Is It Even Still Possible To Adopt ‘Make America United Again’ For 2024?

We’ve got to figure out how to move the ball forward toward Make America United Again. It’s tricky for me personally because in my spare time I’m an unapologetically ferocious defender of America’s beaten down men and women, and the evil I see being foist on them makes my blood boil. This is reflected in my writing by way of intentional hostility toward those powerful forces, a variety of proposals to disrupt and dismantle their strangleholds, and an eagerness for the ferocity with which I write to be heard and hopefully felt by any on their side who are listening.

I want them to know what we’re thinking in the grassroots, away from their media bubbles and without the talking points that would typically circulate in conservative media. (My stuff is always 100% original observations, ideas, etc.)

I take that posture because from my seat, as I’ve written many times over the years, I’ve spent most of my life watching a much smaller and more innocent victim be absolutely pummeled by a much bigger and far more guilty abuser. That victim is the aptly-named conservative right, and their abuser is the institutional left.

It all starts with the corporate legacy news media, and they will be the most important to fall because they are the most committed to controlling the national conversation in a way that manipulates and divides us. But as I’m pretty sure everyone else on the planet knows by now, “the institutional left” is also most of academia, all of Hollywood, all of Big Tech, most of Liz Cheney, all of big business, all of the intelligence community, the upper brass of our military, all of Adam Kinzinger, and basically every Democrat.

I say “basically every Democrat” because let’s face it Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are the last tattered threads holding our nation together. I’m certain they’re not getting nearly the credit they deserve just as Trump never got due credit for the impressive wins he racked up. (Sparking lasting peace in the middle east comes to mind, as do the miracle vaccines he produced that everyone said could never be done.) But Manchin and Sinema right now are standing firm in the face of so much insane pressure from all of the most powerful forces, and they just seem to not care because they seem to understand that America will be no more if Democrats seize the power they’re trying to.

In fact they might be a good place to start as I think about how to transition from the hostile rebuttals and refutations I’ve long relied on to communicate our strength, seriousness and fearlessness.

I actually thought for years about becoming a Democrat myself, and having that be literally the only thing that changes in my life. Just the party ID. Nothing else. My plan was to just start hanging out in Democrat circles and spewing all of my conservative beliefs but doing so in a way that exposes your party’s racist and fascist tendencies. I envisioned it being a lot of fun to insist, “But I’m a Democrat!”, while knowing full well I’m arguing for the GOP better than the GOP does. Why would that have been so fun? Because I’ve seen so many others enjoy doing the same thing on my television screen for the last 6 years.

Every analyst or commentator they trot out who claims to be a Republican can never seem to find Republicans doing anything they like or Democrats doing anything they don’t.

I mean, if that’s all it takes, we can all do it!

I’m a Democrat for Trump!

Sounds convincing enough, right? And probably a little unsettling because that’s not supposed to happen!

But that’s all the media has given us, on the right, since Trump’s ascent. Almost every GOP analyst or commentator has had one thing in common: they love everything the Democrats do, and are certain Trump will kill the GOP if he stays around.

Yeah, watching that day in and day out, over and over, knowing exactly how dishonest the media are being and how much more anger and division they’re stoking by refusing to even let Trump supporters have a voice while spending all of their own time bashing them — it can make it tempting to behave a little dishonestly. It can make it tempting to say, “Sure, I’ll be a Democrat, just so I can be a dick about it to them and their base, like their media constantly puts ours through.”

I’d thought about it for a long time but the truth is, it would just be dishonest, unhelpful snark that repels unity.

But I can start thinking about Manchin and Sinema, and being appreciative of what they — two Democrats — are doing for our nation right now.

And then I can just say something like…

Any American who doesn’t like the division in this country, and is concerned about the way it’s grown over the last few decades, should look at our most powerful institutions and who is in charge of them and what their politics are. All the people claiming to help are actually creating more division, because, sadly, they thrive off of it. Division doesn’t just make our entire nation weaker, but also every individual in it. And that’s what they want. They’re teaching young children to become racist because it will create more division, unhappiness and dependence, thus making people more disenfranchised, less hopeful, and easier to control and manipulate.

