‘Unity!’ Prevails As The Taliban And ACLU Both Cancel Women, While Xi & Biden Both Put Ethnic Minorities In Camps

As the corporate legacy news media and other America Last propagandists work diligently to promote the facade that Biden and Democrats are forces for unity, several unlikely relationships may give them some fresh fodder to bolster their claims.

Just in the last day we’ve seen both the Taliban and the ACLU go out of their way to cancel women, while President Biden and China’s Chairman Xi both revel in the use of camps to hide ethnic minorities they don’t want kept in plain sight.

In the case of the ACLU coming around to the Taliban’s way of thinking about women, we saw the once-proud civil rights defense organization modify a quote from leftist hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she was guilty of referring to women as “women.”


Pretty remarkable to rewrite history over Orwellian speech code laws, especially when celebrating a woman at the same time you’re scolding her for using words like “women” and “her.”

As for Biden coming around to Xi’s way of thinking when it comes to ethnic minorities, while Biden hasn’t yet promised to enslave or exterminate them the way Xi and the communist party of China so casually do with their alleged “undesirables,” the U.S. President has committed to shipping them all off to the prison at Guantanamo Bay — presumably just until he can figure out how to make them eligible Democrat voters onshore.


The media and Democrats used to hate Guantanamo Bay but, to be fair, they also hated kids in cages and even pretended to hate lying and humiliating America. While virtually all of that posturing has been exposed as nothing more than political theater designed to hurt the right and help the left, their hatred for GITMO was very real and it’s an impressive feat to see them all falling in love with it now that Biden is using it similarly to how communist China uses their camps.

It’s true that the Biden administration has humiliated itself and our nation beyond anything anyone ever imagined possible. It’s also true that it’s likely all on purpose to demoralize both our national mood and international standing. Democrats and the America Last institutional left never liked our nation all that much and have long thought it would do us all some good to knock ourselves down a few pegs, relinquish a lot of that individual freedom we’ve all revered for so long, and cede our power over to the elites so they can help us not be such uneducated American rubes.

That said, if we’re being honest, all this unity between the ACLU and the Taliban, along with the Democrats and the communists, is the most and best that the “pro-unity” crowd could have asked for.


This is the only kind of “unity” you’re going to get while the corporate legacy news media and institutional left continue lying to and terrorizing our nation for social and political gain.

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