The American Terrorists In Our Corporate Legacy News Media Now Control ‘The Power Of The Presidency’

As the days tick on and the media slowly bob and weave through this disastrous time in American history, one thing remains constant: the corporate legacy news media characterize Sleepy Joe at every turn as someone who is in charge, should be respected, deserves to be heard, and was elected by people who want good things for this country.

It’s the power of the presidency.

It exists because the office itself exists and, under natural conditions, ebbs and flows accordingly.

But because the corporate legacy news media now control the national conversation and narratives attached to it, they alone now wield the power of the presidency.

NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS and AP are able to seed or sully that power based on nothing more than their own dishonesty, corruption and partisanship.

Just by talking about him with the respect and courtesy they do, Sleepy Joe is elevated to a place of great import and reverence in the minds of the public. He’s lifted up as a sacred figure with fantastic powers who is quietly leading us all to a better and happier place. It’s not his fault that there are so many bad people who want to get in his way. He’s a kind and generous man so there’s only so much he’s willing to do to thwart them, but you should be very upset because they are getting in the way of all the wonderful things he wants to do. And that he was elected to do, by the way.

That’s the narrative and that’s the construction, and it happens on every issue around every turn.

The power of the presidency no longer belongs to the president or the people. It belongs to the corporate legacy news media because they have the power to decide what our nation talks about, how those conversations get framed, what gets added to them, what doesn’t, what’s important, who matters, who doesn’t, when the story is no longer worth talking about and why.

The corporate legacy news media make every one of those decisions for our entire country, and every single time the stories and narratives have nothing to do with “the news,” and everything to do with weaponizing the flow of information in support of the left and to the detriment of the right.

The “power of the presidency” has been subjugated entirely by a disgraced, dishonest and corrupt corporate legacy news media that behave like terrorists committed to destroying our nation with disinformation and division.

The presidents they support are bad for America and put our nation last.

The presidents they diminish are good for America and put our nation first.

There is a way to stop the corporate legacy news media and we recently got a master class in doing so from Nevada Senate candidate Adam Paul Lexalt. More aspiring and elected GOP officials should summon the courage to fight back this way on behalf of their supporters, this country, and the free world around us which is now in jeopardy thanks in no small part to the corporate legacy news media that we let terrorize us and our nation in these ways.

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One comment

  1. I prefer propaganda media mill to corporate legacy news media. Calling them news media only gives them the shade of legitimacy. Calling them for what they really hurts their little feelings.


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