Thank You To All Now-Fired Civil Rights Activists In Healthcare & Beyond

I read recently about New York having to bring in government support because, effective this week, they’d be firing a not insignificant chunk of their hospital staffs over non-compliance with covid 19 vaccine mandates.

The most recent number I heard is around 53,000 employees.

First and foremost, let’s not miss the irony here: the massively destructive and deadly “lockdown” culture began as part of a broader effort to make sure hospitals wouldn’t be overrun. And now the experts are using the final leg of the pandemic to fire hospital staff who refuse to buy into the fear-mongering. Orwell himself couldn’t have scripted someething so perfectly backwards, dangerous and creepy. I digress…

For well over a year we’ve heard about the heroes who work in the hospital system. And for a lot of us that’s been a hard pill to swallow because while we lost our jobs, watched our children effectively lose an entire precious year of their lives (and counting, for many), lost loved ones to things other than covid and had to say goodbye over video because of covid — you mother could have been literally dying by herself in a nursing home but you couldn’t go sit with her because “the experts” were afraid you or she might get covid! — with all that and so much more going on, seeing a bunch of crying nurses telling us how scared and brave they are for basically doing their jobs was not a great face for the profession.

I realize you’re not supposed to be allowed to say that but I’ve said it before in other forums and was struck by how many agreed, including liberals.

Ask any American who’s being honest and they’ll tell you the sight of a nurse crying into her phone has become more grating than compelling. Because, for starters, if we’re being honest, most of us know instinctively that the nurses crying into their phones are the same ones with the “NO DRAMA!” buttons on their uniforms, not to mention a lingering stream of drama that’s constantly following them around because they created it.

We all know the type and the nursing profession, like the teaching profession, has tons of them.

But far more importantly than that, we also know that we’ve all been told we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves, and we have no idea how much worse everyone is suffering, and that’s why we need to stay afraid and submissive. But we know that we too have endured quite a bit. In fact, many of us are waking up to the reality that, with respect to the myriad collateral damage, we’re the only ones who actually did suffer throughout this thing. Yes people died and that’s tragic and their suffering was obviously greater than anyone’s. But let’s admit that a) we don’t know how many died because the fearmongers wanted to ensure we counted all who died with as having definitely died from, and b) if we were really upset about the deaths this virus caused then we’d be at least marginally interested in what caused the virus. We’re not. Well, the most powerful and influential among us certainly aren’t: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT, AP, the intelligence community, the medical establishment, academia, corporate America, etc.

None of them care what caused the virus in part because they already know but don’t want to admit it (Fauci and the communists), but also, and far more instructively, because virtually none of their interests relate in anyway to science, public health or our national well-being.

This is about fear and control for them and you need only look at what persistently doesn’t interest them to affirm that conclusion beyond any reasonable doubt.

So I’m sorry but miss me with the “700K people died!” talking point when none of the people screaming it seem to care just how corrupted that number is, none of them care that said corruption is doing precisely what it’s intended to: shut everyone up, and none of them care what caused the virus that caused the deaths.

They might as well be saying, “We think it’s terrible all those Jews were killed but did the unabashed evil of racism and bigotry kill them, or was it the economic plight of the German people? It’s forever a mystery but at least we can all agree that, in fact, killing Jews is bad. Nothing more needs to be remembered to ensure it never happens again. That’s sufficient.”

Sorry, not sorry, “follow the science” crowd. But I remain unconvinced about your sincerity.

And hundreds of millions of other Americans are increasingly on the same page. I’d guess you’re about 1/3 of us at this point, if that. And none of us care what your corporate legacy news media polls say. We don’t believe them. We know they’re political weapons far more than honest polling, and they have been for years if not decades now.

So on behalf of the sane among this nation, I offer a very sincere THANK YOU to the historically strong Americans who have lost their jobs in defiance of the unhinged and unsafe vaccine mandates. And I say that as a person who didn’t fear the virus with the 99.7% survival rate, or the vaccines that purported to increase that survival rate to 99.9% for about 8 months or so. Yes I’m among the vaccinated and I’d love to say I’m ashamed of it just to piss the other side off, but I mean it when I say I have no real worries about anything nefarious coming out of these. The most nefarious thing on the radar is their desire to get compliance when the virus already had such a spectacularly high survival rate, and while they’re simultaneously denying the existence of natural immunity and throwing anyone in jail who talks about other treatments. It’s just creepy at this point and the people defying them, and now losing their jobs to do so, are heroes.

You, the American workers who are standing up to them, are civil rights heroes of our time. And that goes doubly for the nurses and other hospital staff who are part of the institution most responsible for so much of the pain this nation has endured. You’re all whistleblowers and should be proud of yourselves for standing up to your bosses. Because your bosses aren’t just yours. For the last 18 months or so, they’ve been ours, too.

Every American who lost his/her job over the vaccine mandates has sacrificed in a huge way and for many of you, it may not have been a purposefully civil rights-minded move. For many of you, you are afraid of the vaccines. I’ll simply say that I don’t think you need to be. But I also don’t think 99.7% of you need to be worried about covid 19. Those who might be part of the .3% know who you are.

But some of you are less afraid and more freedom-minded. Your guard is up because they’re pushing so hard, and, simultaneously, you trust your immune system and/or natural immunity. You’re the absolute all stars of this fight. Good on you, and thank you.

Whatever your reason, you’re taking very real hits now and you deserve a very sincere thank you from this small corner of the America First movement.

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One comment

  1. Hello from the UK

    Thank you so much for your post. For what it’s worth, I stand with you in saying a big thank you to those with the guts and sanity to stand up to the insanity of so-called vaccine mandates.

    As regards vaccines whilst I imagine many will not be unduly harmed (I hope!), the fact is they are utterly pointless. I used to think they were of some value until in my 60th year last year I researched properly.

    You may be interested in my site which details the various issues. The vaccine link may be as good a place to start.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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