Russell Brand Gets Red-Pilled On Russiagate [VIDEO]

Here’s one of the intellectually honest leftists I’ve talked about in recent months, only this one has a more recognizable name and a video to go with his awakening.

I’ve liked Russell Brand over the years but I’ve also heard him at times just being too purposefully over-the-top vile, and I don’t like that. I forget the specifics but I just remember at one point ruling him out as any kind of uniquely thoughtful or artful performer.

And that remains the case today, though he’s definitely earned some serious accolades for the video posted below. Besides, you don’t have to be “uniquely thoughtful or artful” to still be uniquely intellectually honest, especially in today’s world where so much of what we hear from our most powerful institutions is 100% fabricated “news” designed to engineer responses and results that are most desirable to the elites.

In his 15-minute video below, Russell Brand professes to have initially bought into the Trump/Russia collusion hoax perpetrated by the corporate legacy news media and U.S. intelligence community. He, like most people, didn’t think it through real deeply but heard enough to know something sounded shady. And as Brand goes on to note, the next several years were spent watching the media and intelligence community continue stoking more lies.


The intellectually honest and fair people in the world who got swept up in the media’s “Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax” now know it was all bullshit. And that gives them pause because the obvious question is if the media et al were willing to lie so casually and pervasively about that, then what else are they willing to lie to us about?

The correct answer, as most of you already know, is everything.

The good news tonight is that we’re clearly no longer the only ones who know that.

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One comment

  1. I LOVE this. I’ve watched several of your videos and noticed of late that you are beginning to SEE TRUTH. Yes. I’m a Conservative. Yes, I chose Trump over all the career POLITICIANS. Yes, I watched as the Deep State and Mockingbird media tried to DESTROY our PRESIDENT. I cannot tell you how much it means to see a (classic) LIBERAL admit to confirmation bias–we conservatives are constantly accused of having nothing BUT CB….. You admit to having believed the bullshit. We had Rush Limbaugh, Dan Bongino, Glenn Beck, Will Johnson, Candace Owens, Ben Bergquam, Terrance Williams, #WalkAway’s Brandon Straka, the new print media EPOCH TIMES and many more to guide us to the TRUTH. Thank you for putting forth your thinking and deliberating on the various “realities” put before the public!!!!


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