America’s Racist Democrat Problem

I’ve long awaited a time when the rest of the country is able to see just how racist the Democrat party still is. I’ve wondered when it will happen, what it will look like when it does, and how the ensnared masses may well be forgiven or absolved given the institutional power and resources that taught them their racism.

I’ve written for years that so much of what we’re witnessing will end up on the Democrats’ wall of shame right next to slavery, eugenics and segregation.

And finally, after all these years, their organized and institutional racism has a name that they can’t run from or obfuscate around: CRT/DEI (Critical Race Theory / Diversity Equity Inclusion).

As America’s racist Democrat problem becomes more clear, more quickly, to more people, and as the situation deteriorates at a pace that could truly destroy this country once and for all, I believe we’re headed toward a critical reckoning.

And I increasingly believe that reckoning could both start, and finish (win), the GOP’s next historic push for meaningful civil rights enlightenment and progress.

It’s entirely possible that America is on the precipice of confronting its racist Democrat problem.

Pray for it.


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