They Empty Prisons & Riot Because Destruction’s Freshly-Plowed Field Is A Communist’s Only Hope For Acceptance

I changed it up a bit to fit a headline, but that’s a modified quote from Jesse Kelly…

I’ll go ahead and say “the great” Jesse Kelly, actually.

Jesse is the person who first used the “Anti Communist” label I’ve since adopted, and his attitude about not suffering fools and standing firm on the courage of his convictions is nothing short of heroic given how the media have conditioned us to be silent and afraid for so many decades.

We’ve got a lot of greats out there these days.

How about Greg Gutfeld being the top-rated latenight talk show host now? That’s excellent.

Or Julie Kelly reporting on behalf of the January 6 defendants, some of the most critically compassionate action in the country right now?

Mollie Hemingway has been praised many times over by just about everyone for being way out in front of virtually every corporate terrorist media hoax over the last 6 years. She and a few others, including Sean Davis and Ben Domenech at The Federalist who stood by Mollie’s side all these years, are the journalistic heroes of our time.

Tucker Carlson is just booming and thank God for his work on the FBI’s role in fomenting the Capitol breach on January 6th. I know there are a ton of good people and organizations working alongside great people like Tucker and Julie, and by the time all the tapes are released — because they will be — America will see the horrors that were inflicted not only on the Trump supporters, but on the ill-prepared Capitol police who were given the impossible task of stopping them with nothing but makeshift weapons and little chance of doing anything but beating a few of them to death.

Which many of us are pretty sure at this point is exactly what happened to Rosanne Boyland.


If you have the stomach to read some of the details of what else is on the videos, and what happened in the tunnels, you can check out one of Julie Kelly’s latest pieces here.

Also, and this is important, Julie recently provided a verified account where you can contribute to the January 6 political prisoners’ legal costs and, hopefully, some of their families’ needs. Please consider giving what you can here.

We’ve also got Glenn Greenwald, whom I’ve mentioned before and is doing excellent work in service to truth and in defiance of massive, otherwise-unchecked establishment power.

We’ve also got Andy Ngo, whom I’ve not mentioned before (I don’t think) but is also doing excellent work in service to truth and in defiance of establishment power. Ngo, as we speak, is being targeted by the douchebags at The Daily Beast for his reporting on the Waukesha terrorist, Darrell E. Brooks.

See for yourself as Andy, as usual, stands tall in the face of all threats.

He’s typically on the receiving end of death threats from BLM/Antifa terrorists who have been given a green light by local and federal governments to terrorize him for telling the truth about them. They are, after all, the communist left’s foot soldiers in this war. This time around though Andy is being threatened by one of the terrorists from the corporate terrorist media. It’s a shitty and stupid little brand that can’t stop hiring dirtbags to run it (thinking John Avlon and Noah Shachtman), but they want Andy to know:

If you tell the truth about the terrorists we condition to destroy this country and kill its people, then we’ll not only ignore everyone threatening to kill you personally, but we’ll do our part to help kill you professionally, too.

That’s Andy Ngo’s entire life at this point. He’s a not-imposing Asian man (who happens to prefer the company of men) (not that that matters), and he’s been branded as the face of straight male white supremacy and someone who deserves to be terrorized and hurt — all because he tells the truth.

And still he stands tall.

He’s made that decision.

He’s a hero.

We have many.

Kyle Rittenhouse, anyone?

I’m comfortable calling him a hero. A few years ago I might have stuttered around it, but the terrorists were destroying our cities and the Racist Democrat Party in charge of those cities were letting it happen. We’re allowed to bear arms in this nation. We’re allowed to protect property. And we’re allowed to defend ourselves against violent aggressors.

They don’t want you to know any of that. They want you to cower in fear as the communist army (BLM/Antifa) destroy everything this nation once was.

