Speaking Truth To Power: The American Media Have Become Terrorists

Look at what they’ve done to our country.

Look at what they’re trying to do.

The media, Democrats and their communist pals in China are colluding to make America a third world with empty shelves and angry, entitled workers spitting on customers for merely existing.

They want our entire nation desperate and divided, bowled over by constantly-emerging fears they tell us about, and entirely dependent on the government for a false sense of security amid a crisis they manufactured.

Sound familiar?

They’re hoping our nation will be in such a state of disarray, and will look and feel so insecure with the help of the media, that they’ll be able to “justify” again controlling the flow of ballots for the upcoming elections.

I’m listening to them all over the news these last few days talk about the supply chain / inflation / worker shortage the same way they talked about “15 days to slow the spread” and similar warm-ups. All the experts are on confidently insisting that it might seem dire but if we just listen to them and do what they say, everything will turn out fine.

“It’ll just be a few months. It’s nobody’s fault, really. This is because of covid. It’ll all be fine. Just a few months, a few items, don’t worry about it.”

Friends, that’s not what is coming. We’re all already seeing that and have been for months. Something much worse is coming and because they and their corrupt friends in the unions control so much of this, it’ll be hard as nails to force their hands or make them stop calling themselves “HEROES!” for working at a snail’s pace against an already-stacked deck designed to make sure the masses suffer and attack each other.

And the media can’t wait to do their part to help stoke the fear, anger, division and destruction.

It doesn’t matter what the corrupt and dishonest plan ends up being: Trump+Russia collusion hoax, Trump+Ukraine collusion hoax, weaponization of covid, absolution of Biden Crime Family to include book-burning, the ongoing hostage crisis in Afghanistan, masks, school closures, rapes in bathrooms at Loudoun County Schools under liberal government and school board “leadership,” to name a few. They lie hard about it all.

The terrorists in the corporate legacy news media not only failed to indict those who burned the books, but they actually poured gas on the flames and celebrated the smoldering pile of ash they created. They started with the Hunter Biden laptop story that factually indicted Joe Biden as being severely compromised by our most threatening adversaries, and now they can’t stop doing it. On everything from covid studies they don’t like to real news about racism being taught in our schools, if the corporate legacy news media in America don’t like it, then they and their allies in big tech just start burning all the books written about it.

We’re watching it all happen. On their side, they call it “living in two different realities.” But there’s only one reality and that a solid 20-30% of our nation has no idea what that reality is, falls directly on the media who work hard to misinform and divide us.

The fact is NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS and AP are a united network of information terrorists.

We must talk about and non-violently treat them that way.

Most importantly, we need our elected republicans to start treating every one of these outlets like the terrorist organizations they are.

I’m not suggesting we turn the power of the government itself against them. I’m suggesting, as I have for several years now, that our most powerful elected Republicans ice out the media’s worst offenders on the grounds that their lies spread terror, thus putting them on defense while stripping their credibility to tell the story as a news organization.

If they are the central part of the story, then they can’t be trusted to report on it. And if we ensnare all of the worst offenders in that same story, then they can’t circle the wagons to protect each other.

They are terrorists, a softer variety than we traditionally talk about, but every bit as untrustworthy and dedicated to exacerbating our pain and destruction. All they do all day long is lie to us in order to divide our nation and amass more power for the elites from whom they seek their rewards. They all read from the same script and every story they’ve told for years now has been fake news designed only to weaken us and empower them.

The corporate legacy news media in America — NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT, AP — is a terrorist organization, and it’s time people of good faith start speaking that truth to power.

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