It’s Time To Pick One: Big Gov’t, Big Tech, Or We The People

For a moment here, as I read about deep state retirees lobbying congress not to “break up” Big Tech, I had a lousy thought that slipped in…

When we have the power again we should just go in to all the biggest tech companies and take them over. Just make Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other useful-but-partisan sites (GoFundMe comes to mind) part of a single government institution that must adhere to First Amendment and all other protections.

I really don’t care that such action would likely crush all the creativity that currently exists within these companies, like big government always does when it gets involved. Why would I care? All of their creativity right now is primarily designed to hurt me and the people I care about. No, that doesn’t bother me.

I don’t care that all the people who worked for that power and fortune would be unceremoniously kicked to the curb. It doesn’t bother me morally one bit because a lot of us are working pretty hard to live freely despite the stranglehold these America Last wannabe communists now have on virtually every aspect of our lives. We’re all working hard. And I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep if every employee at every one of those companies was out of work tomorrow.

Learn to plumb, as far as I’m concerned. It’s supremely useful and would do most of these hopelessly inexperienced and over-medicated pajama boys and girls more good than would all the money in the world.

No, none of that bothers me because I know how evil the left have become, and especially the psychotic prescription drug addicts amid the virgin collective that is Big Tech’s leadership.

Frankly we’re in a cold war with these social delinquents and their professional failure doesn’t bother me anymore than my literal death would bother them. And that is where the lines are drawn. A Republican Civil Rights activist, I still revere non-violence as our single most critical construct in this fight. That is, after all, exactly what we’re fighting for when we fight for America: the right to speak, worship, congregate etc without the threat of violence. Also, frankly, if one side is violent and the other is not, it’s never real hard to know which side is the right side. We’re living in that America right now because the law is applied unequally based entirely on the social and/or political persuasions of those involved. And the reality is, the left in America are allowed to be violent with impunity while the right are barely even allowed to be pissed off without being called “a grave threat to democracy.”

That’s America today. And all of our most powerful institutions have been hijacked by wannabe communists who think that’s a terrific way to run a country. And so that’s how Big Tech and the rest are helping the Racist Democrat Party run things.

They’re big. And they have power. But they’re not nearly as important as we’ve let ourselves believe. We’re just all so afraid of the tiniest tweak in our comfort that we’re unable to mount a meaningful exodus that would dilute their power and enrich our own.

If “Let’s roll” is the destination, we can’t even get the first syllable out. And that’s in part because we don’t have any leadership guiding us that way. I’m as guilty as anyone because I’m still neck deep in Google for just about everything, most notably my mobile device. I could lead by example, figure it out (readers have offered to help), and then share the steps. I haven’t done it.

But imagine if someone we trust came to us and said, “We’re building a replacement for the most useful tech services that are currently monopolized by leftists who hate you. We’re even building our own on-ramp so that nobody can kick us offline. Stay tuned.”

That’s all it would take. Half of this country would hear the words and be bought in hook, line and sinker to join as things rolled out. And we have plenty of billionaires around us who would love to help with this sort of thing. They’d start building out the on-ramp and our media outlets would report on the progress. America First tech workers from all over the country would jump to help stand it up. Eager patriots would watch intently for new opportunities to become beta users on each new component. Email service, launched. Social platform, launched. A shopping utility that only engages with small/medium American-owned businesses, launched. Browser, launched. Mobile platform, launched.

We could move fully half of our nation off of these platforms if we just build the replacement to do it. And people on their side mock us with that statement, and people on our side mock them for mocking us with it.

“Just build your own!” has become kind of a joke to our side, when we hear it.

But honestly, I don’t know why.

Is it because it’s just too big of an undertaking?

So instead we want the government to get involved and tell them to do things our way, or else? I mean that’s where I landed a few minutes ago. That, and then some. Right? I thought for a hot second, screw it, next chance we get, just go in and take it over and don’t apologize. And maybe something like that will end up happening. Maybe these will become massive government utilities that you need an ID to enter. I just…

…I know we can do better. And I’m bothered that nobody wants to do the work. I’m bothered that, as previously noted, I haven’t done the work. I could make excuses and talk about my small reach and impact, etc, but the fact is, all I’ve really done is give up Amazon and Facebook. I’d like to think I would have quit Twitter in protest when they booted Trump, but they cancelled me from their platform years ago so it’s kind of moot. But I’m still all over Google for everything, and am frankly ashamed by it every time I think about it.

So I too haven’t done much. And when I hear myself shout, “We can do better!”, it feels pretty hollow. Almost like virtue-signaling.

Because it’s all “easier said than done,” right?

Okay. Sure. That’s true. It is easier said than done.

But I’m going to keep saying that we should do it, and we should do it big with some real leadership and impact. I just think about how much we’ll thank ourselves on the other side of such a historically meaningful undertaking like this, versus how much we may regret taking an approach that further grows the government. Imagine beating Big Tech ourselves. Imagine We The People doing it. That to me seems not only entirely plausible with the right leadership and investments, but it’s also exactly how these things are supposed to happen in America.


Former-And-Future President Trump Should Help Rally Us Away From Big Tech

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