While Sleepy Joe Is Falling Asleep To Matlock At 4PM, Trump Worked The Phones Until 4AM

I can’t help but think about former-and-future President Trump, and his phones. I’m listening to the media talk about Biden’s lackluster involvement in his own agenda, and I’m listening to them try to spin it as if he’s actively engaged and “working late into the night.”

The anchor will ask their White House correspondent if Biden is stepping up his involvement given what’s being marketed to the public as a very dicey time for his party, and the correspondent will do their best to spin a) how much he’s already been involved, b) how much he’ll continue to be and c) how he’s doing it all despite persistently unseemly and unfair GOP opposition.

That’s the exchange, it happens every time, and it never changes.

But it’s never anything specific that Biden alone is doing. It’s always “Biden and his top aides.”

Then it hits me.

Even the media couldn’t hide the fact that Trump would be on the phones constantly trying to see his agenda through. The image of Trump sitting around on one phone call with several more waiting their turn is a pretty easy one to conjure up, in part because the media worked so hard to tell us all about how hard he had to work to get anything done. They constantly wanted to portray him as desperately flailing, but all many of us remember is the image of a man working his tail off for the priorities he was elected to see through.

And then I think what it would be like to work for that guy.

I had a handful of good years over the course of my career and I can tell you that we all had a lot of fun through a lot of it. I was in the driver’s seat on several occasions and can remember feeling like the team around me was pretty happy with everything they were part of.

So I think about Trump working the phones. And I think about whoever is helping him out that morning or afternoon or night; whoever is in the room with him.

TRUMP: Get me such-and-such on the line.

STAFF: Sir that individual is already a firm yes and they have said so several times.

TRUMP: Yes but I need to just make sure once more and also there’s a couple other things I want to talk to him about.

STAFF: Okay Sir, but at some point you probably want to eat.

TRUMP: You’re right. Have them bring in my Big Macs and throw in some of that good chocolate peanut butter ice cream. One of the bars. Magnums are whatever they’re called.

STAFF: Got it, Sir.

TRUMP: Two of those bars, actually.

STAFF: Got it, Sir.

TRUMP: Also get me such-and-such on the line.

STAFF: But Sir that individual is already a firm yes and and they have committed as much very publicly at this point.

TRUMP: I know but I just want to make sure and also there’s a couple of other things I need to try to accomplish with them. Don’t forget: two of those ice cream bars.

STAFF: Got it, Sir.

It would just be constant and the person in the room who’s helping out would have to be in awe and having a blast just being around it. You just know that’s how he operates. And I’d thought in the past about what it would be like to work for him, and I personally run from it because I know his expectations would be so high for everyone who works for him, and I’ve never come close to meeting my own and have no intention of starting now.

(Ha. I kid but only partially. I couldn’t commit my best to President Trump’s team because I have to put my family first and when you sign on to work that big and important, you can have a family, but you can’t be the primary caregiver for everyone in it and do the important work for your country and President. And for our family, right now, I’m the primary caregiver for everyone in it which means writing when I can in the mornings or late at night is the most I can commit to.)

But as we listen to the media struggle to present Joe as any kind of an active force in his own life and agenda, I can’t help but think back to Trump’s legendary personal involvement.

His cheap and easy critics will continue the media’s lies and say things like, “Well yeah that’s what got him impeached twice!”, but the truth is the only thing that got him impeached was his clearly effective efforts to begin draining the swamp they all rely on for survival.

An effort, mind you, that he will continue in 2025 with even greater support from all across this nation.

Sleepy Joe and even the powerful institutional left are simply no match for the strength of the America First movement, headed up currently by a massive force born and raised in America’s private sector. Even if the vaccines are only slightly more effective than the crappy made-in-China virus itself, we would have never had them if Trump hadn’t spent virtually his entire day on the phones pressing everyone involved to get the job done. It’s an absolute fact and I’d even venture that he had never worked so hard on something in his life, despite getting such little credit for it and being mocked so hard for while it was happening.

At any rate, days like today when we all know Sleepy Joe can barely string a sentence together but the media continue defending and propping him up like Weekend At Bernie’s, I can’t help but think about Trump aggressively attacking the phones and and blowing the minds of everyone who has the honor of working closely enough to see it in action.

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