Don Lemon’s Botched Effort To Brainwash Viewers With Fake News [VIDEO]

A full 24 hours after a viral image of “Haitians being whipped” was revealed by Fox News and CBP to be a media-created hoax, CNN’s Don Lemon sought nevertheless to weaponize the fake news in an apparent effort to serenade his viewers into political rage.

While commenting Tuesday evening on the Haitian illegal alien crisis, Lemon can be seen glancing down in an effort to make sure his commentary matched up with the images that viewers were seeing.

The first problem Lemon runs into is that the final and most potent image doesn’t time properly with his words. The anchor is left stalling and repeatedly looking down at the monitor for the photo to appear, until it finally does but only for a very brief moment. What’s more, that final image, the one that was supposed to do most of the work in Lemon’s commentary, is the same viral image (purporting to show a white man on horseback whipping a black man) that had already been debunked as a media-created firestorm.

Lemon wanted that propaganda-style photo to appear just as he says the words “images that make you think of how enslaved people were treated in this country,” but it wasn’t to be.


Upon reformatting his show back in May from “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” to “Don Lemon Tonight,” Lemon promised to assert more control over the production and editorial processes.

Unfortunately obvious and dishonest failures like this, viewers can safely assume, was a result of that.

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