What Started As A Lie About Protecting Hospital Resources Will End With The Firing Of Hospital Resources Who Refused To Promote The Lie

It was just a few short months ago that the whole “protect hospital resources” narrative created a new wave of rage within me. I’d been following and writing about this stuff as much as anyone, but I had completely forgotten that all of the mitigation efforts — the lockdowns, business closures, school closures, divisive and useless fear porn around masking, etc — it all started in early 2020, presumably, to protect hospital resources.

It was never about making sure people didn’t get covid-19 because back then, before the media and their corrupt “experts” took over, the medical and scientific communities were still being honest about the futility of trying to stop the most transmissible virus they’d ever seen from spreading.

So they knew it would spread and they knew eventually everyone would get it. The trick, we were told, was to make sure people didn’t get it all at once thus taxing hospital resources to the point that they couldn’t care for everyone.

That was the entire objective. That’s what “15 days to slow the spread” and everything that came after it was supposed to be about.

But the terrorists in the media did their thing and before we knew it, nobody was talking about hospital resources anymore. The conversation had soon shifted to a laughably stupid “zero covid” pursuit and the news was all about people getting and dying from with covid.

There was nothing about people getting or dying from with covid due to a lack of hospital resources.

And there still isn’t.

The media still threatens it and wants everyone to believe it’s a very real possibility. They even, as everyone could guess by now, lie about it day in and day out. They make up stories out of whole cloth to present the narrative that hospitals are in fact “rationing care.” And then when they get caught lying, they just pretend it never happened and move on. 

So that was the original “concern” that we were told we must help alleviate. And then it went away because the so-called experts wanted us to believe that we could take a virus Anthony Fauci paid good money to make more transmissible than any before it, and somehow stop it from being so transmissible.

It was a spectacularly stupid and destructive lie, but it’s the one they all went with and when the history is written, it will be abundantly clear that our fear-based response to covid-19 — driven 100% by the sanctimonius and sociopathic “follow the science” crowd — did exponentially  more damage than the virus itself.

And that unfortuante reality is pretty well encapsulated in one of the “follow the science” crowd’s final acts.

They’re actually firing hospital staff now in New York because too many refuse to get the vaccines, and they’re being forced to call in government support to help staff their hospitals.

Think about that for a minute.

It all started to “protect hospital resources,” and now it’s all ending with them literally firing hospital staff who aren’t sufficiently submitting to the fear. If we had an honest corporate legacy news media whose job was to inform a healthy nation, then we’d never have gotten this far but we’d be laughing at their rolling heads as we show every last one of them the exits. But instead our corporate legacy news media knows their only job is to create terror and division all across our nation in service to their swamp-enriched ruling class, and so they continue to gaslight and lie while holding nobody powerful accountable and giving themselves awards every step of the way.

The divisive, destructive and deadly “lockdown and masking” measures were originally intended to protect hospital resources, but the media and their allies got so swept up in promoting fear instead of anything else, that they’re now actually firing hospital employees who don’t submit to it.

It’s really something to behold.

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