By the way, did you hear that Trump was right, again? Remember when he said the communists would eventually tear down statues of Thomas Jefferson, and the media mocked him for it? Well he was right, and thankfully Mollie Hemingway back in 2020 already rounded up some of the media’s worst takes from when he made the claim. They’re still fun to laugh at.

I’ll tell you something else he was right about. He was right about the media being the enemy of the people. At the time he first launched that attack I tempered it a bit for myself, saying, “the media are the enemy of a united American people.”

I no longer feel compelled to temper the sentiment, and neither do a lot of people who a few years ago wouldn’t be caught dead signing on to something so expressly incendiary.

But we’ve all seen it. We’ve all lived it. And now there are very few of us left who doubt it.

A Racist Democrat terrorist just committed mass murder by using his car to slaughter grandmothers and children. He did it as payback after the media lied about the Rittenhouse trial, and our illegitimate and demented President said he was “concerned and angered” by the verdict. The Racist Democrat who did the slaughtering is an American who happens to be black named Darrell E. Brooks and, like so many others, he’s been made utterly hopeless and very close to soulless thanks to the segregation and enslavement the communists foment in this nation.

The propagandists in the corporate terrorist media, the racists in the Racist Democrat Party, the pansy wannabe fascists and communists in academia, the over-medicated and trembling virgin collective in big tech, the pedophiles in Hollywood, the drug addicts, women beaters, slave owners and deadbeat dads all across the sports entertainment world…they all have at least one thing in common:

They hate this country and anyone who loves it.

It’s why they tear the statues down. It’s why they burn the cities down. It’s why the most powerful institutions that we rely on to protect and shoot straight with us, all lie about all of it.

They’ve all been overrun by communists and they all need to be figuratively burned to the ground and then rebuilt with some integrity if we’re going to save this country.

The entire intelligence community needs to be deconstructed, top-down, and will be.

The entire education system in America is being reshaped as we speak, by parents who don’t want the Racist Democrat Party and its coalition of dirtbags and deadbeats in the teachers’ union to infect their children and families with racist trash and anti-science, psycho-sexual meddling.

As we retake power in 2022 and 2024, we’ll do things that will shock me. And I won’t bat an eye about it. I know this to be true. Don’t ask me how. I just know what I don’t know about a) how deep the rot is, b) how many people they’ve hurt so badly, and c) which threads to pull from positions of power that will hurt them the most as punishment for what they’ve done and to create assurances they won’t be able to again. I don’t know any of those things but I know the people we’re giving power to — every one of whom will be waving the America First and Drain The Swamp banners — I know they desperately want those answers, and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching them share real news about their findings over time.

What I do know is that the only people we’re letting in the door are people who care more about those three questions than anything else.

Right now I’m watching Occupy Democrats, arguably the most popular and mainstream Racist Democrat Party account on social media, claim that a Trump supporter — “emboldened by the Rittenhouse verdict” — just plowed through a bunch of peaceful protesters. There is actually video of the incident they’re describing, and it shows a driver very slowly break a protest line and speed off. Everyone there refused medical attention because nobody there needed it.

Real small event. Real stupid. But the most popular and mainstream social media account for the Racist Democrat Party is saying that a Trump supporter, emboldened by the Rittenhouse verdict, just “plowed into” a bunch of peaceful protesters.

I’ll the share the video in a second but wrap your head around the insanity here.

The corporate terrorist media is in the middle of burying a story about Darrell E. Brooks, a terrorist and Racist Democrat who, enraged by the Rittenhouse verdict (thanks to the media’s lies), decided to slaughter a bunch of elderly white women and children. That’s what he wanted to do with his day. He wanted to get in his car and drive it straight through a parade of white people so he could kill as many as possible. He wanted to kill these people because he was enraged over the media’s lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, and all the other lies they tell.

Darrell E. Brooks is exactly the casualty that the Racist Democrat Party and their terrorist allies in the media hope to create more of.

They just don’t want to talk about it when they do.

Anyway here’s the actual video of the event that their side is trying to exploit.


