WARNING: If They’re Building A Third World USA So You’ll React Like Third World Slaves, DON’T DO IT!

I’ve long admired the preppers. I don’t envy the conspiratorial angst around every corner but, a poorly-accomplished Boy Scout myself, I’ve still always prioritized preparedness in just about every aspect of my life.

Or so I’d led myself to believe.

The truth is, where it matters most, I’m prepared for nothing.

I’m 100% dependent on a digital existence. I don’t even have a radio that operates just with an antenna even though I’ve told myself for the last decade it would probably be a good idea to have one. (In fact, I don’t even know what they’re called. I still call them “radios with antennas.”)

I don’t know why exactly that urge has been there. I just know instinctively, like a lot of people I guess, that it’s not good to be so dependent on one thing that they can just pull the plug on. And when everything in your life that you rely on for communications is connected to the internet, it makes you pretty vulnerable and dependent.

At any rate, it’s starting to look a lot like there are some really rough waters coming for America. We’ve all watched the utter collapse of customer service in retail, thanks to the destruction caused by the covid hysterics’ lockdowns etc. You can no longer find Walmart or Target employees who don’t hate their lives second only to yours. They’re fine with each other for the most part, because they’re the heroes. But you, the jerkface customers who may or may not be “threatening their lives” with covid, you’re nothing but a nuisance and I can count on one hand the people I’ve met in retail over the last year who are exceptions to that new rule. 

The service aspect has completely collapsed but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve also heard and now seen a ton about inflation. I can’t believe the price of beef these days. My son’s favorite meal is “hot taco” and honestly he gets it less often because red meat is too expensive. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve noticed over the years that the really high quality stuff obviously costs more, but I never looked at just some regular old 85% lean ground beef and thought “Maybe we’ll hold off this trip” if it was on my list. 

I’ve done that now several times because of the sticker shock, just hoping maybe the next visit the price will come down a bit.

It hasn’t.

I also see really weird things just disappearing from shelves at random times. Things they’ve never not had will just be out of stock for a few days: juices, various cheeses (Philly cream cheese, Kraft white American), ketchup for crying out loud — just weird things that 18 months ago would’ve seemed really out of place, and now we’re all just kind of used to.

If a store doesn’t have a staple item or two, no big deal. You can get it on the next trip or at another store. That’s the slow shift that’s already happened and I’m guessing everyone reading, when it’s pointed out, realizes how true it is. Everything we’re seeing suggests that will become a lot more prevalent, not less.

Now I’m hearing about cargo ships being backed up outside of U.S. ports for 4 weeks!

Okay so let’s just start doing some math…

Every expert out there says big inflation is just around the corner, and we’re already seeing and feeling the beginnings of it.

The actual service part of the retail space has crumbled to the point that customers and employees feel like enemies.

The supply chain is already being choked in strange and new ways, with massive shortages apparently on the horizon.

So the supply is going down while the price is going up and, all the while, the people selling it increasingly hate the people buying it and the people buying it are increasingly running out of patience and faith.

What kind of America will that result in?

I’d thought about it for a while but here’s Jesse Kelly putting a much finer point on it:

My fellow Americans, members of the America First movement, patriots, We The People…

Be prepared to go with less and do not let the government create a “This changes everything crisis!” that sees us yet again ceding not only so much of our lives and time, but the integrity of our most sacred democratic process: our elections.

It’s entirely possible that we blink and there’s a “massive crisis” because the stores have 10% of what you want and it’s all 1,000% more expensive than it used to be.

And Jesse’s right. If we don’t prepare for it and, frankly, roleplay it in our minds a bit and with our friends and family so that we’re prepared, then we’ll get swept up immediately in the hysteria and again be sitting ducks, waiting for orders, doing exactly what they tell us to do, more afraid of being shunned for stepping out of line than we are of whatever the actual threat was/is. 

We used to roleplay in sales all the time. We’d roleplay with each other as customers and salespeople, but even more interestingly, in the staffing world we used to roleplay with candidates to make sure they wouldn’t accept counter-offers. The point was to make sure if their current employer came back with an even better counter-offer, the candidate would have already processed that in their mind in advance, and would be prepared to shoot it down because they’d already practiced doing it.

It was remarkably smart and I was always amazed at how many appreciative candidates would marvel because it happened exactly as we described, and they were entirely prepared for it.

I think we, the America First movement, need to do some of that together. And more importantly we need to ask our family and friends to be prepared for it. Most of us don’t have years worth of food and water and energy stored up in some bunker. But we do have pantries and freezers full of food that can last us months if we made it, and just a little bit of time to start finding each other and planning for better alternatives than merely being sheep led by the very wolves who wish to slaughter us. 

They can, and would, absolutely manufacture a crisis of comfort wherein Americans started basically killing each other over lack of faith that there will be daily bread. 

My friends I tell you this: it would be better to starve than feed off the Globalist Caesar’s tit. We must be prepared for them to try to break us and we must be talking in advance, prepared not to submit in the face of the terror they foist on us.

And again, I don’t know exactly what that means. (I’ve written similar pieces here and here.) I just know they often catch us off guard and they always prey on our most basic weaknesses, and if we just plan ahead and get mentally prepared for anything they throw at us (nothing they tell us to fear will be as scary as losing America), we could stave off so much of their nefariously-plotted predation. 

That includes the apparently coming supply shortages, price increases, and service and delivery failures, all colluding to create a crazy America you may not recognize and that the media and left will seek to weaponize even further against you.

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