American Terrorists In The Corporate Legacy News Media Have Broken Our National Trust

I’m a much different person than I was two years ago.

Two years ago I’d already ceded the left’s likely casualties, most of whom were more committed than anyone else to leftist causes. But I wasn’t completely jaded to all liberals and Democrats, the way I am now. The sole exceptions are those I’ve known personally and loved over the years, and even that list is getting smaller and smaller.

I just don’t trust them.

There is an unhinged liberal mob that permeates our nation, thanks entirely to the terrorist network of corporate legacy news media outlets who fuel that mob with lies: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP all ran as fast, long and hard as they could with every one of these stories…

  • Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election
  • Trump said “all Mexicans are rapists”
  • Trump said he thinks some Nazis are “very fine people”
  • Trump told Lester Holt he “fired Comey to end the Russia investigation”
  • Lockdowns and masks are really useful
  • A virus that currently boasts a 99% survival rate means you and your children must comply or be canceled

All lies, and all the genesis for all the rest of their coverage.

Of course that’s not even close to comprehensive. Andrew Sullivan put together his own list recently…

And my God the shit that’s coming out now, while they’re in power no less. It’s pretty much exactly what I expected, absent their meddling. It’s their meddling that I’m still worried about, mostly by way of the coming supply chain and inflation crises that I absolutely believe are being coordinated by Communist China and Communist America (aka the Racist Democrat Party). Why wouldn’t I believe it?

What have they shown us that suggests there is a low they won’t go?

Just look at what they did with covid!

And far less destructive and evil than what they did with covid, but still of note, we now know for an absolute fact that the entire “Russia investigation” was every bit the foul play we said it was, orchestrated entirely by partnerships between the Racist Democrat Party, the dirty FBI, and the terrorists in the corporate legacy news media.

The entire thing can and would have blown to bits in its infancy if we had anything close to an honest media. But we don’t. So instead of exposing the lies that most of us knew years ago, they continued peddling them even harder while calling us Russian agents.

They gave themselves awards for the fraud they perpetrated on our people, institutions and government!

And now that the truth is all coming out, they’re hardly batting a fucking eye.

They’re not, in fact. At all.

They’re instead right now committed to making the country believe that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist who crossed state lines with an automatic weapon to murder black people, and that a basically all-white jury is about to let him off because Donald Trump is still a free man and his supporters are still allowed to exist.

Say whatever you want but all I watch/listen to almost all day is MSNBC and CNN, and that’s exactly the message that’s being woven around this massively-hyped “story.”

On covid they’re fledgling but my God are they indifferent to the evolving science, constant humiliations of the CDC, dangerous goings-on at the FDA (career officials retiring over reported White House pressure to speed things up), and massive destruction being caused by the vaccine mandates. For a few weeks straight all you’d hear is every anchor and guest excitedly reporting:

“Finally some good news! The reports are coming in and folks, parents I know you’re going to be happy, as it turns out, mandates work!”

It’s absolutely disgusting. The heavy-handed propagandizing literally makes me sick to my stomach. They’re forcing families to choose between getting relatively experimental medicine they neither need nor want, or starve. And when that tactic gets them at least some results, they stand up and cheer and brag about it. And they tell you, if you’re a parent (of course), that you too should be very excited about it.

Because what parent isn’t glued to the media’s insane pursuit for “zero covid?!”

“I mean I’m not sure she’s really at risk. And I’m pretty sure she already had covid and now has antibody blueprints as deep as her marrow that will provide a defense architecture for the rest of her life. But, I mean if Stephanie Ruhle, Alysin Camerota and Hoda whateverthefuck her name is are excited, then yeah…c’mon, 6-year-old child, and let’s go pump you with this so we can fit in! And then probably again every 6 months for the rest of your life or until you age out of my psychoses.”

There are parents out there talking themselves into this through that exact conversation.

And that’s the America the media want to create for all of us.

When you see right through it, it’s ghastly.

It’s terrorism.

Shortly after that “reporting” came the next uniform manipulation:

“Finally some good news! Vaccines have been approved for kids 5-11! We just know how thrilled all of you parents are to run right out and schedule the first of your child’s twice annual covid vaccine shot! Here’s Pfizer’s Scott Gottlieb to tell us more about why this is so safe and important and normal!”

Literally everything the corporate legacy news media says and does is a lie designed to divide and destroy this nation.

They are terrorists.

And the few Americans who still believe their hype, are dangerous.

