We Deserve To Lose For Going Into 2022 Still Beholden To The Pajama Boys In Big Tech

Don’t get me wrong, we won’t lose. Not technically, anyway. In fact unless they find another way to meddle in the upcoming elections, it’ll even appear as if we’re “EVISCERATING!!!1!” them. (My affinity for mocking HuffPo’s historic hyperbole dies hard.)

The truth is we’ll simply be skating by compared to the force with which we should be history-holing their entire existence.

It’s unconscionable that our most powerful voices and messengers are still entirely beholden to Twitter and Facebook for their social media engagement. Had they mounted a serious alternative and committed to pushing it, their followers would have all gone with them.

But none of them did it. I know Parler tried and I know Jason Miller is trying, but we needed (and still need) a massive undertaking that everyone knew and was talking about. We needed to make it enterprise, promising the perpetually cyber-bullied right a place that would let them leave Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, MailChimp and the rest forever if they so choose.

More than 100,000,000 Americans would’ve taken you up on that offer.

We’ve got some tough and brilliant fighters on our side but we’re wildly outflanked on prioritization and preparedness. We’re watching the left become increasingly fascist right before our eyes, and rather than remove ourselves from their grip and take our movement somewhere that’s safer and more secure, our most powerful voices are all still happily plugging away as if “next time” the social media giants will behave better.

They’ll behave worse. Every minute of every day that they’re not atoning for the damage they’ve already done, that’s them behaving worse. Even if some massive purge or another spectacularly obvious book-burning of real news doesn’t occur in 2022, it will at some point and the only way it hurts us is if we’re still there to be hurt by it.

We just watched both Twitter and Facebook strip the most important American of our time of his right to free speech. I’d always been careful about that language because they’re not the government, but we can just speak plainly for a minute without worrying too much about deeper implications: the fact is, denying someone the right to speak on Twitter or Facebook in 2021 and still saying they have free speech, would be like telling people in 1787 they can say whatever they want as long as they don’t do it in the public square. They stripped his right to free speech because he was fighting for We The People, in defiance of their elitist ruling class.

Yes, he’ll get re-elected again in 2024 barring the left’s ability to create another “This changes everything!” crisis that allows them to manipulate the flow of ballots. But we all just watched these assholes kick our buddy squarely in the teeth while doing everything else they can to humiliate and endanger him and his family, and the best we can come up with is going on Twitter and Facebook to complain about it?

I was certain they’d kick Trump off eventually but I was also certain our movement would stand with him, aided by strong leadership who learned and gained a thing or two since his ascent and our massively broader empowerment.

Boy was I wrong.

Everyone is perfectly happy to do most of their bitching about Twitter and Facebook, on Twitter and Facebook, while the people at Twitter and Facebook are laughing hysterically, racking up profit from every click, and just waiting to do literally whatever the heck they want, whenever the heck they want to, because all we’re doing is sitting there on their websites bitching about it.

Newsflash, folks: they don’t care what you say about them on their sites. Anything you do there helps them and, if it doesn’t, they’ll just censor it and/or cancel you.

Candidly, and I’m sorry to be this curt but it’s true: nothing you’re doing is helping in anyway as it relates to our actual preparedness to be contenders in the fight for America.


We need our own tech and, as important, we need to immediately stop relying on theirs. And we are relying on theirs. Most of you reading may not realize it but Twitter is currently the only place that all of our most powerful voices, not unlike the left’s, are able to quickly and easily find each other, share ideas, stay fresh and drive engagement (revenue) for their sites or campaigns.

If that goes, what’s quietly and unassumingly our most potent communication vehicle will be entirely dismantled because all of those powerful and valuable voices that right now are rallying together on Twitter, they’ll all be relegated to their disparate communication channels: emails, individual websites, etc.

It’s hard to describe but I promise it will be a devastating and possibly irrevocable blow to both our momentum and our organization.

Even still, yes, as noted, I believe we’ll win.

But we really don’t deserve to.

We don’t.

Nobody on our side has sacrificed anything they weren’t forced to. If we want to prevent our enemies from forcing us to sacrifice yet more of our freedom, election integrity and nation then we have to be willing to make some sacrifices voluntarily. And the really unfortunate part is that this doesn’t even have to be a sacrifice once we commit to the work and result. It should be an exciting and inspiring undertaking!

And it could be with the right leadership driving it.

But nobody is, and that’s really unfortunate given all we’ve all been through, all we’ve learned, all the time and opportunity we currently have, and how devastating our inaction will prove in the future.

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