It’s Bad Out There, But The Right Is Winning Where It Matters

All the language companies, like Merriam-Webster and, politically weaponize and manipulate the words we use.

All the academic institutions promote activism and deceit, instead of education and truth.

All the media companies do is promote terror and division among our people and across our nation.

All the tech companies censor what you see.

All the government intelligence apparatuses are demonstrably, unapologetically corrupt.

All the military units are focused on weakening our troops instead of winning wars.

The entire medical establishment is afraid to speak up on too many matters to count. The relative impotency of Covid-19 would be a good place to start, then the completely unnecessary devastation we’ve done to kids, and finally the utter uselessness of anything less than an N-95. (Show me healthcare leaders around the nation insisting on the above pro-science realities, and I’ll show you an important institution earning its credibility back.)

Hollywood isn’t allowed to make good movies anymore. Basically everything they make must now be propaganda.

There are American hostages languishing right now in Afghanistan, left behind and forgotten entirely by their country under Democrat/Media leadership.

Our government killed an innocent family in Afghanistan based on intelligence we got from the Taliban, and the media spent weeks calling it a success.

Our military, media and government tried to convince us — and the world — that our ability to run away really fast was somehow something to brag about.

That we took around 125,000 Afghans would’ve have been great if we knew that any of them actually helped us. Unfortunately the vetting was done largely by the Taliban.

Our southern border is just wide f**king open.

American citizens are being held as political prisoners for participating in a mostly peaceful protest.

Some were killed for it.

They’d spent the prior year watching the left’s paramilitary force (BLM/Antifa) burn entire city blocks to the ground, take over police stations, beat innocent civilians unconscious, literally murder people…and then get bailed out by Kamala Harris and other Racist Democrats and celebrities.

Hunter Biden admitted on video that he and his family are compromised by America’s enemies. Weeks after that revelation, the U.S. government reinforced how easy it is to launder money through art. Weeks after that, Hunter Biden decided to become an artist and is now selling his STD-drenched canvases to anonymous buyers. And guess what? In a few more weeks, America will hand Ukraine to Russia. And soon after that, China will replace the SWIFT system the Biden team is so excited about taking from Russia.

The Chinese Communist Party manufactured and released the virus that upended every life on the planet and took a critically innocent chunk of them permanently. Not only are we not allowed to talk about that without being called “racist,” but the Biden team is repeatedly rewarding China with weak, America Last policy-making.

The man we’re all told to trust the most on science has unwittingly admitted he’s an idiot and a sociopath by twice referring to himself as “science.”

The cancellations, the political persecutions, the selective enforcement of the law, the hijacking of our intelligence agencies, the terrorism foist on our nation by a media intent on dividing us…

…there are so many terrible and insane things happening around this country.

Tens of millions of otherwise good and/or potentiall-filled Americans believe everything the corporate terrorist news media tells them. They believe the “experts” in academia are still operating from a place of integrity and good faith, as opposed to the bullying and greed that drive them today. They believe LeBron James knows how to read and, in fact, is quite a literary buff. They believe slavery and genocide are tolerable as long as they get cheap labor and products. They believe people who have different skin color need to be treated differently. They believe that dishonestly calling Trump supporters “RACIST!” because ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT, AP, academia, Hollywood, corporate America and big tech tell them to, means they’re “speaking truth to power.”

These people are gone. Like addicts, nobody can actually help them but themselves. And the color revolution equivalent that the corporate terrorist media and their allies have conducted in this nation for decades, makes their followers pretty dug in.

But even in the face of all the ugliness, and all the powerful forces all across the world colluding to lie to us, divide us, and ultimately destroy our nation and its people — even with all that going on, there are still hundreds of millions of us who are willing to stand up for the truth, and fight.

In the last several weeks American juries have twice demonstrated that even in the face of massive media and institutional pressure, when a group of Americans are selected for a jury to honestly review evidence and make a determination that seriously effects real peoples’ lives, they’re going to do that work with integrity. I’m thinking specifically about the Rittenhouse and Smollett cases.

We have lousy judges doing dangerous things, of course. Take for example the sadists in DC presiding over the January 6th political prisoners. But when it’s in the hands of the people, what we’re seeing in recent weeks is those people doing honest work.

Greg Gutfeld has the top-rated late night TV program.

Josh Holmes and the guys at Ruthless Podcast have the top-rated podcast.

We sell the most books.

“Let’s Go Brandon” was the first time in my life I got to watch the masses mock the institutional left as a whole. The media flakes at NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest were freaking out. It was hilarious and beautiful. And it wasn’t a small, fleeting thing. It was indicative of something much greater that’s happening in the culture.

We, the conservative American right, have long been what’s truly mainstream in America. The corporate terrorist news media has terrorized our nation for decades by lying to and about us. They take the views and opinions of a very delicate and easily-offended 5-10% of Americans, and try to convince us the entire nation feels the same way and it’s a really pressing matter. None of it is ever true. Ever. On anything. It’s always staged bullshit to create the America they want us to become: dependent, afraid, submissive, racist, entitled, helpless.

And only they, the elites who know better, can save us.

The vast majority of those elites truly believe what they’re doing is good. They’re all in the club already and happy to be there, and they’ve convinced themselves that America truly is an evil and rotten place that — uniquely from every other nation on earth — was founded through power, force and war. And they’ve convinced themselves that you truly are a dumb rube who can’t possibly know what’s best for yourself, let alone your family and community. They believe these things. Adamantly. And so they abandon all other principle or morals in pursuit of what they think will be best for everyone, later, after we roll over and let them just take more control over of our lives.

They legitimately believe it, which is one reason I call them casualties.

Most are anti-American bigots and all are racists. You’re simply not allowed into the Racist Democrat Party in 2021 unless you accept CRT/DEI as your personal lord and savior:

All white people are oppressors. All black people are oppressed. Anyone who agrees is an “ally” and anyone who doesn’t is a racist.

They truly believe this insanity. The people who write the scripts for them know better, but the time we’re living in is so insane that those scriptwriters have convinced their play actors that the regressive and illiberal trash they’re espousing — you must espouse and promote racism, to combat it — is both sound and useful.

We’re all living in the middle of it. It’s so pervasive across our culture that the vast majority of us still don’t even realize how off-the-rails it’s all become. But more people are waking up to it. People who were never part of our movement or cause. Every day, people are snapping out of it, because every day, the media and their allies are getting sloppier and lazier and revealing themselves to be bad faith actors intent on misinforming and dividing our nation’s people.

Good things are afoot. You have to look around for them because the powers-that-be don’t want you to know about them. But everywhere I turn, where the peoples’ voice matters, we’re winning.

And we’ll continue to.

It’ll be a slog. There are cheap, easy, legal and non-violent ways we could speed things up. But we’re not doing those things, so this is what we’re left with.

It could be worse.

We could be losing or, worse, have already lost this nation forever.

We haven’t.

We’re winning and we’re going to continue to win, and we’re going to do it on the strength and necessity of the same messages with which we started our winning streak…

America First.

Drain The Swamp.

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  1. Let’s face it, most of those in places of power pushing the lies and corruption are, at his point, demonic.
    There is no other explanation.


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