Meanwhile, here’s the actual video of Racist Democrat Terrorist Darrell E. Brooks purposefully slaughtering innocent Americans because the media taught him to hate this nation and especially white people.


Here’s a little more of the aftermath. Watch it. Watch what you created Jake Tapper, Lester Holt, Nicolle Wallace, and every idiot American who still buys the corporate terrorist media’s bullshit. Watch what one of your successfully segregated and enslaved casualties did, because of the lies you tell and nod along to.


They’ll cover up the truth while they and their communist allies on the left stoke brand new lies meant to create brand new division, destruction and pain.

We’re at the point where they could start kicking down our doors for what amounts to wrongthink. We’re at the point where I have no doubt the FBI has me on a list somewhere because of what I write. They see me as “a threat to democracy” because I exercise my free speech to raise questions about election integrity and to expose the left’s racism and fascism. That, in the eyes of our most powerful institutions — all of themmakes me a threat.

The healthcare community is looking for reasons not to treat me because I oppose vaccine mandates.

Corporate America is looking for reasons not to hire me because I reject their Racist Democrat Party woke culture bullshit.

Academia is busier than it’s ever been trying right this minute to manufacture studies about all of us that confirm a few things the media have been implying for years: a) we’re all hopeless, b) we’re all racist, c) we’re all a threat to democracy, and d) taking extreme measures to deal with us is a matter of both public health and national security. It’s pretty much all they’re doing in academia right now. It’s where all the focus of the intelligence community is, it’s where all the focus of the Racist Democrat Party is, it’s where much of the corporate terrorist media’s focus is. Academia’s only job in 2021 America is to make the rest of these Cultural Marxists and communists look like they’re telling the truth, so of course their entire focus is now on fabricating “studies” to “prove” the lies that the media has been telling their audiences all these years.

All of our most powerful institutions are looking for ways to cancel and/or destroy us, all for holding views and asserting speech — in America, mind you — that they don’t personally like or agree with.

That’s where we are.

And yes, I’m more than ready for the FBI to knock my door down and make up a bunch of lies about me and, frankly, for me to lose everything, and everyone, and have no recourse. There’s a very real chance that can happen in America today and I know this because we’re all watching it happen every day all around us. This is the ugliness that I knew would come, that we still must endure as we stand and pray on our way to November 2022.

We must not back down or be intimidated. Be ready to lose everything. Let them take everything. There’s nothing you have or that they can take from you today, that’s nearly as important as the future of freedom in this nation. And right now that freedom is under assault by a communist takeover that’s already infected our most powerful institutions.

They want to destroy everything, and anyone who opposes them. They want to literally burn our cities to the ground with impunity. They want to beat people to death and not be held accountable. They want to lie about every story happening in America to create propaganda that makes their audiences more obedient, scared and angry. They’ve weaponized and politicized every branch of government they can get their hands on, including many of those meant to hold people accountable for weaponizing and politicizing the government against its own citizens. They got caught doing all of this and they don’t care, and just keep doing more of it.

There are a couple of smart moves we can take to crush the media, and wreak havoc across the Racist Democrat Party’s base. To crush the media we need only for a caucus of our stronger-spirited elected GOP officials to call for a Republican boycott of the worst offenders, and to wreak havoc across the Democrat base we need only for our grassroots base to make “All Democrats Are Racist” start trending everywhere from social media to street art. Take “All Democrats Are Racist” out for a test spin and watch their heads start exploding. The vast majority of them have never even considered the reality that thanks to the media and rest, they’ve been taught to become racist. They’ve been taught to pity and/or fear brown skin. They’ve been taught that their white skin makes them superior simply by virtue of living in America, and that only by pitying brown skin can things level off. “Maybe. Someday.” This is what they’ve been taught. This is what they live with. And these beliefs are why they think they’re the “anti racists.”

