The FauXi Virus Is Here To Stay

From here on out it’s called the FauXi virus. I don’t care what variant they drum up. Anthony Fauci funded the same research at the same lab from which the virus was developed and released. It all happened in China and that Winnie The Pooh-looking genocidal slave owner, Xi Jingping, is covering it up and disappearing scientists who talk about it. So the globalists can call it whatever they want. Trump can call it the China Virus. For my part, from here on out, it’s the FauXi virus because nobody is more responsible for its creation and the collateral damage we suffered as a result, than Xi Jingping and Anthony Fauci.

The corporate terrorist news media is a very close second. They certainly worked harder than FauXi to create the collateral damage we’ve all endured. The deaths were going to come. Everyone always knew that. The goal, we were dishonestly told early on, was to “slow the spread” so hospitals wouldn’t be overrun. Of course in the end, thanks to the FauXi virus, entire hospitals shut down and now there are staffing shortages due to vaccine mandates. (You guys who think all this was good and necessary are doing f**king fantastic.) The only actual hope beyond herd immunity would be a vaccine, and everyone made fun of Trump for pursuing one. As it turned out, because he’s excellent at what he does, he got the white coats, profit mongers and bureaucrats to all bond up and get us one. And they did. It’s not excellent. And it’s a boon for the big pharma pigs like that sloppy, dipped-in-pomade douchebag, Scott Gottlieb. And it only lasts about 6 months and then needs a boost. And it’s got some questionable side effects that make it fantastically stupid for young people to take. But if you’re at risk for serious complications from the FauXi virus then the vaccines were likely a welcome relief amid its novel voyage.

The lockdowns, closures, stay-at-home orders etc were all stupid.

All of them.

We knew from the beginning who the vulnerable were, and weren’t. There was never any question about that. And I know as much because the one “contributor piece” I’ve had here at LBA was penned by an Ohio-based business leader back in March 2020, suggesting we stop the insanity and get back to normal.

Some of us also knew that the facts didn’t matter, and that the media would do everything they could to weaponize the virus, imposing very real pain in peoples’ lives while a) blaming Trump and b) giving Democrats another “good crisis” to pretend they cared about.

It couldn’t have been easier to predict because there was nothing but upside for them. Not to mention, the liberal elites (media, academia, big tech, corporate America, Democrats) hate this country and anyone who loves it, and they were all too happy to punish us indiscriminately, across the board, for electing Trump in the first place.

The mental health crises, the employment and staffing crises, decades of progressive work/life and ergonomic milestones now dead and buried, the substance abuse and self-harm crises, the massively destructive, crater-sized gaps in non-covid care, screenings and treatments, the myriad downstream consequences suffered by literally every child in the country across every meaningful health metric…

Every last one of those tragic realities was 100% unnecessary.

Each and every still-unfolding American horror story was collateral damage that didn’t have to happen.

And not a single American would have endured any of it if ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP hadn’t purposefully incited so much terror. Yes the sociopathic dog torturers and wannabe fascist dictators from academia (I’m looking at Fauci) gave the media plenty of weaponry with which to terrorize, divide and deplete us as individuals and a people. And yes the medical establishment and big pharma eagerly played their roles.

But as I’ve long suggested, it’s the media who carry the most power.

They dictate the national conversation and, beginning around March 2020, they decided the FauXi virus would become a permanent noose around Trump’s neck, that the pain the American people endured would be a good thing, and that they wouldn’t let off the gas until they’d milked the “crisis” for all they could.

We’re just about there.

There’s a brand new strain that I won’t even name because I won’t give it the attention the media wants us to. But there’s a brand new strain and it’ll likely be even more transmissible than the previous ones. I mean it shouldn’t surprise too many people that the FauXi virus “gains function” in transmissibility. Viruses often do and you’d think the ones designed to in a lab would continue that path outside of the lab, too. But they also tend to lose potency along the way, and while I initially harbored some concerns that this made-in-China mutant lab virus might become wildly more lethal as it progresses, that doesn’t appear to be the case as each new strain runs its course.

There’s a brand new FauXi virus strain and nobody is talking about changing anything — new lockdowns, junk masking, etc — because they know they can’t do it anymore. And that makes the corporate terrorist media furious because there’s nothing they’d love more than for well-behaved Americans to die slowly while locked away in their homes, hanging on the media’s every word and the Democrats’ every whim, until we perish or they tell us we’re allowed to be free again.

That’s not hyperbole.

If you grab Jake Tapper, Nicolle Wallace or Lester Holt and show them a dying American, even one in a MAGA hat, then they’ll probably be able to muster some sympathy for that person. But if you don’t show them the faces of the people, and instead let them all blur together as part of a great American dilution, and you let Jake, Nicolle and Lester all exist completely within a bubble wherein they convince themselves and each other that what they’re doing is noble and just, then it becomes very easy for them to ignore the very real suffering they’re creating. And that’s where they are. They don’t want to actually watch or hear about the lives they’re destroying. But if they have to hear about it, they’ve got their answer ready:

It’s a small price to pay for the 789 billion Americans this virus killed.

We’ll never have the real numbers. They’re gone, and we’ll never get them back. We know how many people died with the FauXi virus, but we don’t know how many died from it. And we’ll never find out. The wildly inflated death numbers made it much easier to amp up the fear as it meant many times more “deaths” than they would have otherwise been able to advertise. So they decided both lazily and brazenly on the front end that “with” and “from,” for the purposes of the FauXi virus, would be the same damn thing.


So we don’t know how many people actually died from the FauXi virus, but we know the dirty, dishonest, corrupt and illiberal elites will use that bullshit number to swat any condemnation for the damage they did.

Let them. To hell with them. Seriously. Don’t waste your time trying to educate or reason with them. They’re still pretending surgical masks, designed to stop large pieces of actual matter from leaving or entering a person’s nose or mouth, are also effective at mitigating the spread of aerosols. They’re still pretending that getting vaccinated means you can’t spread covid. They’re still pretending that Jane’s vaccination status affects Dick’s health. (It doesn’t.) They’re still pretending that kids, who literally have a 100% survival rate, are at a great or even appreciable risk and thus must be part of this conversation. They’re still pretending that natural immunity doesn’t exist and, if it does, it’s not nearly as good as that 6-month thing that big corporation recently rolled out.

They’re still pretending you’re stupid enough to believe their lies, and that you haven’t already moved into your new life where the only institution you trust outside of your faith is We The People, as represented by the America First movement — marching steadily toward 2022, 2024 and beyond so we can finish draining the swamp and start trusting our institutions again.

So screw them.

Meanwhile, as many of us suspected from the start, this thing will be part of our lives from now on. If some people want to get shots, great. But it’s going to be a new flu bug that’s here to stay and since Fauci funded it and Xi manufactured and released it, I say we make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve and we all just agree that from here on out: it’s the FauXi virus.

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