Racist Democrats Like Nicolle Wallace & Lester Holt Killed Those People In Waukesha, WI

The corporate legacy news media is responsible for the murders that happened at the Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI. The driver, Darrell E. Brooks, was reported to have been enraged over the Rittenhouse verdict, seeking to mow down as many happy white people as he could and he figured what better place than a town parade celebrating the birth of Jesus.

He may have been fleeing some other crime as well, but he was aiming for those people as he mowed them down. (I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the “He was fleeing another crime!” narrative was just an early attempt to explain away his hatred for America and its happy people. Kind of like the Las Vegas shooter. I have no doubt at this point that that asshole just wanted to shoot up as many Trump supporters as possible, but the FBI and media don’t want anyone to know the degree to which they’re radicalizing and enraging people, so they bury those stories instead of telling them honestly.)

In this case, Brooks’s social media posts are already revealing political interests that follow the corporate legacy news media’s lies. (Like here and here.)

It is truly disturbing the level at which the media are purposefully getting facts wrong around the Rittenhouse trial. All over the world, major media outlets are purposefully screwing up the facts to blur the entire story. 

They are either saying the people that Rittenhouse shot were black, or that Jacob Blake died, or that Rittenhouse (gasp!) brought the gun across state lines, or that it was an automatic rifle, or any number of other details they’re purposefully getting wrong.

It’s a full-on misinformation campaign designed to make sure nobody has the straight story or all of the facts right. Of course everyone who doesn’t get their information from the terrorists at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS or AP, well…we know the facts, and we know them very well.

And here’s the fact they really don’t want getting out: You are allowed to defend yourself and your family against the terrorists that they condition to wreak havoc in our streets and neighborhoods.

All of our most powerful institutions have been hijacked by Cultural Marxists, and they’ve all tried to convince us that it’s okay for leftists to riot, loot, steal and destroy. When they were doing it throughout the entire summer of 2020 and for a solid year before that just over Trump’s existence, the media told us that it was okay because “their rage is just and we must let them get it out of their system.” It’s dumb and racist, but that’s what the media said.

And that’s what academia said.

And that’s what the healthcare community said.

And that’s what a lot of shithole Democrat-run city government officials said.

They want us all to believe that it’s okay for leftists to riot, loot, destroy property and attack people, but that it’s not okay for anyone to fight back or be upset about it. They want us to believe that all of the left’s rage is just and they should be allowed to go destroy our cities whenever they want because “they’re just acting out their aggression over real injustice and unfairness.”

It’s bullshit. And Kyle Rittenhouse was right to go out and help defend a community that the government and law enforcement were no longer able to thanks to the Racist Democrat Party’s policies and beliefs.

You are allowed to defend yourself.

And you are not allowed to go out and riot, loot, destroy property and attack people if you don’t like the way things are going. You’re not allowed to, and neither is the left.

But the left will continue to do so with impunity until we root out all the Cultural Marxism that is rotting our powerful institutions. This is one of the reasons I no longer call myself a Republican or even a conservatarian.

I am now a full-throated Anti Communist.

I see clearly the Cultural Marxism that is rotting out all of our most powerful institutions, and I see anybody that is okay with it as an enemy. They are communists. I hate them and want to destroy everything they care about. I don’t care who my bedfellows are in this endeavor. I don’t care who becomes an enemy as a result. All I care about is destroying the communists who have taken over our most powerful institutions, rooting out the Cultural Marxism they’ve infected our nation with, and putting us back on a steady course for peace, prosperity, equality, justice, and global dominance. 

As we careen toward a conclusion to the decreasingly-cold Civil War that’s been going on in this nation for decades now, the battles happening around us are becoming more clear. And if it were a Trump supporter or anybody that they could even remotely claim identified with the America First movement, the news out of Waukesha would stay in the headlines until after the 2022 mid terms. The nation would intimately know every family member of every victim, and everything about the driver would be household knowledge within a few days.

But because the driver was a racist Democrat who was doing exactly what the media told him to and feeling exactly what the media wanted him to feel, it will fade from the headlines in days. It won’t really be considered a big deal. The media will look at the lives lost and destroyed with the same callous disregard that the driver did. They will feign tears briefly but they’re already trying to get this story out of the headlines because the killer is someone the media trained and conditioned to hate this country and its good people as much as he does.

They are creating as many Racist Democrat Darrells as possible and when those Racist Democrat Darrells do something that makes national news, they’re doing everything they can to bury the story and make sure nobody knows it was one of their most effectively segregated and enslaved acolytes who mowed those people down.

No, Darrell E. Brooks likely wasn’t a serious political activist for the Racist Democrat Party. He’s just one of the many casualties that they created in order to destroy the segregated-by-design black community and thus better control black people amid the very real pain, failure and hopelessness Democrats create for them en masse.

Darrell E. Brooks is the soulless casualty that the media built on purpose to help destroy this nation and turn it into a communist shithole. And now that he’s in the news they’re really hoping nobody finds out.

Never forget, and do everything you can to make sure nobody else does, either.

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