The Paranoid Federal Army They Built To Scare Trump Supporters Will End Up Crushing BLM/Antifa

I’d like to welcome you to another edition of “Take It To The Logical Conclusion,” a semi-frequent segment here at LBA wherein we do what too few on either side of the aisle try: we think about something that’s being said, done or accused, and then predict using logic what the action or accusation might look like at fruition, and then use that to help inform our perspective today.

For example, when they say “Trump told reporters there are some ‘very fine Nazis!'”, you say, “Okay let’s set the actual transcript aside, which disproves your claim. You want people to believe that President Trump stood up before reporters and thought it would be a good idea to announce, to the world, mind you, his appreciation specifically for Nazis? That’s what you’re implying? I realize you’ll say ‘Yes!’ because you have no choice at this point but anyone who’s intellectually honest and still able to make rational decisions independent of their political psychoses will know, if they take this accusation to its logical conclusion, that you’re full of shit.”

Or when they say, “Trump should’ve taken covid 19 more seriously!”, you can ask them to take that to its logical conclusion. “What does that mean, exactly? Let’s go to the logical conclusion. Does that mean total closure of all businesses, schools, etc, much sooner than we did it? Do you think if he said ‘Nobody is allowed to see anyone at all in person until we say otherwise’ that, assuming people obeyed the insane command, that would have prevented the virus from spreading? Help me find your logical conclusion on this one because I’m trying to get there and don’t know what it is.”

Going to the logical conclusion is always a useful exercise and if you can’t find your way to it, that’s okay also, because fully half the time the stuff we’re up against doesn’t have a logical conclusion.

But today I’m thinking about all the hype around January 6th and all the “we need to make sure this never happens again!” narrative. That’s their pitch to keep this going. It’s not predicated on demonizing Trump and his supporters. It’s predicated, they claim, on making sure there isn’t a repeat after future elections.

You’d be forgiven at this point for asking “Repeat of what?!” because what we saw on January 6th was exponentially less dangerous and/or destructive than the vast majority of the “protests” we see BLM/Antifa engage in any time they feel like it. But they say we can’t have a repeat of January 6th because they’re operating in bad faith.

And they’re operating in bad faith because they can’t admit that their goal is 100% political in nature.

So in order to keep the charade up, they’re packaging it all in mitigating future “insurrections.”

Let’s visit the logical conclusion, shall we?

I’m pretty damn sure barring their ability to manufacture another “This changes everything!” crisis before 2024, Trump will run again and absolutely crush them. Meanwhile, they’ll have spent all this time building up a massive police state in DC to help keep Congress secure, and the entire unit and all of its subsidiary agencies will have hair-triggers because the media and swamp have been hyping it up all this time. They were hyping it up not because they actually wanted to create a spectacularly paranoid, well-armed branch of government. That wasn’t actually their goal. At least, not one that might be turned on their own.

But I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Trump will win again in 2024, they’ll violently protest in part because they’ve been told for 5 years that all Trump supporters are violent protesters, and then a crush of newly-minted and paranoid DC kinda-cops will come running and just obliterate them.

No apologies. No worries about negative media coverage. Just the very good old fashioned ass-kicking that Trump has pined for out loud, on stage, many times.

Thanks media, deep state, corporate America and Democrats! We’re gonna have to dismantle all of it, of course, because 99% of what you clowns love is a direct violation of what we value most in this nation. But it’ll be kind of hilarious during the transition when your brainwashed base endure the wrath of your own making.

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  1. “Take It To The Logical Conclusion,”
    Whenever I do that, people say I’m crazy.
    How do you get away with it?
    Are you really a Democrat?


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