They Haven’t Failed Yet, And The Media Will Shield Them Even If They Do

Yes it’s a little fun to see Biden’s entire legislative agenda completely blown up.

No I don’t even feel marginally bad about it and no, no horror stories you tell me about this road or that social program will change my mind.

The vast majority of whatever they spent would’ve gone to swamp spoils that, every time, far eclipse any actual parts and/or labor. So I don’t feel even marginally bad if none of what they want gets passed, including the bipartisan stuff.

If that’s how it plays out, let them fail and fail royally. Let them humiliate themselves and give nothing back to any of their benefactors, foreign or domestic.

Let them stand stark naked before their base as they all realize, all at once, that they’re not nearly as powerful or beloved as the media has long led them to believe.

But if you’re an America First patriot who’s savoring the flavor in advance, enjoy while it lasts because it won’t last long.

First of all, they could still pull something off and whatever they do, the media will say they won and the GOP lost. If after all this hand-wringing they actually pass the real infrastructure bill (as opposed to the “human infrastructure bill” which was created in 2021 by Democrats in Congress and at Merriam-Webster to help communism further ingratiate itself to the American people) — I digress — if after all this hand-wringing they actually pass the real infrastructure bill, obviously the media will credit Good Ole Joe for “working his magic.” And let’s not forget “Her Highness Pelosi” who is constantly benefited with “rolling Republicans.”

All they have to do is pass something that the GOP already signed onto, and the media will pounce while the Democrats seize in a combined effort to rewrite the history we’ll all be watching.


That’s if they pass something.


But even if they don’t, while it’s hilarious and some of us predicted pretty early on that if you steal an election in American then you’re gonna fall flat on your face for it, let’s not get too excited about the opportunity to enjoy that schadenfreude. Because we’re enjoying as much of it as we ever will, right now, tonight. It’ll never be better than this outside of our own personal space and networks. If they end up passing nothing and this urgent and desperate process looks like it will take weeks instead of days, the narrative in the media will quickly shift to something far more swamp-approved.

God only knows what it might be.

But if history the guide, it’ll have something to do with Trump supporters being terrible people while “the walls are closing in” on Trump himself because the Republicans are nothing but scared obstructionists and everything Democrats touch turns to unicorn.

Some might laugh but literally every “story” told in the last several years by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, NPR, PBS and AP has followed that exact recipe to the letter.

So whether they fail spectacularly, pull off a small win or get their ducks in a row and actually pass a few things for their fledgling base, the corporate legacy news media will manipulate our national conversation so that it continues hurting the America First movement and empowering the swamp.

The very good news for the America First movement is that the media’s “national conversation” is starting to look and feel like just a lot of talk, while we — thanks still entirely to Trump — are actually doing things.

And we’re going to keep doing things, no matter how much they keep lying about it.

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