Progressives Get Rolled By Pelosi In Failed Hunt For Their Special American Purpose

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will finish 2021 exactly as she had hoped, to include passing primarily legislation that Republicans could support and almost nothing that they wouldn’t.

Sources familiar with Pelosi’s legendary lamb management weren’t surprised, but the far-left wing of the party expected more. Having watched the Republican base credibly seize power from the establishment GOP in 2016, progressives knew there was a path in their own party and became bound and determined to find it.

Mind you, no progressive ever believed they could actually control their own presidential primaries, but many hoped at a minimum to pass at least some legislation that aligned with their values and goals.

In the end, it wasn’t to be, as Pelosi led her members to do the bidding of their party’s establishment while getting nothing in return except a long list of reasons to not read the comments for a while.

Many in the America First / Drain The Swamp movement have expressed disappointment. Having pounced on their own party’s power levers, some said they had grown nostalgic watching the progressives at least begin to mount a real anti-establishment offensive. Moreover, they believe the progressives could have won that battle, taken control of their establishment, and then given the America First / Drain The Swamp movement a real fight in the coming elections.

But again, it wasn’t to be. Barring some kind of earth shattering event, the America First / Drain The Swamp movement is poised to continue fighting both establishments on their own.

Progressives, meanwhile, have vowed to fight harder.

The next time they have a chance to.

Providing anyone is still listening to them.

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  1. Nicely written and said. First of all, why is this woman still alive? I believe in this country, old people die off and leave space for the younger ones. She must have a nice supply of spare body parts and internal organs in order to still be around and causing our country grief.


  2. There are quite a few RINO progressives in the Republican Party, so it’s not surprising Nancy Pelosi was able to get progressive legislation passed, however it’s important to know that most Congressmen have no interest in legislation at all, but that they only think about keeping their seat in congress, and 95 if not 99 % of their time is spent in fundraising.
    About the only thing that’s bipartisan is that all the congressmen or persons of both parties think inside trading by congressperson is perfectly fine. That’s what they mean by progressive legislation.


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