Insanity: Media, Prosecutors Will Go After School Shooter’s MOTHER For Supporting Trump

Less than two weeks ago, a domestic political terrorist committed literal mass murder in Waukesha, WI.

He slaughtered six people by intentionally mowing them down with his SUV as they celebrated their town’s Christmas Parade.

Most people don’t even know his name.

It’s Darrell Edward Brooks Jr..

A solid 50% of the people who do know his name still believe the lie that he hit as many people as possible “because he was fleeing another crime.” That’s the narrative the media helped cobble together in the moments after the event, and that’s what stuck for the sleepy idiots who get their news from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and/or AP.

You must be uniquely aware, well-resourced and impenetrable to corporate and institutional Cultural Marxism (aka “red pilled”) to find news these days, and if you are, then you know the terrorist Darrell E. Brooks left a papertrail of pro-BLM, anti-white, Rittenhouse-enraged breadcrumbs on social media.

That’s why he went out and purposefully slaughtered six innocent Americans, badly injuring dozens of others. He’s a terrorist who believed the media’s lies and was seeking revenge for all the lies they’ve told him, most recently those around the Rittenhouse case.

Yes it’s also true that the “bail reform” the Racist Democrat Party loves so much played a major role, since this deadbeat was out on $1,000 bail after driving over the mother of his child with his car. But most of the dirtbags and deadbeats who do shit like drive over the mother of their child are already casualties of leftism, made hopeless primarily by a national news media that for decades has done all the Racist Democrat Party’s heavy lifting.

This particular dirtbag/deadbeat decided to go ahead and take it to the next level.

He decided to become a terrorist.


Because the media told him a) he should, and b) that they’d help protect him if he did.

And so he took all that rage he had over a young white man being acquitted for defending himself against other white people…

He took all those horror stories the media keeps telling him about how being black is basically a death sentence in America…

He took all those promises that all of his faults and problems were someone else’s fault and someone else’s problem…

Darrell E. Brooks was having a bad day and decided to make himself feel better by acting on the rage that was activated in him by our corporate terrorist news media.

He’s 39 years old. He’s got a history of pro-BLM and other racist propaganda as well as documented anti-Rittenhouse sentiment. He drove through a Christmas Parade full of white people less than an hour from where the Rittenhouse trial took place.

But even more sick than his crime is the media and corrupt authorities’ efforts to cover it up.

They’re concealing Brooks’s motive because 1) they know they’re responsible for it, and 2) they know, because they value destruction, they want more people to do what he did. So they can’t possibly tell the actual story about what happened in Waukesha, WI on November 22, 2021. They can’t possibly be that transparent about the horrors they’re creating. And so they started with the “He was just fleeing another crime!” narrative, pushed it just long enough to make it real for their base, then never really talked about it again.

Meanwhile, some 15-year old whose breadcrumbs show mental sickness far more than any political leanings is about to become public enemy #2 for a while with the media’s help.

Who’s public enemy #1 going to be?

If ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP get their way, it will be the boy’s mother.


Because — well, first let me introduce you to The Daily Beast.

Picture of a group of really good friends all hanging out and having a great time at the beach.

Now picture some obvious psychopath sitting a few feet away, not really with the group, but pretending to be and hoping passersby will interpret the situation as such.

You’ve just pictured what The Daily Beast is to the rest of the corporate terrorist media.

And in service to the massive terror network of major media outlets whose adoration they seek, The Daily Beast did the pathetically-lazy lifting to find out that the shooter’s mother — wait for it — supported Trump back in 2016.

So, the implication goes, she’s clearly a bad person. And her being a bad person, obviously, explains everything about what her son did.

If the media can pull it off, and you can bet your ass they’ll try, they’re going to make the school shooting in Michigan the only thing that matters in America besides forcing scared and crying toddlers into masks for zero good fucking reason except being evil and driving good people who have to watch this insanity, bad…

But I digress.

If the media can pull it off, this Trump-supporting mom of this domestic terrorist school shooter will become the biggest story of 2022.

They will, if they can, spin this story to terrify and terrorize as many Americans as possible. They want to continue putting targets on the backs of anyone they catch supporting Trump, while also inspiring their BLM/Antifa terrorist armies to continue “striking back.”

Here’s the headline that kills both of those birds with one stone…

“Trump-Supporting Mom Raises Racist School Shooter Teen”

That’s how they’re going to frame it. To my knowledge none of the victims were black and race played no role. But the media will still tell the story that way if they can because by the time they get called out for their lies, those lies have already made it around the world thousands of times. And whatever the BLM/Antifa terrorists do — whether it’s attacking Asians and Jews in NYC, or looting stores in San Francisco, murdering and raping each other in Chicago, or slaughtering Christians as they celebrate the birth of Christ — whatever the BLM/Antifa terrorists do, the corporate terrorist media will help cover up.

And if they can take another tragic act of domestic terrorism centered around mental illness and a troubled young man, and blame his Trump-supporting parents, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. If they can get everyone focused on their lies, enraged and determined to destroy each other, they’re going to. If they can conceal the evidence that their lies are creating literal death and destruction in our streets and neighborhoods, they’re going to.

And I know this is true because I watch America’s corporate network of terrorism — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP — do all of it, all day, every day.

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