But get “All Democrats Are Racist” trending nationally and watch them flail between stammering denials, accidentally proving it’s true on a national stage and daily basis, and shedding voters who had never been tagged with the label before but are now questioning everything after being wounded to the core by the accusation. We can salt the shit out of their dishonest “America is racist!” game by the telling the truth:

In 2021 America, all Democrats, witting, well-intended or not, are racist. 

As for crushing the media, they get their credibility by claiming to be the arbiters of truth for both sides. We all know that hasn’t been the case in decades. And we all stopped watching years ago. Did they stop telling lies? No. They spent four years pushing the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Not only did everyone in the corporate terrorist media know it was a lie, but they were the ones helping push and foment the most destructive and dishonest aspects of it. And then they got caught, and they don’t care. They just keep lying and terrorizing our nation with disinformation that’s meant only to make us dumber and angrier. You stopped watching and they already got caught telling lies, and neither of those things have made them change their terrorist-like behavior. So a good chunk of elected GOP need to call out the nine worst offenders, group them so they can’t circle the wagons to protect each other, and say they won’t talk to them or their affiliates until they atone for the terror they inflict on our nation with their flagrant bias and lies. It’s a perfectly healthy, honest, reasonable and I’d say necessary position to take at this point. Make those nine worst offenders the story by grouping them together and treating them as a single network promoting soft terror and deserving of nothing but scorn and retribution. (The nine are NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP.)

Those are a few things that I think we can do to go on offense in a serious, peaceful, inexpensive and effective way that will expedite our victory and mitigate so much of the pain they will otherwise continue inflicting on our nation. But years after first floating the ideas, I don’t think we’re gonna do either of those things. And so we wait and watch the ugliness, talk about it when we can find the words and organize our thoughts amid so much that they’re throwing at us, hold the line, and pray.

It’s a little easier when you have some of the people I mentioned to help keep you informed and inspired. And if anyone out there is alone and having a particularly hard time with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. Seriously. I don’t get a ton of reader feedback but my heart just breaks thinking about good patriots — grown men and women — who don’t have a lot of people, and maybe don’t have access to a lot of good information, and are watching this happen in bits and pieces without a lot of explanation or hope. My heart breaks for those Americans and I know there are millions of them. We all need to find each other and be good to each other. That will always be important to the patriots of this nation especially amid the levels at which we’re being bombarded, and made to feel marginalized and alone.

With that in mind, please don’t forget the January 6th defendants. I never push this type of stuff. We just have to step up and help each other a bit when we can and I think about those people and their families, they’ve lost everything, most did nothing wrong except get sucked into an FBI/media/Democrat plot to create a new domestic “war on terror,” and yet they sit there and languish, and if it weren’t for Julie Kelly, they’d be as forgotten as the American hostages who are still languishing in Afghanistan.

My God…the American hostages in Afghanistan.

It’s like they don’t even exist.

The crap the media and Democrats have been able to get away with is beyond astonishing.

There are literally American hostages in Afghanistan because Joe Biden is an idiot and Mark Milley couldn’t fight his fat ass out of a paper bag, and it’s completely scrubbed from the news and they’re left there just to be tortured and die.

I’m a committed Anti Communist who wants to figuratively burn everything they care about to the ground, and I don’t care who my friends are in that endeavor, and I don’t care what enemies I make. I love America, hate racism and reject fascism. I know that violence is never an acceptable response to speech, and that our most powerful institutions are trying to blur those lines so that it’s okay to violently attack me for mine. I know that our intelligence community has been completely overrun, including the rank and file, by wannabe communists who fabricate evidence and start fires they later want credit for extinguishing.

I know I and tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of other Americans are their eventual targets.

To the institutions targeting us I say, we see you, it’s not okay, and we will take you down with non-violence and within the constructs of the law. But we know you’ve been playing dirty and we will uncover and make you atone for that.

To everyone else, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I’m reading “The Devil & Karl Marx” right now. Everything the democrats are doing is straight out of Marx’s demonic ideology.


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