That’s how I view them.

Again, there are a few exceptions I’m able to make in my personal life.

But outside of that, I legitimately fear anyone who still buys the media’s narratives, and my guard is now perpetually up to keep them as far away as possible. America hasn’t been free in a very long time. They’ve slowly taken over all the most powerful institutions, and they’ve chilled our speech to the point that, for anyone who doesn’t toe the media’s lie, it’s frozen.

The left’s entire war posture for the last several decades has been to re-shape America into something far more racist, fascist and communist, and to destroy anyone who gets in the way.

They absolutely hate independence and individual liberty, and so they attack the nuclear family which in America is the greatest foundation for both. They desperately want everyone to believe that abortions are the most important step a young girl can take in order to become a woman, and also that the word “woman” is offensive and something like “bodies with vaginas” would be far better.

“Bodies with vaginas” is an actual quote from the fucking Lancet, alleged to be the most prominent academic medicine publication on the planet. They retracted or apologized of whatever, but that’s where these fucking people think and live right now.

The Biden Administration just named a transgender female (which means born a man but lives as a woman) to some high-level position, bragging that…I hope you’re sitting down…bragging that they just broke a few records by assigning the first transgender person to this position, and the first woman.

I mean the first “body with a vagina.”

Laugh it up. Cringe. But don’t look away. This is the stuff we must confront head on, just like parents at school boards reading aloud the material from the middle school libraries about little boys “sucking cock” and all the other colorful trash they desperately want to impose on our kids.

They desperately insist that CRT isn’t taught in schools while the teachers are out there bragging about how important it is and how committed they are to keep teaching it.

Lies. Racism. Fascism. Terrorism. Communism.

The lengths they’re going on January 6th remain absolutely inconceivable in a just nation. It was a few hundred idiots and now, frankly, most of us believe the FBI had a lot more to do with it than Trump or anyone around him. I need to know more about this Ray Epps asshole and I need to know now. He’s some 60ish year old dude who was caught on video all over the place telling people they “need to go in to the Capitol!” Then, where the first major breach happened, you see him again whispering to the first guy who caused the first breach. Then Epps was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list until the internet figured out who he was. And told the FBI. Then Epps came off the FBI’s Most Wanted list and nobody’s said a fucking word about him since except for us.

So who is this guy? And why have so many Capitol officers killed themselves. We’re up to four, I think? THAT’S FUCKING WEIRD. Nobody talks about it. What happened in the tunnels? Were they instructed to brutally beat people to death, like Rosanne Boyland? A BLM protester who doubles as a Capitol cop shot and killed an unarmed woman. I wrote months ago that she shouldn’t have been there and that’s the risk you run when a cop with a gun says “STOP!” But, apparently, this asshole didn’t say anything. He just crept out, shot her, then fucking ran away. In this climate of “All Cops Are Bastards” (the BLM/Antifa tag line: ACAB), and media hysteria over police shootings, if you’re a military veteran, unarmed, female, and a Trump supporter doing the same thing you watched the left spend years doing, then you deserve to die. And to be shamed, in your death, along with your family and friends.

That’s what they’re going with for poor Ashli Babbitt, a woman and name I increasingly believe to be a martyr for our cause — much like all the political prisoners being kept in solitary confinement without due process or any meaningful representation. The January 6th defendants in DC jails are largely poor. Their families have been destroyed. Many have done what the public defenders suggested and engaged in “re-education” style deprogramming. Their families, friends, and entire networks of personal and professional communities have been met with the same ostracization, intimidation, persecution and terror.

This is happening right now, today, in America, and the one person to follow if you care is Julie Kelly.

There is just so much utter insanity and ugliness happening right now. And many on their side will lament that “there are two realities in America.” I reject that characterization. There is one reality in America, and that’s the terrorists in the corporate legacy news media doing everything they can to convince you otherwise.

All they’ve done on every story, major and minor, for the past 5 years, is lie. All of those lies go in the same direction. All of those lies chew up the entire news cycle for days, weeks, months or years at a time.

Years, on lies.

They never fess up to the lies and if they do, the damage is already done and it doesn’t matter. They keep lying. They find new things to lie about. They thank and reward themselves for it. They claim that all who reject their lies are conspiracy theorists, Russian agents, science deniers, anti-vaxxers, “threats to democracy,” white supremacists or any other number of lies.

This is literally all they do anymore.

