How Feckless Can The Left Be To Fail This Hard With All That Power Behind Them?

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I’m sitting here yet again amazed because every minute of corporate legacy news media “reporting” I hear is literally 100% propaganda.

It’s shortly after 9:00 AM ET and I just heard John Berman sign off to Jim Sciutto. Berman ended his hour by telling viewers that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for covid 19. I bounce around between CNN and MSNBC on my often-delayed Sirius app, so I actually heard Joe Scarborough give the same update a minute earlier. Both Berman and Scarborough noted that the Justice has no symptoms. I thought that was funny…

Because here we’re all supposed to be deathly afraid of this virus but the vast majority of us will have either very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. So the tragic “He has covid!” being stymied by “But no symptoms!” is hilarious, especially since it didn’t stop Scarborough from offering Kavanaugh “thoughts, prayers and a speedy recovery.” We’re hard-wired to say that when we talk about someone being sick but thanks to the dangerous and destructive covid hysterics, we’re now saying it to people who literally have no symptoms and feel fine.

And it’s hilarious.

Berman was much snarkier and spared viewers the thoughtless and lazy well wishes, not because Berman thought better than to pour sympathy on a person with no symptoms, but because Berman is much more hostile and enjoys his perceived political enemies’ suffering. His tone carried a sadist’s enthusiasm as he told viewers that someone who is not sufficiently anti-Trump got covid. He then said “and Kavanaugh is vaccinated” as if that, too, is a black mark on Kavanaugh and proof that we should all be listening to CNN more and taking their advice. His tone throughout the short and stupid report was hostile, nasty and manipulative, and anyone who’s honest and knows him would admit that.

Now it’s Jim Sciutto’s turn to start the hour with Erica Hill, and they’re both as chipper as can be, delivering Biden voters their bad news and putting the absolute best and most generous spin on all of it.

So I’m sitting here listening to just those few minutes and thinking about all the power they have and all the forces working for their side. I know it’s a mostly useless exercise these days but sometimes I can’t help it: I think about what it would be like if the tables were turned.

Can you even begin to imagine how many times Trump would have been impeached and the media would have burned our entire country down if he was responsible for even half the failures that Biden and his team have already racked up?

But despite all of their lying about us, and lying for the Democrats, despite all of their cheating against us, while helping cover up the Democrats’ cheating, despite all their weaponization of our most powerful institutions against us and in favor of Democrats — despite all of it, We The People of the America First movement are still the most powerful social and political force on the planet, and even though the media will never tell this story and so some of you may only sense but not yet believe it, we’re only getting stronger.

That they legitimately thought they finished us off after the FBI-sponsored January 6th protest is a reflection of how out of touch they truly are.

So it’s entirely possible that, as I posited a month or so ago, this really is the best they have. There isn’t some other plot in the background they’re going to spring. They’re chugging along with whatever tools they have available to them but because they’ve been lying and cheating for so long, they don’t have many legitimately valuable tools left. And that’s why we’re seeing them behave so desperately and with such nakedly bad and dishonest behavior. And in the case of their biggest sponsors — corporate legacy news media, academia, corporate America, big tech and the intelligence community — we’re seeing their masks come off and their partisanship shine, and that’s also very helpful because it means we can focus on rooting these partisan forces out as we reclaim power.

I hear a lot of talk recently about completely dismantling the FBI and then replacing it with not a damn thing because there was never supposed to be a federal police force.

I like that talk.

And there’s a lot more like it happening around all of the institutions that have been so badly corrupted by the America Last left.

The corruption and dishonesty we’re all being forced to watch right now has a very clear silver lining in that it gives us all the evidence we need to crush these institutions later despite their imminently united cries about their own importance.

I’ve been bowled over several times throughout Trump’s ascent at our ability as a movement to endure. I think about everything we’ve been through and have been put through and are going through, and then I think about our taking power back and doing so in a responsible but unapologetic way that continues our winning streak and actually gets things done, like we did before and will continue to, and I have a pretty good thought…

I think they’re very good at talking and pouring themselves into the imagery of their lies, but they’re lousy at actually doing anything while we, the results-focused who are largely unimpeded by their dishonesty and manipulation, will continue getting important work done for all of America, every American, and the entire free world around us.

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