‘Hello, Fellow Patriot. Shall We Henceforth Engage In Illegal Activities Together?’ -The FBI, 2021 America

I mean yeah, sure, they’re dirty and advanced enough to plant evidence on anybody they want and ruin their lives in the process.

They have been, and will continue to, pick us off one by one. They’ll do it for fun, they’ll do it dishonestly, they’ll do it entirely above the law, and they’ll tell themselves the whole time they’re doing it all righteously.

That they are yet unable to do it en masse is what tells me they’re still going to lose, and by November 2022 we’ll send an army of duly-elected America First patriots to continue draining the swamp of these corrupt America Lasters.

In the meantime, laugh it up because they fail more than they succeed and the failures are hilarious.

Here is an excellent picture from the “Justice For J6” rally or whatever it was called. See if you can spot the FBI guys.

I mean it’s just hilarious. Granted nobody has yet identified these guys and yeah there’s a tiny chance that a group of really active Trump supporters all wear the exact same definitely-a-fed gear with definitely-a-fed builds and definitely-feds haircuts, keeping time on their only-feds-still-wear-watches watches and all capped off with that we’re-feds-and-i-think-they-know look on every one of their faces.

It’s possible.

It’s more possible, I think, or am at least having fun laughing about, these guys likely (definitely) being feds trying to fit in while having no clue where to get started. This, of course, is because the FBI now manufactures evidence instead of finding it. I swear the vast majority of their work against “right wing extremism” is them finding a mental patient, telling them right-wing extremism is really cool, and then talking them into doing something illegal.

No matter what they try, they’ll keep coming up short with Trump supporters because none of us are who they say we are. But we can still laugh a little at their efforts along the way.

Not with them. Never with them.

But at them, for sure.

NOTE: I’m not sure if this guy created the meme, but credit here for the featured image: Abercrombie & Snitch. (Ha!)

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One comment

  1. Used to be they found mentally disabled Muslims and set them up with a dummy bomb,encouraged them and made sure they acted out their fantasy, then arrested and prosecuted them. Now they go after citizens.


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