An Important Truth That Both Democrat Voters And Elected Republicans Must Hear

Democrats and Republicans don’t have a lot to agree on, and there’s even less when it comes to the interests of one side’s elites and the other side’s base.

Today I’m sharing something that both the elected Republicans and the Democrat party base would do well to take very seriously. It’s not an easy one to write because it assumes the worst across several forbidden planes, but the time has come for our nation to have this conversation.

If the Democrat leadership and their allies across the institutional left do something to interfere with the upcoming elections in 2022 or 2024, both elected Republicans and the Democrat base must be prepared to help resist that meddling.

And I don’t know what that means exactly. I don’t know how they might get around the states and their own laws. But I know that if the media and Democrats do roll out another “This changes everything!” crisis just in time for the elections, it’s exceedingly important that we engage in mass civil disobedience and simply say “No.”

There could be bombs going off all across America thanks to the Taliban-vetted “refugees” who are now coming into our nation by the tens of thousands, and still we must insist on not letting it interfere with our democratic process in any way.

If a polling place got blown up and with it all the ballots, then after the funerals that area would have to redo their election and we wait for the results.

That’s how steadfast we must be about carrying on our elections without interference based on fear that is drummed up by our media and their America Last allies across the left.

Elected Republicans need to know we’re already thinking about this so they’re prepared to stand with us in the face of the terror that may very well be lurking, as initiated by our own media and other nefarious actors across the left. And the Democrat base needs to know we’re thinking about it too because if your side does manufacture another “This changes everything!” crisis just in time to manipulate the flow of ballots, you may end up watching all of your Republican friends and family get taken in the streets when they revolt on the other side of that. If you care about that sort of thing and already aren’t real comfortable with just how nakedly dangerous and dishonest your most powerful allies are behaving, then maybe you can help by also resisting any obvious ploy no matter how scary or threatening our media makes it out to be.

We’re simply not letting them pull that terrorist trash again, just like we won’t let them convince us that the smallest amount of election security is racist.

It’s important both elected Republicans and the Democrat base know that if the Democrat leadership and their allies in the media and elsewhere again collude to use fear as a trojan horse for meddling in our elections, this country is finished unless those elected Republicans and the Democrat base stand up with us to resist the hostile takeover of America by its spies, elites, and most massive corporations.

We can’t let it happen again, yet we have zero reason to believe that’s not exactly what they’re planning. They’ve shown us how markedly evil they are many times over and it’s time to stop getting caught flat-footed when they assert that evil, even if they manufacture very real danger to go with it.

PHOTO CREDIT: I’m not sure how this works exactly but, thanks This Page At Medium from which I grabbed the featured image for this post.

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  1. Did the North Carolina federal judge say HOW voter ID discriminates against blacks? I’m betting you could fit all the African-Americans who have zero ID into a Volkswagon.


  2. I do not believe we will ever have another honest election the communists will not let it happen they think they have fooled the voters into thinking the last election was on the up and up when everyone knows Trump won.Yes they got by with it and they will do it again.


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