I Was Right The First Time: The Corporate Legacy News Media Are Terrorists

I don’t want to be reunited with people who still don’t know that the corporate legacy news media spent Trump’s entire first term trying to divide our nation whilst blaming him for their success in doing so.

We’ll likely have to at some point, and some of them are getting legitimate wake up calls that make them far less dangerous than before, but how can anyone be that stupid?

How can anyone not recognize that Trump’s entire first term was spent with the media lying to create fear and division, while Biden’s is spent with the media doing everything they can to conceal his administration’s far more divisive and far more destructive behavior?

You can look at literally any issue and find the media a) lied about it to make Trump look bad and b) are lying still to help Biden avoid what he deserves.

I heard NBC News’s Alex Witt over the weekend rattle off the list of failures and crises before noting that even though things seem bad, “the Biden Administration seems impervious to any resulting damage.”

Those are the kids gloves with which they’re approaching inflation, the hostage crisis in Afghanistan, multiple career-long FDA officials resigning in protest after Team Biden political pressure, the rest of the FDA still sacking up and shitting all over Biden’s booster plans, France hating us now, China and Russia loving us because we’re “inexplicably” only doing things that empower them and weaken us, the murder of 7 innocent Afghan children, the crises all over the border, forced reconciliation with factual news about Biden’s crackhead son wheeling and dealing with enemies to enrich the Biden family, his entire legislative agenda being nuked every hour of every day because the Democrats are a racist, increasingly fascist and desperate group of America Last dropouts who likely stole the 2020 election and are now trying to wield “power” the voters never actually even pretended to give them. With all that going on, the best the media can say is, “Gosh things look a little rough but let’s see what Old Joe can pull out of his hat!”

Trump would’ve been impeached 9 times already for half of what Biden has done, and the media would still be bleeding all over each other demanding yet more blood from everyone else to make things right.

Joe Biden is factually proven to be on the receiving end of illegitimate business dealings with our most dangerous enemies, all thanks to trading on his name and authority in U.S. politics. And we know he’s factually guilty because he raised his dirtbag, drug addict son to be the type of person who would conduct these dealings on his behalf, share the profits with him, and record all of it on a laptop that he’d forget about in a crack-induced stupor.

Hunter will likely die either by drug overdose or suicide within the next few years, and Joe probably won’t even shed a tear.

The man is a stain in every conceivable way on American politics, past and present. There isn’t a more clearly compromised President in U.S. history, nor one so clearly doing everything he can to demoralize our national mood and image. Everything he and his America Last allies do is designed to weaken our nation, divide us, dilute our standing on the world stage — all in service to empowering themselves as the elites of this nation, and our enemies to whom Joe Biden literally owes his political life.

There’s so much we know for absolute certain that the corporate legacy news media will just never tell us. They’re worse than propagandists. I had it right several months ago when I called them “terrorists.”

That’s all they do.

They terrorize and divide our nation, and it’s literally their only goal.

The more unhappy and afraid we are, the easier we are to control.

The sad part is, half of the Racist Democrat Party’s base has spent most of their lives preening for that type of submission and loss of control. Most of these over-medicated headcases are too afraid of their own shadows to live in a free society, and they desperately want the government to create one big safe space where only leftist dogma is permitted.

So they’re all in for it. They love it.

“About time!”, they say.

There are some who are waking up, though. They’re seeing enough of the 2016-2020 narratives just get absolutely shattered, and they’re noticing nobody is being held accountable or apologizing.

The intellectually honest who are paying attention, however late to the game they may be, are now grudgingly forced to accept that even if the Democrats didn’t actually cheat in the election, the media and corporate America stole it for them by burning the books that would have hurt their candidate.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is the big one.

And it wasn’t “an accident” or a simple cautious oversight. It was cheating, on purpose, to rig the election.

And look at the recent story about Haitian illegal aliens getting “whipped.” These superspreader illegal aliens had been sitting under a bridge in 100 degree heat, cramped, crapping anywhere they wanted, living in some of the most disgusting and inhumane conditions in North America for days on end, and the media didn’t care until they got one picture of a border patrol agent that they could claim reflected abuse on our part.

It was, of course, bullshit. There were no whips let alone anyone being whipped. There were the reins on the horse flapping about, without a hand on them, as the agents on horseback tried to repel the invaders from coming into our nation. But that was it. There were no whips. There was no whipping. But after a week of ultimately ignoring the disgusting and inhumane conditions, the media could only be bothered to report on it with any seriousness when there was a big, fat, divisive, racism-inspiring lie for them to tell.

The corporate legacy news media are terrorists.


Everyone who works there is a terrorist.

Anyone who doesn’t see that yet is an idiot and I don’t want to find myself “united” with you. I’d rather just write you off as a casualty at this point, or let you metaphorically perish as an enemy combatant. You don’t have to embrace the “terrorist” label, but you better damn well be ready to admit that our media is the most divisive force in our nation, the greatest manufactures and traffickers of misinformation, and nothing good can be done for our progress and unity until we stop pretending they’re trustworthy administrators of our national conversations.

Get over your Orange Man Bad psychosis. Try to understand that he was only so good at fighting back, and pissing you guys off, because the media that most ardently defends you 100% had it coming. And so do your most vocal and active allies. There isn’t a single “lie” that our side has told over these last several years. We’ve made our case around policy, what we think is important, and why. But we didn’t lie about anything. The other side only lies these days. It’s their entire body of work. There’s a sitting member of Congress from Minnesota who’s a staunch proponent for open borders, and made her own way here as immigrant by defrauding our system and marrying her own brother. This broad, Ilhan Omar, is sitting out there in plain sight just scamming our system by marrying her brother (before breaking up the marriage of one of her staffers), and the media says it’s “RACIST!” to talk about that.

These days the most powerful institutions we have get together, weave a series of lies that will help them consolidate their power while dividing everyone else, get what they want from the lie, get caught later, suffer no consequences, and then continue lying.

It’s all they do. They smile and snark and reward each other for it. It’s fun for them, at this point, and to the rest of us, it’s indistinguishable from a really badly-conceived psy-op by pranksters who, in the end, will be crushed to learn that we took them seriously all this time, and now it’s their turn to suffer.

There is a breaking point.

And it’s starting to feel like it’s coming a lot sooner than November 2022.

PHOTO NOTE: The terrorist pictured for this post is NPR’s Terence Samuels. Terence is the terrorist who meddled in the 2020 election on NPR’s behalf, stating of the Hunter Biden laptop story, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

See below:

Terence Samuels is a terrorist, operating in plain sight at NPR. He’s one of many. Literally every person who works at NPR and the rest (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS and AP) are equally guilty. Every single one of them. Even the quiet America First patriot who’s just there for the paycheck. Anyone still contributing to these beasts are just as guilty as the beasts themselves. These are the new rules and they’re not going anywhere until the terrorists in the corporate legacy news media are roundly relegated to the fringes of our society where they belong. In other words, it’s gonna be a while, but make no mistake…it’s happening, it’s happening in real time, and there’s no stopping it at this point.

Someone’s going to figuratively live and someone’s going to figuratively die on the other side of all this.

The liars should be the ones to hang.

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  1. If we get to Nuremberg 2.0, we need to make sure all those in the “news media” are served and tried. Without their using their bully pulpit to blast out the lies and feed the fear, we wouldn’t be where we are now. As you have already stated they all need to hang.


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