TIME Magazine Is A Joke, And So Is Every American Who Works There

If you work at Time Magazine then you are a bad person and deserve to be shamed.

That should be a new rule. If you can think of a better one in response to the type of trash they are putting out these days, please feel free to.

They are right out in the open celebrating a slave owning and genocidal communist dictator, while portraying Donald Trump as being effectively the worst person in the world. And they’re doing it with a straight face.

They don’t care that we see it. They don’t care that we know they and the rest of the corporate legacy news media are massive beneficiaries of China’s blood money.

It’s more of that insanely dystopian stuff we’re seeing that has sadly become expected across our most powerful institutions, all of which have been hijacked by America-hating leftists.

How else do you explain their absolute bloodlust for a US President beloved by half this country, and their subsequent adoration for the genocidal communist dictator who still owns slaves and recently released a bioweapon that is said to have killed almost 700000 Americans?

Explain it, using some kind of response that doesn’t involve all of these institutions being completely hijacked by America-hating leftists.

You can’t. And that means if there are still any good people working at Time Magazine, it’s probably time for them to quit. Because when the rest of us look at that kind of company these days, we don’t see any possibility for anybody contributing to it while still claiming to be a good and honest person.

It’s time for good people to start jumping ship from these awful companies. If you’re out there and reading this, stand up an do the right thing. Go find a place more worthy of your talents even if it means not driving as nice of a car.


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