Master Class On How Elected GOP Should Handle Liberal Media [VIDEO]

I didn’t know who Adam Paul Laxalt was an hour ago, but now I’m probably a fan for life.

Below you’ll find a master class on how every elected Republican should treat the corporate legacy news media, including all of their wannabes at the local levels.


It’s that simple.

Who are you with? You’re biased. Here’s proof. Go fix it and bring me receipts before you ask me to take you seriously again.

That’s it. You owe them nothing more. Not even the explanation about you owing your supporters, and the people you seek to represent, better. Heck you don’t even owe them a lecture about why their dishonesty and partisanship are so wrong, and obvious.

If you know for a fact that the rule is to attack Republicans and defend Democrats and that any deviation from that is an infrequent exception, then you owe them nothing except disdain and as much public-facing humiliation as they’ll stand there and take.

Rattle off the litany — years worth, for most — of their outlets’ biases. The delinquents sitting in detention at your local high schools could put together comprehensive dossiers of most outlets’ bias in under an hour and while using only Yahoo! search to conduct the research.

Surely your more than capable staffs could do the same, if not marginally better.

(I always used to say “Start with the Hunter Biden laptop story” but with these locals you may need to do that hour of research, first.)

Whatever the case may be, if you know they’re biased and all they do is attack the right while defending the left, then not only do you not owe them your time, but you owe it to your supporters and this nation to stop enabling them.

Your time, after all, is what gives them credibility more than anything else. The second a good chunk of you influential Republicans stop dignifying the corporate legcy news media with your time, you get exponentially more powerful while they get exponentially weaker.

And if you don’t believe me, just watch what happens for U.S. Senate candidate Adam Paul Laxalt over there in Nevada. He just slung a stone at Goliath that makes him virtually impenetrable and he can keep slinging the same one at anyone he wants.

As long as he keeps doing it honestly and in good faith, he’ll never miss.

Because with this approach, you can’t.

It’s about toughness, holding them accountable, and fighting back in an effective and useful way.

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