that truth gets in the way of their own wealth and POWER. Please vote Republican, nobody is perfect but they are leaps and bounds better at running a country than this new Liberal Democrat Socialist Party – AKA 1930s Germany.


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