When They Accuse Others Of Being ‘Anti’ Anything, It’s Because They’re Guilty Of It

Anti-racism. Anti-fascism. Anti-science. Anti-choice. Anti-environment. Anti-woman. Anti-Muslim. Anti-poverty.

There’s a media-celebrated, academia-born, “study”-hardened and often government-funded movement behind every one of those allegedly liberal causes, and yet every one of those movements is drenched in the blood of those victims they purport to support.

There isn’t a single “anti” movement that the left rallies around that they are not, first and more than anyone else, guilty of.

I have a feeling the intellectually honest in America already know I’m right without going through chapter and verse about how and why, but here’s a very quick run through just using top-of-mind observations…

Nobody does more to inspire racism than the corporate legacy news media and their allies across the institutional left as they insist that all white people are racist, all black people are victims of it, and anyone who refuses to judge white and black people based first on their skin color are actively engaged in racism.

The so-called “Anti Fascist” wing of the modern American left asserts their pro-democracy action by violently shutting down speech with which they disagree and violently attacking innocent Americans who wish to hear that speech.

There is nothing more “anti science” than the left’s persistently dystopian insistence that science will be whatever they say it is that day, and anyone who questions it is “anti science.”

They want women to believe that none of the choices they make in their lives matter unless they can also murder their babies after choosing irresponsibly. The dilution of substance around the choices women make before getting pregnant and the insistence that only murderous absolution for those choices can allow those women to be whole, is also one of the most “anti choice” postures they could take. But they take it all the same, proudly, and while patting each other on the back for it and trying to destroy the lives and reputations of anyone who chooses to disagree.

You won’t find a more “anti-environment” scene than that left behind after a pro-left rally.

The only time a woman is allowed to celebrate being a woman is when that woman was actually born a man. Any other celebration of femininity be it with respect to beauty, a more delicate nature or the incredible female figure is considered by the academic, social, cultural and increasingly political left to be destructive, pro-patriarch, stereotypical violence. There are no genders or gender traits that are allowed to exist let alone matter let alone be celebrated, unless they’re attached to someone who’s cutting something off to join the party. That’s anti-everyone but “anti woman” is doing most of the work for them here.

Nobody is hurt by radical Islamic extremism more than innocent Muslims. The left, to include our intelligence apparatuses, focus intently on geriatrics who stormed the Capitol while being afraid to call radical Islamic extremism what it is let alone effectively fight it. There may be more people on the right than the left who fear radical Islamic extremism, but that is a healthy fear that if more people shared would in the end save Muslim lives.

They claim to be “anti poverty” but you’ve never seen people work so hard to make sure deeply-impoverished brown people in third world countries never get to enjoy the benefits of electricity that not a single one of these “anti-poverty” liberals has spent more than a few days in their lives without.

We’re living in wildly dystopian times and the ones on their side who aren’t simply getting paid to foment the lies, are in many cases so throttled back to such levels of submission and incuriosity that they couldn’t possibly break free if they wanted to. I’m not sure how it will all turn out but I know we have to keep the telling the truth whenever we have good opportunities to do so.

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