So why wouldn’t they punish our nation some more with a manufactured supply chain crisis, helped along with soaring inflation? You can picture it, can’t you? Nearly empty shelves, everything is 1000% more expensive, everyone is at each others’ throats desperately trying to get whatever they can and the entire first responder core is badly depleted thanks to the vaccine mandates.

The entire nation will become a desperate and violent hellscape, and that’s a beautiful sight to people who hate this nation, like the Racist Democrat Party.

And what a time to deliver more “equity” when the only food left is the cheese they’re providing based on race, sexual orientation, and then everyone else.

Yes, I absolutely can and I’ll confess do see them drumming up that exact scenario. I believe it because they’ve given me no reason to think they wouldn’t go that far, the media has given me no reason to believe they’d report on it honestly, and the rest of the supposedly independent government levers and institutions have given me no reason to believe they’ll get in the way.

The only thing there to stop them is We The People.

We took our party back from the establishment in 2016 and elected someone who got impeached, twice, for the crime of trying to drain the swamp.

Direct hit.

Then they drummed up covid and all of its opportunities for punishing our nation and rigging the 2020 election, pulled it off, and thought they’d run the table with their newfound power.

No such luck.

Everything I’d predicted has come true. They’ve fallen flat on their faces with humiliation after humiliation because they didn’t have the actual mandate that goes with a real, organic win. It wasn’t there. They cheated their way to the top after a shit load of terrorism foist on our nation with help from the media, intelligence community and corporate America — and they thought their work was done. But they were paper champions with no real coalition or direction, and certainly no mandate. Moreover they had just finished lying, cheating and stealing, and we weren’t about to let them get away with it. And so despite licking our wounds and losing so much faith in the systems around us, we emerged again ready to continue fighting. Some of us, sooner than others. But our movement remains, just like I said it would, with the same message and the same messengers. Theirs, on the other hand, is and has been entirely fucked from the start.

Yes Trump won basically every electoral bellwether in 2020 but here’s another observational one…

When someone legitimately loses an election, they’re inclined to regroup and take some stock in that. And when someone legitimately wins an election, they’re going to have some momentum with which to govern. Well as I wrote I think back on January 8th (!), the America First movement is still the most powerful political force on the planet. And meanwhile, the Racist Democrat Party is in utter disarray trying to run from their racism while also being held hostage to it. (Rumor has it they want Pete to leapfrog Kamala for the 2024 nomination, and guys like Roland Martin are out there promising that black women will revolt if they do that haha.)

Yes. I said “Haha!” I laugh at the pain and failure they’ve created and ensured for themselves.

Jesse Kelly recently wrote that he’s not a Republican, he’s an Anti-Communist.

I like that. A lot. I like a lot of what Jesse says, and how he thinks. (And his burger really is the best in the world.) He doesn’t suffer these fools at all. He’s in total command of his life and even if they took everything from him, I believe he’d still find a way to survive and be a meaningful voice in this fight.

Folks we’ve been bullied, abused, lied to and about, marginalized, had our rights stripped, were told to shut up and take it…they weren’t “on the brink” of teaching every child in the country that America is an inherently racist and evil nation where all black people are oppressed because all white people oppress them: they were in the middle of doing it!

In Biden’s recent and lengthy meeting with China’s Xi, covid apparently didn’t even come up.

They’re still destroying our nation over this fucking virus but the nation that manufactured it in a lab and then covered it up and disappeared scientists who talked about it, isn’t all that important to them.

Hunter Biden’s laptop: REAL.

The rock-solid evidence on it that shows how badly compromised his demented father is: REAL.

Ashley Biden’s diary purporting “probably inappropriate” showers with her father and beating herself to the incessant sounds of Joe and Jill having sex: REAL.

Natural immunity to covid being exponentially safer and more effective than the 6-month Pfizer and Moderna shots: REAL.

Joe Biden literally shitting himself during his visit to the Pope (who is fallible, by the way): RUMOR.

BUT, Joe Biden farting so long and loud that the Duchess of Cornwall can’t stop talking about it: REAL.

So much real, salacious, humiliating garbage and it’s still just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s so much evil and rot all around these people, and so much commitment to their lies and hatred for anyone who sees the truth, that I legitimately consider all of their acolytes to be threats to my personal safety and security.

