If ‘Havana Syndrome’ Is Real Then The CIA Probably Created It To Meddle In Our Elections

If there’s a chance some foreign adversary is out there trying out a special new mind-controlling laser on a bunch of randoms who don’t matter much, then there’s a greater chance that “foreign adversary” is actually our own CIA figuring out a new way to capture control of our nation through fear.

The reports had been trickling out for months about the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” and the second I heard about it, it sounded like something the braintrust in our intelligence community would put together.

I never really thought more past that but as we keep hearing more reports, it’s worth thinking about a bit more.

First and foremost, if a mind-controlling laser does exist (the center of the “Havana Syndrome” universe), then the U.S., China or Russia developed it. And if China or Russia developed it, they’d be testing it on much softer targets than random U.S. citizens paced out over the course of several months.

What we’re hearing in news reports isn’t “testing.” The mind-controlling lasers at the center of “Havana Syndrome” obviously work, because the media are getting reports about it working and they’re sharing that information with the American public.

Obviously the mind-controlling lasers work, right? Otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing about the horrible “Havana Syndrome” they leave people with.

So if these mind-controlling lasers do actually exist and do actually work, then either the U.S., China or Russia developed them, but neither Russia nor China would roll the weapon out by using it on just enough randoms that it makes our own intelligence community start investigating and our own media start talking. What an irresponsible revealing of such a potent potential “peacekeeper.” There’s no chance that’s how we find out they have it.

Far more likely from my seat, our own intelligence community — which has sufficiently proven itself to be as much an enemy of America as our more clearly stated ones, and just as nefarious — our own intelligence community created the technology and they’re rolling it out just enough to weaponize it against the American people not with mind-controlling lasers, but with the terror they can unite with the corporate legacy news media to incite among the masses.

Just like they did with covid 19.

Of course in that case, China manufactured the bioweapon, but it wasn’t the virus itself that did so much damage. It was the terror over it, which was incited entirely by the media and their allies across the institutional left (specifically academia and the medical establishment to include big pharma).

In the case of “Havana Syndrome,” if it turns out to be real, I’m already convinced that the CIA created it and they’re using it on a few of their own people so that the media can eventually help weaponize the fear of it against all people.

We have no reason to believe they wouldn’t. There’s nothing in that recipe that they haven’t already shown us they’re entirely capable of. They hate our nation and love the swamp more than most of our actual enemies, and they’re far more afraid of losing control than anyone else.

As you hear more about “Havana Syndrome,” I suggest hearing about it with extreme skepticism.

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