‘The Cathedral,’ Engulfed In Flames, Needed J6 As A Capstone For Their Decades-Long Color Revolution

I don’t write nearly as much as I want to these days, but this needs to make the record…

Watching all of our most powerful institutions — big media, big tech, academia, entertainment, the “intelligence” community, woke corporate America (which incidentally are some of the sleepiest slapdicks you’ll meet) — these bastions of corruption, fascism, racism and elitism all work together as what some call The Cathedral.

I don’t know where the tag came from but it’s pretty apt considering the religious fervor with which they all believe as fact things they can’t possibly prove.

Things like Trump being a Russian spy.

Or Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election.

Or Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation.

Or a virus with a 99.7% survival rate being a good reason to destroy literally every life in the country and replace it with one that eats, sleeps, lives and breathes only to avoid that virus.

Or that 2020 was “the most secure election in history.”

Or that the Covington kids were racist agitators.

Or that Kyle Rittenhouse killed a bunch of black people and got away with it.

Or that the black supremacist Racist Democrat responsible for the Waukesha Massacre was “just fleeing another crime.”

Or that teaching racism (CRT/DEI-BJ) in schools is bad and nobody is doing it, but if they were doing it it would be good, and we should really be doing more of it. And continue doing it. Even though nobody’s actually doing it. But you better not stop us from doing it.

Or that Antifa is “just an idea” and BLM is “just a peaceful civil rights group.”

Or that the most vital resource every person on the planet needs (energy) is in fact the cause of our changing climate. Yes, it’s true that our climate used to change ubiquitously. But then, sometime in the last 100 years or so, it stopped. And that was perfect. We really wanted to keep it that way. But now it’s changing again. And it’s probably because you enjoy the benefits of energy so much. And so now we have to stop it from changing, and we can do it if you people would just cede control of earth’s energy to America Last elitists who favor power over science and greed over humanity. Help us save the planet. Help us stop the ubiquitously changing climate from changing, because “science.”

They believe that Anthony Fauci doesn’t use taxpayer money to torture dogs and inflict “maximum pain” on monkeys.

They believe Fauci didn’t lie to congress when he said he didn’t fund gain of function research.

They believe the NIH and Merriam-Webster and everyone else jumping through hoops to change definitions in an effort to protect Fauci from perjury, is a coincidence.

They believe covid-19 merits destroying every life in America and replacing it with one that lives only to fear covid, but holding China accountable for manufacturing and releasing the virus would be “racist.”

They believe scumbag sociopaths like Fauci when he says, “There’s really no evidence it came from a lab.” They figure these viruses out in days if not weeks. Months at the most. They have no beat on this one because it came from a lab. The same lab that’s down the street from the wet market that the racists in The Cathedral initially hoped to blame. The same lab where Fauci was funding the type of research that creates viruses exactly like covid-19. They’ll destroy every life in America in order to weaponize the virus so it hurts us all in collateral ways, but if you want to get to the bottom of who created the virus, you’re “RACIST!”

They truly believe it.

That’s why I call it the FauXi virus. Anthony Fauci funded it, and Xi Jingping manufactured and released it.

Our very own corporate terrorist media didn’t care about any of that. They also weren’t afraid the virus itself. Their job was to make it a noose around Trump’s neck and punish the nation that defied them by electing him. Their job was to weaponize the virus and help aim it to inflict the most possible collateral damage.

Not a single school needed to close. Not a single businesses needed to close. Not a single hospital needed to be shut down forever due to lack of business (which happened all across our nation, in the name of fighting covid!!!). Not a single additional case of depression, substance abuse, suicide, violence or crime — all stemming from the anxiety and hysteria The Cathedral purposefully incited — not a single one needed to happen.

None of it needed to happen and not a single ounce of it did anything to stop covid.

Neither did the cloth/surgical masks, or the “social distancing” (that reportedly came from some 6th graders guesswork on a science project).

Here’s the hard fact that most of you needed to hear in March 2020…

If you’re really that afraid of covid-19 then it’s time for you personally to sit down, shut up, start wearing N-95s everywhere you go, stop abusing kids, and then shut up some more. 

Your fear is on you at this point. Nobody else. And neither your stupid and disgusting cloth mask, nor anyone else’s, is doing anything to stop the aerosols that pass through it like Montel Williams’ manhood through Kamala Harris’s face.

The Cathedral would have me imprisoned or worse for espousing these relatively sparing and grounded views.

And that’s why The Cathedral is leaning so hard into the mostly peaceful January 6th protest.

Meet me back here in a few years and we’ll see what shakes out, but I have no reason to believe that January 6th was anything other than an FBI plot along with the media to create a new War On Terror (TM) that targets Trump supporters and other “deplorable” Americans.