I don’t want to be friends with them. I don’t want to find common ground. I don’t know exactly how many of them there are, but I have a strong feeling over the next few years, if the powers-that-be don’t pull off a “This changes everything!” crisis like the supply chain/inflation/worker shortage fears I mentioned, then I have a feeling over the next few years there are going to be a lot fewer of those liberals. There are going to be a lot fewer of those yard signs suggesting that they’re special because they “believe in science.” They’re going to slowly disappear like Homer Simpson into the bushes.

That’s my hope at least. The foundation for all of their hatred, anxiety, racism, fascism and sprint toward communism was built on lies. The primary source of those lies were the terrorists in the corporate legacy news media who couldn’t stop lying, and defending those lies, and rewarding themselves for it, and putting targets on the backs of any American who interfered with the lies, and then failing to hold themselves accountable when caught in the lies because they were too busy drumming up new lies with which to terrorize our nation some more. All of their beliefs about you being evil, or America being racist, or “science” being a political weapon…their hypochondria over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate…their insistence that America is the only nation on earth established through war/force…their racist belief that black and brown people simply can’t make it without their help…everything they believe and have been told was built on lies, and those lies came from so many of the most important and once-credible institutions we have.

They’re going to be humiliated as they realize, contrary to the media’s claims, that the America they’ve been led to believe is real, was a sham. The real America isn’t racist or hateful or violent. You’ll get plenty of that in shitty-run Democrat cities but, you know what? Fuck those shitty-run Democrat cities. If you want to vote for Democrats for generations and watch your cities burn to the ground and crumble, that’s on you. We have no love or sympathy for those cities anymore. We are abandoning them in droves and increasingly the states that proudly enable them. We prefer MAGA country where all kinds of people have all kinds of views but everyone is safe and live their lives in peace. Granted, as my brilliant mother thankfully impressed upon me: “People make places. Places don’t make people.” (It was a lot like one of Dennis Prager’s pearls: “There is no ‘way to’ happiness. Rather, happiness itself is the way.”) So if you’re stuck in one of those shitty-run Democrat cities, do what you have to do to make the best of it. But John Nolte wrote about this the other day and I really liked that, too. I’m just over it.

Cry me a river, New York City.

Cry me a river, Chicago.

Cry me a river, San Francisco.

Let these cities burn and pray for anyone still in them who knew better but were unable to get out.

And as usual I mean all of this metaphorically because I remain proud of our collective restraint, and committed entirely to our proud legacy of non-violent civil rights activism. I said long ago that our restraint in the face of all they’ve done is a reflection not of our weakness, but of our strength. (I also said their bad behavior is a reflection not of their strength, but of their weakness.) And I still believe that. And we’re seeing it as we take over school boards, and win elections, and get better at exposing the Racist Democrat Party for what they are and always have been. Never once in the party’s history have they derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making. Today is no different and CRT/DEI will go on their wall of shame right next to slavery, eugenics and segregation. We’re all living in the middle of this so it’s hard to sense just how powerful this moment is, but I’ve known my whole life that something was very off about the way the supposedly “anti racist” left treated people, and now the whole world is seeing it, too. It’s not about “teaching history.” It’s about indoctrinating kids to become political activists who hate this nation and see the world only through race-colored lenses. That’s what they’re trying to do and they’ve convinced a large swath teachers to eagerly embrace their bigoted, divisive, soul-crushing propaganda.

We see it now. It’s being exposed. They’re trying desperately to run from it in utterly pathetic ways, from denying it to insisting upon it to delving into laughable word games about what it is or isn’t.

We all know what it is.

It’s the Racist Democrat Party doing what they’ve always done: dividing people by race on the grounds that it’s the morally-just and progressive thing to do, leaving only destruction in their wake and horrifically-begotten power in their coffers.

Also if someone threatens you with great bodily harm, and that person is a terrorist representing BLM or Antifa, then you are allowed to defend yourself. I know the media want us all to believe that’s no longer the case, but as I button this piece up, I figured that’d be a good reminder also. Because it’s true.

Despite what the terrorists in the corporate legacy news media want you to believe, in America, you are still allowed to defend yourself even if your attackers are leftists.

Good to know, and I would guess very useful for a lot of the coming progress and unity I think our nation will get, absent the media and Democrats successfully turning us into a third world hellhole before we even get another shot at the polls.

Will they? Won’t they? We’ll find out. But if things remain free and fair in 2022 and 2024, then the very real reckoning is afoot and the Racist Democrat Party — along with its many powerful enablers — will earn their fourth consecutive shameful spot in history as the worst racists doing the most damage while weaponizing powerful institutions to support them.

What a time to be alive.

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