It very much is a “grand scheme” at this point and it’s pretty well documented. They’re saying white nuclear families are racist and any 5-year-old who wants to decide they are the wrong gender, should be able to do so without parental approval. And not for nothing, and I know a lot of you think this is really special and beautiful, but they are encouraging our kids at every turn to be uncertain about their genders.

The powerful forces you believe to be fighting for your political side love abortion way too much. If you don’t believe me just ask them to admit that it is not in fact “cool.” Most of them won’t be able to do it. Most of them them can’t even admit that abortion is often terribly traumatic on the young women who endure it, and also that pregnancy is a result of a series of reproductive choices those women already freely made.

I’ve never really delved too much into the abortion fight because it’s one I’ve said we’d do well to win with hearts and minds, and I’ve long thought the above conversation was a great way to get there. (Challenge their most prominent voices to admit that abortion is not “cool,” make them talk about why, and make them explain what happened to “rare” now that it’s just “safe and legal” they pine for.) But with abortion in the news and laws changing it would appear, I’m inclined to mention to any Democrats listening that while defending “a woman’s right to choose” seems defensible enough (despite, let’s be honest here, women having infinite freedom of reproductive choice, and abortion being just an easy out for choosing irresponsibly), but please understand that the people promoting abortion are less interested in helping women and more interested in diluting the gravity of sexuality. Abortion was started “to solve the negro problem.” (That’s a real quote, as I think everyone knows by now.) But in 2021 it is used more broadly to dilute the gravity of sexuality and starting families. If young people think the babies they create are nothing but lumps of cells that they can dispose of at any point prior to reaching the birth canal or even after, it jades them in ways none of us have ever known or could possibly appreciate the potential damage of.

Whatever the issues we’ve always fought about, you must know that what’s going on around us very much appears to be post-constitutional, and we are just a few votes away from staying in that ugly, unsafe and unAmerican place forever.

The military and intelligence communities have usurped the power of the elected leaders they report to on multiple occasions, and the corporate legacy news media along with the other checks and balances we count on laugh and think it’s wonderful. One clear symptom of a failing democracy on its way to communism is the military taking charge.

Another is the clear presence of two sets of laws, for two different classes of citizens.

Because you’re a Democrat you probably love it, but you can basically go out there and say and do anything you want and get away with it, while your Republican neighbors are not allowed to look at somebody the wrong way without potentially having their lives ruined. You must know by now that Kamala Harris bailed out many of the rioters and looters who caused countless deaths and billions of dollars of damage over the 2020 summer, and the charging authorities across the nation dropped all charges against most of those individuals,

Meanwhile Trump supporters are sitting in jail cells as political prisoners for for taking part in the January 6th protest. Nobody is defending that behavior but you are absolutely kidding yourselves if you think what they did deserves so much more attention and retribution than the leftists who burned businesses to the ground, actually did kill cops, killed each other, and created months of violent unrest all across our country.

The media have managed to convince the vast majority of you that the Trump supporters truly were “a threat to democracy.” But have you taken this to the logical conclusion? Have you thought briefly about the likelihood of an actual insurrection having taken place?

Let’s just be a tiny bit thoughtful here. Let’s just pretend they actually got into the chamber while it was in session and held everyone at cane-point while demanding the procedures change so Trump remains in office. Let’s just assume for a second that they got that far and went that stupidly and psychotically hard.

They’d all be dead and Joe Biden would still be President. 

There was no actual insurrection attempt and the hysteria to the contrary is part of a charade staged by the media and dangerously corrupt intelligence community to turn people against Trump supporters and allow the government to treat them as terrorists.

And again, you might love that. You might think it’s great. But some of you may not actually know it’s happening.

It’s all going on in real life whether you guys accept it or not.

But another thing happening in real life that is that Trump is still very much in the picture and will run again in 2024. And yes, many Republican-led state legislatures have shored up their election integrity. And I know what you’re thinking: “Those laws are all racist!”

I defy any one of you Democrats to show me a single individual who, because of changes to any of the laws, will now be unable to vote or even have a significantly more difficult time doing so. Again, let’s go to the logical conclusion. The corporate legacy news media claim that all of these laws are horribly racist and infringe on peoples’ right to vote. Show me a single one of those people. And then show me a single one of those duly-enacted election laws that hurts them. I don’t need you to show me a 1000 people or even a 100 or even 10.

