Mayorkas Hoped To ‘Do Good’ But Soon Learned His Job Was To Be A Crass Blunder

We are watching in real time what it looks like when someone on the left gets stabbed in the back and rather than resist they assume the prone position then lay down and take it like good little leftists will always end up doing.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas thought for sure that he was coming in to help shepherd a meaningful change in immigration and its policy. He no doubt expected things to loosen up at the border but also, one would assume, to be part of something transformational and also at least remotely constitutional.

I guarantee you he never expected to be the guy who has to explain why 2.5 million people just illegally crossed a border that, according to him, is definitely “closed.”

Mayorkas wanted to be part of something big and transformational, but he didn’t expect to be the guy who has to just sit there and lie to everyone while letting invaders come into our country by the millions.

Granted, he doesn’t mind it, at least not much anyway. And he’s definitely not morally opposed to it. He doesn’t mind the inhumanity, the rapes, the child abuse, the sex trafficking, the theft of our nation, or all the pain and suffering that he and his team cause so many billions across the world.  But a guy like Mayorkas didn’t expect it to be so crass. He never would have anticipated using such blunt force idiocy to merely nuke the borders and let everyone stream across while he’s left telling us that’s not what’s actually happening.

He hoped and expected to have some legislative and diplomatic tie-ins that softened the blow around any perceived failures. He’s a mild-mannered guy who was hoping for something far more elegant to attach his name and work to.

He has none of it.

All he has is the mass of people flooding illegally across our border, and it’s exponentially bigger than he could have possibly anticipated, and while that’s great news for Democrats because chaos, pain and disunity are what they value most, Mayorkas to be sitting there by now feeling pretty stupid and useless.

Again, I’m sure he doesn’t mind! He’s only feeling stupid and useless because there was a time in his life that he thought they needed to do this more strategically. And now hes finding out he was hired just to be the guy to lie about it.

That’s it.

When it comes to immigration and homeland security, that’s the media and Democrats’ entire policy approach.

Do it, and lie about it.

Pretty simple stuff for people who are evil enough to stomach it.

People like Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas.

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One comment

  1. Remember Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi Information Minister who kept appearing on TV and telling everyone that the Iraqi forces were defeating the American forces? Mayorkas is just another pile of human feces Baghdad Bob, lying through is teeth. DemocRATs cannot help but lie, it is in their DNA (Dems Never Accurate).


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