The Urgent Utility Of ‘All Democrats Are Racist’

I’ve had a handful of decent ideas over the years with respect to strategic communications that could move the needle in glacial ways.

None have been meaningfully embraced by those with the power to effectively do so, but I’ve many times seen what I called for and/or predicted find a way even if it wasn’t the one I carved out.

The things I’ve cared most about over the years “find a way” to bubble up because they’re the things that matter the most, are the most plainly available to fix, and also most immediate to our detriment because they were ignored for too long.

Things like media bias that operates so powerfully and pervasively that it can best be described as terrorism, the fascism that’s permeating academia and corporate America (to include their Big Tech virgin collective), the corruption permeating the intelligence community, and the stupidity permeating the no-longer-funny-or-entertaining entertainment industry…

…it’s all important and it all deserves exposition, indictment, prosecution and eventual persecution.

But all of it, also, and collectively, pales in comparison to this very real reality…

Witting, well-intended or not, in 2021 America — All Democrats Are Racist.

Some fear people with brown skin.

Some pity people with brown skin.

None see people with brown skin as equal, and so none believe anyone else possibly could, and thus all project their own racism onto the rest of the world while simultaneously claiming that they’re the most useful arbiters in combating that racism.

What most liberals today describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own.

They’re convinced what they’re doing is good and just.

They’re convinced that you are the bad person for not embracing their racist-only perspective of the world around them.

And in order to prove that you’re the bad person, they’re happy to partner with all of the most powerful and nakedly corrupt institutions in order to destroy you, and your family, for daring to deny their broad superiority.

You either join, you submit, or you die.

And in order to join or submit, you must accept their spectacularly racist premises, the first of which is this: all brown people are oppressed because all white people oppress them.

(It should go without saying but still too often doesn’t: all brown people aren’t anything except for brown, and all white people aren’t anything except for white, and anyone who suggests otherwise is promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking. And therein lies the most centrally destructive component to CRT/DEI.)

If you accept their premise, you’re in.

If you reject it, you’re a racist who deserves to have your livelihood stripped and everyone around you suffer.

And up until a few short months ago, it really felt like theirs was the America we were living in.

I mean, even today, people are being cancelled by dirtbag leftists who cry “RACISM!” the second someone dissents from their views. Just look at the Rittenhouse trial, for example. It’s a white patriot who killed two white terrorists in self-defense, and the media have half the nation thinking he killed a bunch of black people but will get away with it because, while it shouldn’t, “self-defense” is still a critically useful tool in the white supremacist’s arsenal.

It’s ridiculous but it works on a decent chunk of the population who still buy their bullshit.

So it’s time we take the trash out and I can’t think of a single good reason to waste time or mince words.

They’ve said it about us dishonestly for decades.

Oh, you’re a Republican? Well that means you’re a racist. I mean, I understand you don’t think you’re a racist. I understand you’ll deny that you’re a racist, because you probably don’t know you actually are one. But you are! You’re a racist. And that you don’t know it only reinforces how obviously true it is.

They pulled that bullshit on us for decades and we let them because that’s how not racist we are and how frozen we were by the false accusation.

Meanwhile, these fucking assholes are out there doing everything they can to metaphorically segregate and enslave brown people, while teaching their lily-white foot soldiers to pity and/or fear every person who has brown skin, and to hate any person of any race who fails to embrace their regressive and destructive insistences.

And now their grassroots warriors all legitimately believe that they’re out there doing something meaningful and important.

They legitimately believe that black and brown people can’t possibly survive without their pity, and that “racists like you” are the reason why.

We have to start calling them out for it. We have to use plain language. We have to tell the truth.

Let them laugh out loud when “All Democrats Are Racist” makes its first big league appearance somewhere.

Let them chortle at each other while trying to swat it away, assuring themselves, like they do everything else, that they’re far too powerful for a narrative to ever get away from them.

But then let it sit there.

Let “All Democrats Are Racist” just sit there somewhere and quietly await its next utility.

Because it’ll come fast.

The Racist Democrat Party shows us their racism, on full display, literally every single day.

There isn’t a single hour in the day, any day of the week, during which the corporate legacy news media isn’t promoting the Racist Democrat Party’s commitments to American division, disparity and destruction.

It’s all they do.

And it’s easy as hell to expose if we lay the right groundwork and have it waiting.

We, the Republican Party, are responsible for every meaningful civil rights push in our nation’s history.

We do it predicated on the power of our numbers, the courage of our conviction, the faith in our non-violence, and the will to do what’s right even in the face of pain and adversity.

We’ve done it throughout our nation’s history and the American moment has clearly come to do it again.

We should be counting our stars there’s still time, given our decades of apathy versus theirs of efficacy.

But we have to speak plainly, and clearly, and honestly.

And in 2021 America, if you want to win this fight, and put them on defense, and expose the truth, and right the ship in a historical way that has massive impacts the world over, then start by saying the words that some of you have long known, and millions more are waking up to every day: All Democrats Are Racist.

Say the words, and let the truth do its job.

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  1. Well said. I have always, at least the last 30 years, believed that Democrats are closeted racists. Look no further than the 1930s-60s deep south and the KKK, which was started by Democrats. To Kill A Mockingbird is now banned from schools because it is considered a racist book. Lee used the N-word a few times, but that was Alabama in the late 30s, and she wrote it as it was. I’m conservative, 72 years old, a Texan, and I guess I am a racist if you believe the bs being put on the television.


  2. I prefer to use the term Propaganda Media Mill as opposed to Corporate Legacy News Media.

    They don’t report news most of the times these days. So let’s call what they really are.


  3. Very well said sir. Here’s an article I wrote on the Rittenhouse trial and the massive lies by the media.
    Media LIES Cause Mayhem, Riots, Murder, and BILLIONS in Property Damage across the United States » Texas Handgun Association
    November 15, 2021 The wrong “person” is on trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I use the term “person” because the MEDIA are the ones that largely caused this incident in the first place. When doing an investigation to determine probative CAUSE you always want to research back to see exactly what sequence of events caused this […]

    Wallace Dunn




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