China Expected An Attack, Because China Knows They Deserve One

Has anyone yet questioned what Mark Millie would have done if the U.S. had actually attacked China?

Would he honestly have tipped off the Chinese and put our troops in additional harm’s way? Or would he claim he was just pretending that we’re a weak nation with a weak military that has to lie like weasels instead of facing our enemy head on?

I’m guessing he’d probably say the latter if it really came down to it, but that reveals the inescapable stupidity and danger of the conversation he had.

Moreover, whether Millie doesn’t care how much China loves traitors like him shitting on any U.S. President, or whether he just shares their enthusiasm for doing so, neither scenario leaves him capable of the duties he’s entrusted to perform.

But we can set those obvious and easy observations aside for now.

Because for this post I just want to focus on the fact that China probably was very much on edge and expecting an attack, and I’m guessing it’s because they know they 100% deserve one.

The paranoia of those with a guilty conscience isn’t, after all, an American phenomenon alone.

They just released a bioweapon on the world and were hoping they wouldn’t get caught until it was too late. They got caught almost immediately but rather than say anything, our media played along and helped them aim that bioweapon so it would do the greatest possible damage to our nation and its people.

They did this and our very own corporate legacy news media and other powerful institutions not only let China completely off the hook, but they said anyone who blamed China was being racist.

The truth is that the communists manufactured a bioweapon targeting fat people, and they released it right before a U.S. election year wherein we had two choices: the wide awake guy who had China’s back against the wall for the first time in decades (Trump), or the narcoleptic who was in China’s pocket thanks to his drug addict son’s shady dealings (Biden). China did this as an obvious attack, but they couldn’t have known our media would be so helpful. Instead of blaming China, our media stoked unnecessary fear that killed hundreds of thousands of small businesses, destroyed lives and relationships, exacerbated drug abuse, suicide, depression, harmed literally every child in America in ways we can’t yet comprehend let alone calculate and quantify — they made countless Americans say goodbye to their Moms and Dads and Grandparents, for the very last time, over a f**king zoom call.

China planted the seed but it was our corporate legacy news media right here in the USA who manufactured the rest of the hysteria and 100% of the collateral damage that was foist on us with the draconian lockdowns, divisive and destructive mask mandates, and now suppression of good medicine by the medical establishment and Big Pharma because “science” and “medicine” to them no longer exist beyond fear, masks and vaccines.

That’s it. That’s all our corporate legacy news media will allow to exist in this conversation. Anything else, they claim, is a deadly threat to not only granny but all of humanity.

That’s how hard our media went in to steer and aim the otherwise pretty pathetic made-in-China bioweapon. We knew right away it had a 99.7% survival rate, and we knew who was truly at risk, and who wasn’t. But the media ignored all of that and the corrupt wings of academia and the medical community went right along with them, and the rest is humiliating history.

But while the high ranking communist officials were no doubt pleasantly surprised by our media’s major assist in both absolving China blame and also exacerbating collateral damage caused by the virus, they also know that there’s an entire nation of us who aren’t that weak or stupid. The Chinese government probably reads more of our public and private communications than our own intelligence community. They’re probably more aware of what’s truly “mainstream” in America than our own media. So they already know that the vast majority of us are neither as stupid nor as misinformed as our corporate legacy news media likes to portray the American people.

So yes, China knows that men like Trump and the citizens who make up the America First movement are well aware that China is guilty as hell, and they deserve a serious ass kicking for what they’ve done.

They’re right to be afraid. They were right then and they should still be afraid now. I think a lot of Americans are ready to fight for freedom over communism, especially when so much of it is already taking over within our borders.

You’re slave owners, CCP. You’re genocidal psychopaths, you’re some of the worst racists in the history of the world, there isn’t a more unholy global force on earth and you deserve every bit the ugly fate that awaits you.

You were right to be afraid.

You still are.

Our nation’s most shameful and disgraced media offenders — NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, PBS, CBS, ABC, CNN and the Associated Press — won’t be able to protect you forever.

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  1. And in case you failed to notice it, many local news stations fell right in line with their corporate affiliates and are just as guilty.


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