More and more I wake up to the reality that what we get from our media, and all of our most powerful institutions, is part of a decades-long color revolution. The term “color revolution” refers to regime changes that occur right in front of an unwitting public because the most trusted and powerful influencers are helping coordinate the deceitful narratives that lead to regime change.

In America, “the regime” they want to topple is our nation itself; its founding, principles, and anyone who takes pride in any of it.

The nuclear family is at the heart of America’s exceptionalism, so that’s what they attack most fervently. It’s why they’re so desperate for abortion to be a proud and inspiring leap forward that every young woman should experience at least once, to cheapen sexuality and dilute the gravity of starting families, and blur the lines between men and women — perverting science in a naked effort to confuse children, disorient teens and effectively destroy any chance they have to become socially lucid adults with positive, healthy associations to sexuality.

More than 70% of black kids in America grow up in single parent homes and that, above and beyond anything else, is why they struggle disproportionately across every meaningful metric as they become adults: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and distance from crime. Americans who happen to be of Asian descent, on the other hand, see about 20% of their kids raised in single parent homes, and they blow the doors off everyone across every meaningful metric. (So much for the “America is a racist nation!”, right? Wrong. They’ve got an explanation for Asians doing better than whites. It’s called “the model minority myth” or something like that. Know where I learned about it? On my f**king church’s website, where it’s being presented as fact. Which reminds me: they’ve largely taken over religion, too, and the Methodists and Catholics and anyone else preaching the Racist Democrat Party’s racism can all go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned. I’ve spent my whole life being a Christian above anything else and these denominations that have been hijacked by Unitarian Universalists and other Cultural Marxists are a joke that no honest Christian should indulge.)

At any rate they go after the family because they hate this nation and they know that the family unit, more than anything else, breeds individual accountability in young people as they become adults. And “individual accountability” is what it’s called when you live your life free from the manufactured grievance that the Racist Democrat Party and their allies like to shackle black and brown people with.

Their evidence-free claims that America is systemically racist alongside their blatantly obvious efforts to create more racism, is exactly the type of dishonest and disorienting thing you’d see our own intelligence community coordinate somewhere else as part of a color revolution they’re executing in a far-off land.

Their allies across The Cathedral have been doing it right here in America for decades.

The entire time that the media has been lying about white people, and lying about black people, and lying about brown people and Hispanics specifically…the entire time they’ve been ignoring black Racist Democrats viciously attacking Asian and Jews in our streets…the entire time they’ve been calling “whiteness” a “disease” while insisting that “Black Pride” is an importantly progressive and unifying sentiment…the entire time they’ve been pushing abortion-on-demand, diluting the gravity of starting families and telling children that their genitalia is a lie and only their young minds know the truth about what sex they truly are…the entire time they’ve been lying to our nation about our divisions, and our hatred of each other…the entire time they’ve been weaponizing academia to create studies that affirm their pre-determined narratives…

…all of this and more are colorfully revolutionary lies that they’ve fomented from every rooftop to land us where we are today.

Any once-revered American pastime that’s run by liberals may as well have “LIBERALS ONLY” signs out front. For example, I won’t take my son to the Children’s Museum because I refuse to let the left weaponize him by making him wear a mask. That’s all masks do. They make every person who wears one a walking advertisement for fear. That’s all. (Like I said: if you still fear the FauXi virus then get an N-95 and shut up already. Your cloth mask is useless and your hypochondria is officially insufferable.) So the only people who still get to visit places where the board or other leadership is dominated by douchebag elitist liberals, are other douchebag elitist liberals.

And they couldn’t be happier walking around in their masks, humiliating themselves and dehumanizing their kids, promoting both fear and an aversion to science all while purporting to be the nation’s greatest arbiters of valuing calm and respecting science.

It’s exactly what you’d end up seeing in the midst of a wildly dishonest and disorienting color revolution.

And now we have January 6th. The entire day was orchestrated by the FBI and we’re going to prove it, make them pay, and then abolish the FBI when we take power again in 2022 and 2024. Rosanne Boyland was beaten to death by Capitol Police officers who failed exactly as badly as they were supposed to. These glorified security guards were using makeshift weapons to beat anyone they could because that’s what the day was supposed to become. They were beating elderly people and women who were innocently ushered in and didn’t even know what they were part of. Now they’re holding the ones they didn’t kill as political prisoners. The vast majority have no criminal history and haven’t been charged with anything, let alone anything violent. But they’re being held anyway in DC under gulag-like conditions with angry, unacclimated, America-hating, paramility immigrants who got jobs as jailers and mock the prisoners for singing the National Anthem each night. The media can’t stop saying “insurrection” but a) no insurrection took place, b) none stood any chance of taking place, and c) nobody has been charged with insurrection. The FBI and their people (Ray Epps comes to mind) were running around in the days leading up to January 6th encouraging people to go into the Capitol. Most knew it was ridiculous. One group even called Epps out, yelling “FED! FED! FED!” in response to him saying they had to go “in to the Capitol, tomorrow!” They staged the whole thing. The FBI and their pedophilia-loving Antifa partners led pissed off Trump supporters into the Capitol where two groups of cops awaited: one group was entirely uninterested and treated everything like tours, and the other grabbed any makeshift weapon they could find and began beating the most vulnerable people they could get their hands on. They thought they were doing their jobs. The FBI wanted them to think that. They wanted them to be totally unprepared and for it to be a disgusting bloodbath. They thought for sure the Trump supporters would react far worse than they did. In the end, the only people who died were Trump supporters and all that really happened was a few hundred idiots running around the Capitol for an hour or so.

