American Terrorists (NBC, NYT) Ignore Biden Crime Family But Are Furious That Lauren Boebert Paid Her Rent

We all know that the corporate legacy news media (aka terrorists) are so uninterested in holding dirtbag Democrats like Joe Biden accountable that they’ll actually burn books written about their transgressions and figuratively kill anyone who talks about them.

And we also know that they’ll take the smallest perceived infraction by someone who’s part of the America First movement and weaponize it to create very real hatred, pain, division and anger among our entire nation.

And sitting before us today is a crystal clear snapshot of both those sad realities in action.

On one hand you have the media finally ceding that, in fact, the most damaging parts of Hunter Biden’s laptop were absolutely true. They’re admitting it, but they’re not doing anything about it, and the most significant damage from their election interference has already been done and could never be reversed. Moreover, the narrative at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR and AP are united in fomenting is “Yes Hunter has had some problems, but he’s not President and their family deserves privacy.”

That’s it. That’s the line the media are quietly inserting and that their entire base is latching onto.

“Yeah but Hunter isn’t President, genius!”

The issue isn’t whether or not Hunter Biden is a herpes-infested crack addict with a long track record of stupid and illegal behavior.

He very much is.

The issue is that his father is an equally vile and corrupt scumbag, and he used his son’s compromised life and values to enrich himself by peddling American influence to foreign governments, some hostile, through backchannels initiated and maintained by Hunter.

That’s the issue.

But the terrorists in our corporate legacy news media aren’t interested in real issues.

Because they’re terrorists.

No they don’t run around with bombs but they absolutely use their power to create terror, and they weaponize that terror so we use it on each other, and that’s all they do.

They only want to terrorize our nation so we experience more disunity and pain, becoming weaker every step of the way as individuals and a collective, so that we’re easier to control and less hung up on all that “freedom” we’ve enjoyed for so long.

And it’s for that reason that on one hand they can happily ignore the Biden Crime Family while trying to destroy anyone who talks about it, and on the other they can hyperventilate over the “bombshell” news that Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert <checks notes> allegedly paid her rent and utility bills using at least some money that was donated to her campaign.

And let me tell you folks, although I’m sure it won’t shock you…

The terrorists in the corporate legacy news media have their base so worked up over this that they’re certain Boebert needs to be expelled from Congress and should probably end up doing some jail time.

Yes, really.

She won’t on either front, but that’s the tone being set for this news cycle anyway.

Lauren Boebert paying her rent and utility bills using money originally allotted to her campaign means the sky is falling and everyone has to line up to see this thing through until we have all the facts and some meaningful resolution.

It’s the corporate legacy news media’s most noble and integrity-rich duty to chase this story down, chase it down hard, and make sure they’re speaking real “truth to power” the whole time.

That’s their posture, anyway.

It would be a lot easier to believe if the terror they work to incite across our nation, using lies and disinformation, wasn’t so pervasive and predictable at this point.

Lauren Boebert paying her rent and utility bills with campaign money, if true, is not good.

But Joe Biden exploiting his own son’s drug addiction and compromised values so he can sell off American influence to our enemies, is a lot worse.

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT and AP are terrorizing our nation to its conclusion using propaganda and misinformation to divide the people and enshrine the elites.

There is no news happening anywhere else in the world that matters nearly as much as that.

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