Hospital Director On CNN Debunks Media’s ‘Idaho Is Rationing Care!’ Narrative, But His Honesty Is Elusive

It happened this morning on CNN.

The chyron at the bottom of the screen read:


That’s what the chyron said.

I couldn’t tell you what most of the interview was about but at around 7:37 A.M. or so, the Hospital Director in question said (accurately paraphrasing):

No, I wouldn’t say I’m ‘scared.’ I’d say I’m guardedly optimistic. We don’t want to get to that terrible place you describe, where we’re ‘rationing’ care. We’re not there, and we have several other tools we can use before we get there.

It was hilarious. I knew what the chyron said and I knew what I just heard, and I knew the guest they brought on to substantiate their narrative just blew up the two most important parts of it.

In one fell swoop the “Idaho Hospital Director” they hoped would help promote fear and lies ended up squashing both.

I’ll post the video if I ever find it. But I know CNN pretty well at this point and this is the type of thing they’ll likely never post because it so plainly reveals their stupidity and dishonesty. We’ll only find it if someone else recorded it and shares it.

If you go searching for it now, the only thing you’ll find is a ton of corporate legacy news media outlets repeating the “Idaho is rationing care!” narrative which, according to the expert CNN had on today, is a bald-faced lie.

If the fact-checkers and big tech book-burners actually cared about the truth and mitigating misinformation, they’d correct this.

But as I think everyone reading knows by now: they don’t, so they won’t.

Glenn Greenwald summed things up nicely on Twitter the other day:

You can say it every day and it still won’t be enough: the liberal discourse and policy-making around COVID has no relationship whatsoever to science. It has a lot to do with culture, politics, hierarchy, psychology and control. But science and health are totally absent.

Absolutely correct. Our most critical and sacred public health institutions, specifically the CDC and medical establishment, have been entirely hijacked by dishonest partisans who thrive off of our fear, division, dependence and failure both as individuals and collectively.

They’re utterly shameless with their lies and when they get caught, they just turn the page and hope nobody calls them out for having just moments before given each other awards for lying so effectively.

We can’t trust them. We have no reason to respect them. We’ll all have to work together to fix this problem, and the only solution is draining the swamp that relies on these bad actors to tell lies and promote fear on their behalf.

So corrupt doctors, scientists, researchers, big pharma flunkies who douse themselves in pomade before going out to hock drugs they personally profit from (hi, Scott Gottlieb!), all of you who are part of the fear porn and escalating the terror and division by any means possible, you deserve to have your careers and reputations ruined. And when the smoke settles in this country, that will be part of our agenda. Every one of you who went on TV crying about how hard you have it, and how terrible we all are, and how stupid we are, and how threatened or worse threatening we are because we don’t sufficiently bend our knees to you and the left — you’ll be accounted for. It will follow you and your practices around for the rest of your lives. Because we’ll have the time to really go back and closely audit who was out there on the public airwaves promoting the fear and devastation that caused so much otherwise avoidable death and carnage. We’ll have the time in smoother waters to look back very closely at all that happened, and all who were responsible for it, and it won’t just be the Anthony Faucis, Scott Gottliebs and Lena Wens who get their careers and reputations destroyed, alongside a permanent place on history’s most vile wall of shame.

It will be every little local healthcare professional who thought this was their time to shine, as they went on CNN to cry about how awful everyone is except the liberals who sufficiently appreciate the terror of this virus that <checks notes> had a 99.7% survival rate before the vaccines.

Every last one of you who went out there trying to terrorize our nation deserves to lose your medical license. And a big part of correcting America’s course will be draining the swamp and holding accountable those who worked so hard to contribute to its promotion of division and terror.

You know who you are. You know how you’ve weaponized your job titles to help socially engineer fear and submission. You know when you did it on your social media feeds. You know when you did it in television, radio and print interviews. You know you were part of it and thought you were safe because it seemed, per the media, that all the most important people were part of it with you.

A little more than half this country was never with you and we were bullied into going along with it, or being “cancelled” or otherwise having our lives destroyed if we didn’t. But we were never with you. And our numbers are growing while yours are shrinking. And if you already went out there and fed the beast, it’s too late for you. Apologies won’t cut it. You made your bed and soon you’ll have to lie in it.

Deservedly so.

Stop terrorizing our nation.

You’re not helping, it’s not “cool,” and you’re definitely going to get caught and have to answer for it when the smoke settles and real science replaces your purposeful incitement of terror in service not to public health, but only social engineering and control.

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