The ‘War On Misinformation’ Is Led By Those Who Also Said Trump/Russia Was Real, Hunter’s Laptop Was Fake, And China Didn’t Do It

Jake Tapper, Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and the rest are really worried about you consuming “misinformation” in the course of your daily life.

They’re really worried about you getting your hands on any news or information that they didn’t first screen and sterilize for you.

Take the Arizona Audit, for example.

Nobody actually thought it was a) just going to be another recount of the same fraudulent ballots or b) take 10 months to do that recount, had that been the case. But that’s the story the media is going with. They’re worried that if you get any other information from the conclusion of the Arizona Audit, you won’t be eagerly submissive little mouth-breathing slaves for them anymore. So they took the least consequential and most easily-predictable aspect of the audit — the simple and frankly useless “recount” — and made that the top-line story. Of course it’s bullshit. The truth is that the audit uncovered more than enough questionable ballots to both tip the election and reveal the likelihood of widespread election fraud.

And that’s why they’re moving the same model to other states, like Texas. It’s not just a matter of “did Trump win or lost that state?”. It’s a legitimate question about where the Democrats engaged in fraud. And everywhere we see an outlier we’ll keep turning over every stone until they either start talking or stop cheating.

The media’s biggest complaint about the GOP shoring up election integrity is that the efforts, they say, are based on “misinformation.” It’s their favorite word in the last several months because they can use it to explain away literally any and everything that challenges their America Last, divided-we-fall agenda. 

You’re a young and healthy woman who doesn’t want her reproductive system to start behaving like an older unhealthy woman’s? VICTIM OF MISINFORMATION.

You’re not convinced that fear is the best medicine and thus don’t want to weaponize your child to help promote fear through performative masking theater? VICTIM OF MISINFORMATION.

You think Joe Biden has done a lousy job as POTUS and that the country is worse off under him? VICTIM OF MISINFORMATION!

It’s their go-to cop out for any story or narrative they don’t like.

But it’s important to remember: the same people who claim to see “misinformation” wherever their narratives are challenged, are also the people who told you 1) there’s very real evidence that Trump is a Russian spy, 2) there’s even better evidence that the “Hunter Biden laptop” is fake, 3) it’s racist to suggest China manufactured the COVID-19 virus and 4) so-called “natrual immunity” isn’t really a thing.

Four of the most massive lies any of us have ever heard in our lifetimes, and they were all told by our most powerful institutions for the entirety of the last year or six. And it wasn’t just the media. It was the corporate legacy news media with several major assists from corporate America, academia, big tech and the intelligence community.

They’re all in bed together.

And they’re all crooked, and dirty, and evil, as fuck.

They all hate America and think anyone who loves it is just an uneducated rube who must be accused of either spreading or consuming “misinformation.”

These people are Orwellian psychopaths and sociopaths and it’s important to stop treating them with even the smallest amount of respect. I’m not advocating for violence or anything crazy like that. But they’re not human, they’re not your equals, and they don’t deserve to be treated let alone feared as anything other than that.

They’re subhuman terrorists whose weapons only work if you even pretend to take them seriously.

It’s time we stop doing that.

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