Just 1 who, because of these laws, will now not be able to vote or will even have a significantly more difficult time doing so.

You can’t do it because they don’t exist.

They don’t exist just like asking for an ID was never racist.

The people who claim to be defending blacks are the same ones actually reducing black people to much lower stations than they actually exist in real life. To be very honest, I think that’s something that basically every one of you have gotten caught up in doing. Because something else started occurring to me in the last year or so: I’m pretty sure the media lied to us about black people just like they lie to us about conservatives. And they probably lie to us the same way about Hispanics, gays, Muslims, and everyone else they desperately want to segregate by identity. I think it’s all lies and I think a lot of you are wrapped up in those lies and it’s made you become far more bigoted (and divided) than you would have been without the media’s help.

I just no longer believe that the corporate legacy news media presents the truth to us. They present to us what they want the truth to be. And they want us divided and aggrieved and depressed. The only people who are truly allowed to experience joy in America today are celebrities, and the people who know it’s everyone else’s job to be divided and aggrieved and depressed.

If you’re a happy American who loves this country, thinks skin color shouldn’t matter, and just wants to live your life and raise your family in peace, you’re a bad person now. Because you’re not allowed to love this country anymore unless you also accept that it requires a lot of transformational change to atone for its many past and present sins.

Be honest. You know that’s the only right answer.

Your side has already started turning the American Flag into a symbol of hatred because they say that it makes minorities feel unsafe and uncomfortable. I’m sure it makes the people who are saying that very uncomfortable, but I’m guessing the overwhelming majority of all Americans, no matter their race, do not look at our flag and feel fear or shame.

But the media wants you to believe that basically everyone is starting to feel that way.

About our flag!

And as I write those words I realize that a lot of you may already be at that place.You may already be bought into the idea that America is in fact not a great country and it never really was but if we work hard enough and knock ourselves down enough, we might someday become one.

The real tragedy in that thinking is that I’m hard pressed to envision a single culture on Earth that could possibly emulate utopia the way America has.  There simply is no better recipe to peace, prosperity, progress and greatness than a nation that allows individuals to enable themselves, no matter who they are or what their aspirations, despite a still necessary government that exists first and foremost to protect their rights as individuals.

This nation became the greatest in the history of the world in the shortest period of time because of that.

I know many on your side and especially all throughout academia like to insist that slavery is what made America so rich and powerful. It’s a tragic thought in that it puts a positive construct on slavery, which is in fact always a net negative for everyone involved both manifestly and spiritually. But if slavery truly makes a nation rich and powerful then why aren’t African nations where slavery thrives still today all superpowers?

This country is great because we established that the individual would be able to set their own course and use their own Liberty to pursue Happiness in their Lives. But there are no guarantees. Barack Obama trained you to believe that “America’s promise is that hard work means you’ll get your fair share.” There is no such promise.

Here’s the reality they don’t like to admit: sometimes life is unfair, and sometimes people will let you down. And neither America nor any other nation can provide both freedom and defend against that reality. Nevertheless, many of you have come to believe that the government is responsible for taking care of people who we are told can’t possibly take care of themselves, and need extra helping hands — based on their identity — that nobody else should be entitled to. It’s wildly bigoted and regressive but that’s where many American minds are at this point about both their government, and their neighbors of varying identities.

I’ve never been a proponent of callously removing safety nets that people have come to rely on, I just want us to be able to have some of these conversations out loud and honestly. And right now that never happens because the powerful forces backing you will never let them.

“America is racist” is the only answer they’ll accept.

The biggest problem we have is that we are getting our information from vastly different sources and yours are telling you everything they’re sharing is “settled science,” and anyone who disagrees is definitely wrong and probably a bad person.

There is no debate in America today where those are not the rules.  You are given your talking points from from the corporate legacy news media, Big Tech, Big Business, the demonstrably corrupt wings of academia and the medical establishment, and bowling everybody over in shock, you’re all suddenly very big fans of trusting everything the FBI and CIA now tell you.

