Education’s Biggest Problem Is Lousy Parents But After That It’s Racist Democrat Public School Teachers

The arguments that we’re hearing about CRT and education these days are hilarious.

It started with semantic gamesmanship around critical race theory, and the desperately laughable insistence by media and Democrats that it’s not being taught in schools.

Now they’re pivoting to, “No no no. What really has parents mad is that they’ve had to home school their kids for 18 months!”

And don’t get me wrong, that’s terrible. I’ve written about it exhaustively and my greatest lament throughout this whole thing is our having let them stunt the development of literally every child in the country in ways we can’t possibly understand or quantify until long after they’ve become adults. Nothing they’ve done with this pandemic has been more evil than what they’ve done to our children with the lockdowns, masks, unnecessary/experimental vaccines, and everything else.

But that’s not what the most prominent and powerful conversations today are about.

The education conversation today very much is about racism. And we must not let them pivot away from that. Because in a third and final pathetic attempt at doing so, they also claim:

“We just want to be able to teach about slavery, and history. Why won’t you let us teach about slavery!?”

That’s their most general and pathetic retort on a lot of this stuff.

Well I’m 44 and remember lessons vividly from my public school education in the eighties, including the drawings of the slave ships and the bodies lined up and stacked in them, and it made every fiber of my being tremble with terror and anger about the treatment of those human beings.

We learned about it.

The problem today is that teachers will teach that part, and then fast forward to the present while implying the only real difference is that we don’t use chains anymore.

We all know they’re out there.

And the ones who aren’t that extreme still suggest that all white kids are privileged and all black kids are victims.

Well, I’ve got news for you: that’s racist.

When a child not yet corrupted by the Racist Democrat Party sees somebody with different skin color they think, “That person is just like me except they have different skin color.” And that’s the right answer. We’re all the same on the inside and it’s a nakedly racist affront to progress and unity that so many public school teachers so proudly teach otherwise, insisting instead that these poor children be laser focused on race at all times, treating themselves and others different based on that alone.

The vast majority of public school teachers teach about slavery, and then apply those lessons to how kids should act today. They claim that because slavery happened so “recently,” we are all still suffering or benefiting because of it and it’s up to us as individuals to atone for that as a nation.

That’s not teaching history.

It’s political activist indoctrination and training in service to a Racist Democrat Party that never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making.

All black kids aren’t anything except for black. All white kids aren’t anything except for white. And anyone who says otherwise, like the vast majority of public school teachers in 2021 America, is promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking.

Because they thrive off of division and pain, Democrats and the left are using the classrooms to make every child in America a racist.

That’s the problem and however hard the media and rest of the Racist Democrat Party casually and willfully lie about it — claiming they’re “just teaching slavery” or “it’s not technically ‘CRT'” or “This is just anger about the pandemic” —  parents around America have become aware, and they’re not going to let what’s become our wannabe communist public schools and teachers turn our kids into America hating racists.

The gig is up. The adults are back in the room. And all the lying and deceit — even with help from the terrorists at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NPR, PBS and AP — can’t stop the America First movement from draining the swamp out of our classrooms and children’s lives.

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