To Differentiate Biden From Trump, NBC News Shows Biden Repeating Trump Lines [VIDEO]

NBC News’s Brian Williams on Tuesday night sought to contrast President Biden with former President Trump by showing a clip of Biden effectively repeating Trump’s entire foreign policy doctrine.


In his first term, former President Trump also asked our allies to “step up,” he took meaningful steps to end the war in Afghanistan, and he agreed to meet with anyone who would be willing to pursue peaceful resolutions. To the chagrin of many at NBC News and elsewhere in the media, that even included Kim Jung-un.

But for Williams’ suggestion to the contrary, it’s unclear what NBC News found in this clip to be unique from anything President Trump said or did. The more likely explanation is that with such limited complete and coherent sentences to pick from, NBC News simply chose the most legible they could and claimed without evidence that those words were wildly different than what Trump said and did.

This type of dystopian “It’s true because we said it’s true” posturing is a common practice among the corporate legacy news media because they’ve lied, and supported each others’ lies, for years now, and are now very good at and comfortable with both.

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