I’ve thought many times about how I would respond if the tables were turned. I think I even ceded in a piece that I’d likely get swept up in the seduction of it and enjoy being backed by such powerful institutions, even if I knew their behavior was wildly off and they shouldn’t be acting in these partisan ways. I’d probably get swept up in it also because, like many of you, I’m so convinced that my way is right. But having the benefit of looking from the outside in, I can tell you that I will never be able to watch our powerful institutions do to you what I’ve watched them do to good Americans on the right with ever-increasing nefariousness over the course of my life.

If the pendulum swings that way and I see it happening, I’ve already long known that I would end up switching sides because when I see someone innocent getting just pummeled by someone much bigger, my blood boils and it’s impossible for me to ignore.

And you may say Trump is guilty of that more than anyone, but from my seat Trump was taking a beating from all of those powerful institutions at once with the worst and most dishonest they had to offer, and anything he swung back with paled in comparison and was more than deserved. You can tell me about any one-off cases you want. You can talk about John McCain. You can talk about The New York Times reporter he’s alleged to have mocked using hand gestures he’d used many times when describing someone flailing. You can talk about the Central Park 5 and honestly I just don’t care because I’m pretty sure the entire city was on board and I also know that people on your side like Al Sharpton have much longer track records of lynching innocent people based on race.

Well “people on our side like Al Sharpton” weren’t president!

Fair enough, but as noted, Trump was the first person to stand up to all of these institutions, including the establishment Republican party, and that, no other reason, is why they’ve gone after him so hard.

And I’m telling you right now that there’s a decent chance he will be back in 2024 and sworn in again in 2025. I’m going to do everything I can to impress upon his team the importance of adopting a “Make America United Again” platform. I’ve long thought it was the most important thing we can do to make our country great again, I pushed it hard in 2016 before and after the election, and now I’m back to hoping it’s something big that he brings to the table in his second term.

I could even stand for the America First movement to adopt it before then and start leaning into it for 2022.

There is a way to get there. Again, you’ll look over these pages and see that I am among the most ferociously hostile writers when it comes to exposing the left’s bad behavior and defending the innocents in their wake.

And I’ve long wanted the grassroots of the Republican Party to adopt the motto “All Democrats Are Racist,” and make it trend everywhere across this country from street art to social media. Some of the most prominent voices on your side will assure you that I and everyone like me are all racist, but we “just don’t know it.” Well about a year ago I started thinking the exact same thing about all of you. And frankly, just being honest, I’d guess a lot of Republicans are probably guilty of this too. I believe the media has created such a bigoted environment with their lies about black people’s alleged inabilities, that now many white people do look at black and brown people and see inferiority. I think it’s particularly pronounced on the left and among liberals and Democrats, but I’m certain it exists at least marginally on the right as well.

Far more prevalent on the right, we truly just don’t care about skin color. I know you’re not even supposed to say that anymore because the powerful forces who run our institutions have said not focusing on skin color is in fact racist. But I really don’t care about their lies anymore. I mean they don’t actually affect what’s in my head and heart, and I no longer really take them seriously let alone personally.

The simple fact is, you’ll never convince me that it’s good to judge people by skin color, and yet that’s literally the beating heart of the Democrat Party’s efforts “to improve race relations and parity.”

Anyway, Trump may come into power again and whether he brings Make America United Again with him or not, I personally really hope that a lot of Democrats stop and take a hard look at what’s going on around us right now, and will join our truth-to-power fight against the increasingly bigoted, violent and fascist forces of the institutional left.

We’re speaking truth to power over here, we’re resisting the powerful forces that thrive off of our division and oppression, we are refusing to segregate anyone among us by race or identity, and the only thing that actually binds all of us in the America First movement is that we love America and we love freedom.

With that in mind, my track record of earned hostility toward the worst offenders and abusers aside, it sure would be great to Make America United Again. And unlikely as he has been in so many other important roles for our nation, I think Trump could very much be the person to start bringing that message home. I hope he does and I hope honest Democrats who don’t like seeing our powerful institutions play partisan politics, even in their alleged defense, get the wake up call.

Because if they get us, I promise they’ll eventually come for you too.

The America First movement is the last line of defense against a fascist takeover of America.

Join us and help Make America United Again.

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