I wrote literally the day after that I was proud of our restraint.

That remains the case.

I’ve also written several times that all of their bad behavior and all of the ugliness we’re seeing out of them, it’s not a reflection of their strength or durability, but of their weakness and desperation. Along the same lines, all the restraint we’re seeing from We The People isn’t a reflection of our weakness and desperation, but of our strength and durability.

The truth will come out, just like it has on every major story that the media lied about and used to help accelerate The Cathedral’s color revolution to create regime change in America. And I’m not talking about helping the Racist Democrat Party weaponize a made-in-China virus to steal/rig an election. I’m talking about helping the Racist Democrat Party make us all slaves by doing away with all of our history, all of our culture, all of our pride, all of our founding principles, and replacing them with endlessly dishonest, divisive and disorienting lies that all come from the supposedly most trusted and respected institutions.

It’s a color revolution. It’s coming from inside the house. The January 6th “investigation” is, hilariously, intended to be its policy-shifting apex. That was the plan after all these decades of lying to and about this nation, its people, and our feelings about each other. After all those decades working to hijack our most powerful institutions and then weaponizing them against us, it was time for their operatives in the intelligence community to get involved. And that’s where we are now.

They lie about and plant evidence. They frame people. They deny Constitutional rights. They have the media, corporate America, Hollywood, academia and big tech all supporting them and spreading the same lies. And right this minute they’re trying to pretend that Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Don Jr. knowing that the breach was bad, is somehow highly incriminating.

It’s hilarious.

It’s also terrifying and unjust to the degree that it radicalizes people who see it.

I’m one of those people.

I don’t see this nation or its institutions the same way I did even just a year ago.

This nation is a different place right now. We’re a shell of what we were before Trump came down the escalator and The Cathedral started punishing us for electing him to drain the swamp they all depend on for survival. We are, right this moment, in an extremely delicate and existential place.

As I’ve long stated, I believe we’ll win.

I believe that in 50 years the Racist Democrat Party’s wall of shame will have yet another humiliating addition.

First they had slavery.

Then they had eugenics.

Then they had segregation.

And in 50 years they’ll have CRT/DEI-BJ to denounce and atone for.

I don’t know what will happen to all the powerful people and institutions who helped promote our national division, disparity and destruction. I just know the Racist Democrat Party will be exposed for yet again aligning with all of our most powerful institutions in yet another misguided attempt to “promote justice and equality” by espousing spectacularly racist and destructive views.

It’s what happened after slavery.

It’s what happened after eugenics (though with the help of The New York Times and other corporate media, they buried that one pretty well until recently).

It’s what happened after segregation.

And it’s what will happen when history is done accounting for their latest attempt at amassing power by weaponizing racism and racial disunity of their own making: CRT/DEI-BJ.

The FBI will be taken to task for their work with the corporate terrorist media on the Russia collusion hoax, and worse, their work on January 6th.

We’ll eventually learn more about those four Capitol Police officers who killed themselves after the attack. We can safely assume that at least one of them helped beat Rosanne Boyland to death, and another was murdered to help cover up the staged horror show.

I mean it’s insane that four of these guys killed themselves in the days after. Nobody asks questions. Nobody cares. At some point, when you’ve been red-pilled long enough, you can look at these things and understand the math:

If you just saw something insane happen, and the people who are supposed to care the most don’t seem to care at all, then you’re probably watching something far more insane than you realize play out.

And this is what’s happening all across our nation, on virtually every matter of import that the media, academia, big tech, corporate America, the corrupt and disgraced intelligence community, Hollywood and rest of The Cathedral attach themselves to.

Every single major issue to them is built on lies that are designed to divide, misinform and destroy our nation.

Trump was never a villain.

Russia never stole our election.

The FBI/Democrat investigation was always a hoax perpetrated on our government and people.

The FauXi virus was never worth destroying every life in America and replacing it with one that would be forced to live in constant fear and submission because of that virus.

January 6th was never an insurrection.

The FBI was always responsible for it.

The corporate terrorist media has always been lying about all of it.

And the truth will come out.

Hold the line. Keep the faith. America First. Drain The Swamp.

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